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Looking for the perfect gift for a serious coffee lover? We've got you covered. Just be warned: This will make you crave another cup.

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People who love coffee really, really love coffee. They love the stuff so much that they even gave it its own holiday! International Coffee Day is officially September 29th, but let’s be honest: Isn’t every day Coffee Day? Celebrate by picking up some new ways to grind, new ways to brew, and new ways to slurp your favorite morning pick-me-up. Here are our favorite coffee-related items:

1. Let everyone know to tread lightly if you haven’t had your morning joe yet with a travel mug fit for royalty.

The Hot Stuff Thermal Mug from is just saying what everyone is thinking, and it’s doing it in a spectacular shade of gold. “But first, coffee,” the mug announces. It holds 16 ounces of hot, steamy goodness. Any less would be a crime. Plus, the plastic lid is easy to open and close with a sliding cover, so you can sip on the drive. Get it from Amazon.

2. These socks will save you from oversleeping … again.

We need coffee to get moving in the morning, and if we had these Coffee Socks from Saucey Socks, everyone would know it. They’re made of comfortable grey cotton, and they announce on the soles–that is, something people will only see if you’ve fallen asleep again–“If you can read this, please bring me coffee.” This very important message is actually knitted into the socks, too, so it will never fade or flake. These make a great gift for men and women alike, and they’re totally machine-washable for easy maintenance. Get it from Amazon.

3. Stir the truth in with your morning coffee.

The Mud Pie Caffeine Coffee Spoon and Spoon Rest speaks the truth. The ornate metal spoon is stamped with the saying, “Caffeine: The other vitamin C,” while the pot-shaped spoon rest simply says, “Perk up.” It’s the perfect gift set because it solves all your problems at once: It lets you stir milk and sugar into your coffee, helps you celebrate the jolt that you’ve come to depend on, and it keeps coffee stains from accumulating on the table. What more could you want? Get it from Amazon.

4. Get ready for your work day to change for the better, one toasty cup at a time.

The Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer keeps your java hot for those days when you just can’t seem to find the time to enjoy a sip. It’s ideal for the home or the office, but you’ll find ours right here on the work desk. Just plug it in, switch it on, and set down your cup. The Mug Warmer will do the rest. Get rid of those cold coffee blues! Get it from Amazon.

5. Never water down your iced coffee drinks again.

Whoever invented coffee ice deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, and this Cool Beans Coffee Ice Cube Tray is a great way for you to find out why. It’s a coffee-brown silicone tray that makes eight ice cubes shaped like giant coffee beans so you can sip in style. Just fill with cool coffee and leave it in the freezer overnight. By tomorrow morning, you’ll be ready to make a cup of iced coffee that won’t get watered down no matter how much melting occurs. Get it from Urban Outfitters.

6. When you’re ready to transition from coffee to espresso, this is the way to do it.

If you like coffee, you’ll love espresso. Make your own or just brew a better cup of regular coffee with the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker. It’s easy to use, and lots of coffee lover agree it makes a superior cup. Just throw in an included microfilter, add two scoops of ground coffee or espresso beans, insert the presser, and fill with very hot (but not boiling water). Stir it all together and press gently for about 30 seconds. That’s all it takes. Get it from Amazon.

7. Brew a better cup of joe.

You’ll never know what you’ve been missing until you try a cup of coffee brewed with the Chemex 8-Cup Classic Glass Coffeemaker. It takes a little more effort than your classic drip coffee maker, but you make up that time with the super-simple clean-up, and the taste would be worth twice the work. Insert a filter and put on your kettle. You do have to spend a few minutes pouring the water in and letting it drain, but all you have to do to clean it is compost the filter and rinse the elegant glass carafe. Oh, that’s another thing: this looks great on the shelf. Get it from Amazon.

8. Speaking of filters…

The magic of the Chemex is that all the brewing takes place in the Chemex Bonded Filter itself. That way, it doesn’t pick up old residue or plastic funk like a traditional drip coffee maker. This is a set of 100 disposable filters, which seems like a lot, but once you taste the end result, you’ll want it again and again. You’d better pick up a few of these. Get it from Amazon.

9. Coffee’s good for more than just drinking, you know.

Coffee grounds make a great exfoliant, as evidenced by Meant The Wonder Polish Toning Body Scrub. Among other goodies like avocado and argan oils, this cleanser includes fine granulated sugar and coffee grounds to gently remove dead skin cells all over the body. As it cleanses, the delicious odor of coffee will help to wake you up during your morning shower. This stuff is the secret to beautiful skin, and to waking up on time. Get it from Urban Outfitters.

10. Breakfast makes you beautiful. It’s true.

Coffee and oatmeal are the secret ingredients to just one of the two luxury bars of soap in the Charles & Lee Soap Bar Duo. The coffee and oatmeal soap gently exfoliates while giving you a jolt with the delicious odor of fresh java. For those days when you need a really deep clean, the charcoal and pumice bar packs powerful and natural cleaning power into a small package, and it smells amazing with its masculine leather and citrus scent. Get it from Urban Outfitters.

11. Coffee’s pretty good for your lips, too, and not just while you sip.

Frank Body Lip Scrub and Lip Balm work together to keep you at your most kissable. Even better, they both contain natural coffee essence to keep you on your feet. Say goodbye to flaky lips. Say hello to an invigorating blast of coffee flavor. Get it from Urban Outfitters.

12. Make your espresso on the go. Well, not while you’re driving. But any other time.

The Espro Travel Coffee Press is a totally portable, stainless steel espresso-making machine. Literally. It uses an ultra-fine double filter to keep grounds out of your brew, and it even doubles as a coffee mug. Campers, rejoice. In fact, everyone’s going to want one of these. Get it from Amazon.

13. Let your T-shirt tell the world what you’re all about.

Pick up this Relaxed Graphic Crew Neck Tee from Old Navy to announce your shared passions for mascara and coffee. Because that’s what it says: “MASCARA & COFFEE.” This is a 100-percent cotton T-shirt with an attitude. If it isn’t perfect for you, we’re betting you know someone this describes. Maybe it’s time for a gift? Get it from Old Navy.

14. Who has time to brew a whole pot anymore?

Well, that’s why they invented the Keurig K575 Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker. You can even brew a 12-ounce cup with this one. Brewing a great cup has never been so simple. Slap in a K-Cup Pod, choose your size and your concentration, and wait a few seconds. Clean-up is just a question of popping out the pod. It turns out we’ve been making coffee wrong this whole time! Get it from Amazon.

15. You’re going to need a place to store those K-Cup Pods, of course.

That’s where the K-Cup Coffee Pod Carousel Holder comes into play. It’s like a little display for your K-Cup Pods. It even spins to give you access to more flavors than ever. The black powder-coat finish fits in with just about any decor, and this thing holds up to 24 pods. Store those pods in style! Get it from Amazon.

16. Of course, the best brew begins with a great grind.

When you’re ready to take the leap into whole beans, as all true coffee connoisseurs eventually do, start with the JavaPresse Coffee Company Manual Coffee Grinder. It gives you 18 simple-to-use settings to get the grind just right no matter what method you use to make the cup. Plus, it’s got a manual crank, so you’ll never run out of batteries, and you can work on your arm muscles while you make your morning coffee! Get it from Amazon.

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