A Runner’s Body Is Not the Physique You See In A Magazine

Your body's preferred fuel source for running is stored fat. That may sound like a good thing at first, until you realize what that really means.

15 Beauty Treatments That Are A Total Scam

How can somebody tell which beauty treatments are legit and which are a waste of money at best—and potentially harmful at worst? Here are the need-to-knows about stretch mark creams, sheet masks, at-home derma rollers, and more.

13 Body Hacks, Evaluated: What Science Says About Shortcuts To Health And Wellness

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The Healthiest Items You Can Order From Your Favorite Fast Food Restaurant

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Tru Storys: The Costliest Typos Of All Time

Think you messed up when you confused "their" and "they're"? Think again.

How To Get Smells Out Of Tupperware (And Other Incredible Kitchen Hacks)

Before throwing away stained coffee mugs or grease-stained t-shirts, try these genius hacks from cleaning experts.

Stories Of When Small Symptoms Pointed To Life-Changing Diagnoses

"I went into surgery and woke up a few hours later. The first thing I remember is seeing my parents and my fiance crying. Turns out I was never pregnant."

Delivery Room Workers Explain What Happens When A Baby Clearly Isn’t The Father’s

"The mother asked what the baby's blood type was, and the pediatrician responded 'A+.' The father of the baby insisted that was impossible."

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