10 Best Polygel Nail Kits for a Flawless At Home Manicure

Ready to save yourself dozens of trips to the salon? Polygel is the latest craze in the nail world, with good reason. It’s stronger than regular gel polish and acrylics, making it the number one choice for a long-lasting manicure. Not to mention, you can do it yourself from the comfort of your couch.  The […]

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Ready to save yourself dozens of trips to the salon? Polygel is the latest craze in the nail world, with good reason. It’s stronger than regular gel polish and acrylics, making it the number one choice for a long-lasting manicure. Not to mention, you can do it yourself from the comfort of your couch. 

The best polygel nail kit includes everything you need for a salon-worthy manicure, all without breaking the bank. The extensions have a relatively easy application that can last up to a month, saving you serious time and money down the line.

If you’re hunting for ways to one-up your at-home nail game, we’ve rounded up the best polygel nail kits for a flawless set every time.  

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Best Polygel Nail Kit Overall: Morovan Polygel Nail Kit

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When it comes to the best polygel nail kit, it’s hard to top this all-in-one set. Morovan pulls out all the stops to deliver the ultimate tools for a flawless at-home manicure. 

While most polygel nail kits come with two to four shades, this set has eight neutral colors to choose from, along with plenty of glitter and rhinestones to add some bling to your nails. If you’d rather go bolder, there are six different kits to choose from, all with distinct color palettes ranging from blue to purple to bright neon shades. 

If you’re just starting your home manicure journey, this kit includes all the tools you need to shape and file your nails and spread the extension builder. Plus, the powerful lamp cures polygel quickly for a long-lasting set. Say goodbye to the salon and hello to your home studio!

Best Polygel Nail Kit on Amazon: Modelones Gel Nail Polish Kit with UV Light

Polygel Nail Kit product layout

It’s easy to understand why this polygel nail kit has nearly 18,000 five-star reviews on Amazon—the stunning color options, extra embellishments, and all the tools you need are just a few reasons. 

This kit is extra noteworthy because, aside from the two polygel extension builders (in white and pink), this set also includes six regular gel nail polishes that are cured using the same lamp. So, when you only need a quick nail fix, this kit provides a solid alternative. 

While this set is all about nudes and pinks, the same Modelones kit also comes in nine additional color palettes to match your individual style. 

Best Polygel Nail Kit for Beginners: Beetles Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit

Polygel Nail Kit product layout

For beginners dabbling in the world of polygel nails, this parred back kit has all the basics to get started without going over the top. Complete with six French manicure colors and a whooping 12 nail sizes to choose from, this set is an easy bet for achieving flawless nails.

The kit keeps it simple with a file and dual nail forms pen (one side is a brush, and one side is to push back cuticles and shape the nails). A few tools are all you need to achieve a perfect manicure without getting overwhelmed. It also comes with a collapsible nail lamp that works like a charm and stows away easily when not in use. This set proves that you don’t need a 100-piece kit for an unbeatable nail job. 

Best Professional Polygel Nail Kit: Makartt Polygel Nail Kit

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There’s nothing like a monochrome moment, and this is the best polygel nail kit to achieve the look. Choose from gorgeous blues, mossy greens, bright pinks, purples, or reds. Each set is focused on a single color, with four different shades to help you achieve a trendy set of nails. 

Aside from the color options, this kit shines through with 12 sizes of dual forms and all the tools needed to apply the extensions. It’s ideal for professionals who already have their own lamp, as the kit doesn’t include one. But with everything else necessary for a long-lasting manicure, we definitely adore this set for polygel nails. 

Best Polygel Nail Kit with Lamp: SXC Cosmetics Polygel Nail Kit (Max Series)

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The best polygel nail kit doesn’t necessarily have to go over the top, but we particularly like this one because it does. On top of six colors of polygel extension builders, the kit includes a staggering 24 pots of glitter to add a bit of sparkle to finished designs. 

Choose from flat or curved nails—there are shapes for both—and sculpt them easily using the included tools. The SXC Max Series even has a polygel clip to keep the dual forms in place, rather than holding them with your fingers. 

Finished with a 48W UV lamp and a giant container of rhinestones, this kit will save you from those killer $60 salon trips. 

Best Polygel Nail Kit Without a Lamp: Gellen Poly Nail Gel Kit

Polygel Nail Kit Product inclusion layout

Have a UV lamp floating around your house already? If so, you can forgo the kits that include one and opt for this set from Gellen instead. Six shimmery pinks and whites make up the color scheme, and 10 sizes of dual forms are appreciated so you can always find the right fit.

While it’s a small detail, we can’t overlook the nail cleanser wipes, which are ready to go and less cumbersome than cleaners in a bottle (especially when you’re elbow-deep in polygel). Plus, some reviews report the extensions lasting up to 30 days, which is a mean feat in itself. It doesn’t get much better than this Gellen polygel nail kit for quality and convenience. 

Best At Home Polygel Nail Kit: GAOY Polygel Nail Kit

Polygel Nail Kit product package layout

Looking for a polygel nail kit that you can stash away easily? This set is a top choice for minimalists, with a collapsible UV lamp and only the basic application tools. But just because it’s low-key doesn’t mean it skimps on the good stuff.

This polygel nail kit features six neutral colors for a dreamy french manicure and 12 sizes of dual forms to suit any nail type. If you’re hoping to achieve a classy set of nails, this reasonably priced kit will help you do just that!

Best Affordable Polygel Nail Kit: Phoenixy Poly Nail Extension Kit

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You get some serious bang for your buck with this polygel nail kit—and some serious colors. At under $20, this kit is decked out with seven bright polygel shades and two glitter extension builders so you can make your nails really stand out. If you feel like taking the bling a step further, there are a tremendous amount of rhinestones to dip into and a shiny top coat to finish things off.

The only aspect missing from this kit is a UV light, making it a good option if you’ve already dabbled with at-home gel manicures and want to get into polygel.

Best Polygel Nail Starter Kit: Modelones Polygel Nail Starter Kit

Product inclusion of Polygel Nail Kit

The big over-the-top sets can be intimidating, so if you’re a beginner at this whole self-manicure game, this Modelones polygel nail kit is a great place to start. It includes two extension colors, white and light pink, so you can get the hang of neutrals before moving on to bolder hues.

It also has dual forms, application tools, and a base and top coat, making it perfectly portable without too many moving parts. That’s just as well, considering it doesn’t come with a UV light, so you may have to tote it to your beauty-obsessed friend’s house to use hers (she can even help with your left hand!).

Best Polygel Extension Color Options: MEFA Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit

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Big, bright, and oh-so-bodacious, the MEFA polygel nail kit has everything you need for a dazzling at-home manicure. This endless rainbow-themed set has 32 spunky colors, six pots of glitter, and all the little gems you could ever imagine. And if color isn’t your cup of tea, MEFA makes the same set with different themes, like ‘smokey’ and ‘coffee chat.’ 

One thing remains constant, though, the colors come out a brilliant opaque instead of watery transparent like some other polygels.

It comes with all the necessities to get the job done and even includes nail tip clips, which come in handy more than you’d think (pro tip: you can even use them to remove gel nails without damage!). For the most unique polygel kit and the most colorful, we definitely rate MEFA. 

How to Choose the Best Polygel Nail Kit

With so many polygel nail kits to choose from, here are some primary considerations to remember before you buy.

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Products Included

First, consider the products included. At a bare minimum, the best polygel nail kit should include:

  • Polygel nail extension builder
  • Slip solution
  • Dual forms
  • Base & top coat
  • Application tool

Though you’ll quickly find that many polygel nail kits throw in lots of fun extras like additional tools, rhinestones and glitter, multiple shapes of dual forms, nail clips, and more.

If you’re a beginner, starting with an affordable, basic kit to get the feel of polygel nail extensions and how to apply them yourself doesn’t hurt. But if you’re looking for a spunky set with unique designs, it may be worth investing in a kit with more pieces. 

Lamp or No Lamp

An essential part of applying polygel nail extensions is curing them with a UV lamp. Many polygel nail kits include a lamp, and many do not.

If you’ve already given yourself an at-home gel manicure, you likely have a UV lamp laying around somewhere, so you can skip the kits that include them. That said, if you’re a total newbie, a lamp is a must, and it can be more affordable to purchase a kit with one instead of buying it separately.

However, it’s worth noting that the lamps with super budget-friendly kits tend to be on the weaker side. So if you want a proper cure on your polygel nails, it’s a good idea to invest in a 48W UV lamp that will have a much longer lifespan than a dinky 6W lamp.

Ease of Use

If you’ve never worked with polygel it’s easy to find your fingers sticky with extension builder and have no idea how you got to that point. 

If you’re a beginner, choose a kit that’s easy to use with clear instructions and plenty of tools. This will save you from fumbling around, trying to find something to spread out the polygel or apply the slip solution. It’s also worth watching plenty of YouTube videos to see polygel application in action. 

But if you’re a professional looking for a polygel nail kit, you may find that all of the unnecessary tools just add to your station clutter. Look for more basic nail kits or the extension builder on its own if you already have everything else needed for working with polygel. Ease of use shouldn’t be much of a concern here. 

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What is the best polygel nail kit for beginners?

The best polygel nail kit for beginners is the Beetles Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit which has everything you need for an at-home manicure without going over the top. The only downside to this kit is the UV lamp isn’t as strong as some others, but it does the trick while you get the hang of applying polygel nail extensions. You can always purchase a more advanced kit or lamp later on. 

What is the best polygel nail kit?

The best polygel nail kit is the Morovan Polygel Nail Kit, a best seller with nearly 7,000 five-star reviews. It’s long-lasting and great for people with shorter, brittle nails looking for a sleek upgrade to their fingertips. 

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