Cole And Lili: Are They or Aren’t They?

Everyone's favorite on-screen pairing separated in real life—or did they? We decode their relationship from the beginning.

They Don’t Look Obvious: What Everyone Should Know About Child Abductions

This mom saw a child looking uncomfortable, so she trusted her instincts. Here's her story—and what everyone should know about the realities of abduction.

The Dark Side of DNA: How Genetic Tests Expose Family Secrets (And Why They’re Not Perfect)

DNA tests are fun...until you find out about your family's darkest secrets. We took a closer look at some shocking stories of DNA testing gone wrong.

“Before I Lived With You, Mommy…”: When Children Speak Of Past Lives

Kids often have vivid “memories” of their past lives. Some scientists believe this isn’t just fantasy.

8 Remarkable Body Features That You Probably Don’t Have

Your body might be hiding a really, really lame superpower (although some of these are actually pretty cool).

Vain Valentines: 5 Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist

Everyone can be a little bit selfish, but an ongoing trend can point to a larger concern. Here are a few pointers on how to identify narcissistic behaviors in your partner.

Parents Reveal The Most Embarrassing Things Their Kids Have Said In Public

“Suddenly my daughter looks directly at the man behind me, and says: ‘We don't pick our nose, man. I said, we don't pick our nose. No thank you!’”

Cancer…Or A Cough? Patients Reveal Their Scariest Misdiagnosis Stories

"I got a third opinion from a surgeon who said I'd broken six different bones...There are too many quacks around here.”

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