Vanishing Twin Syndrome: What Is It & How to Cope

What happens when a twin disappears in the womb? This mysterious condition is more common than we might expect.

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Did you know pregnancy symptoms aren’t limited to moms? Dads-to-be can also experience bloating, food cravings, and sleepless nights. Here’s a low-down on everything you need to know about sympathetic pregnancy.

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Types C and D: Two Unique But Often-Overlooked Personality Types

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The Often-Overlooked Symptoms Of ADHD (And How To Deal With Them)

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Cindy Lamothe

Cindy Lamothe is a biracial writer living in Antigua, Guatemala. She has written about health, wellness, and psychology for The Atlantic, BBC, The Cut, Shondaland, The Guardian, Quartz, Teen Vogue, and The Washington Post, among other publications. Visit her site to read more of her work.