Should You Be Sleeping in the Nude for Better Health?

Guess what? There's at least one good reason women should be sleeping in the buff -- or nearly so. Let me explain.

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Do you sleep naked? Or would you — in the name of better health, of course? Because as it turns out, stripping down between the sheets is a smart move. I’m not going to say there’s a right or wrong attire to wear to bed… but there kind of is, ladies. You might notice that sometimes, if you hit the sack in a pair panties or close-fitting bottoms, you wake up with more vaginal discharge than usual. Your vagina is full of bacteria, primarily yeast. While this is totally normal, when you create the right environment for that yeast to multiply — a long night, a hot day, pool time, gym time, undies in materials that don’t “breathe” — your lady parts will begin to overproduce it. This can be a recipe for problems like for an infection, complete with irritation and soreness. Yuck. According to a tidbit from Cosmo, sleeping naked is a good idea for this reason, something the fabulous Melissa Goist, MD, a clinical assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center, told me was legit true. You should be “airing it out” on a pretty regular basis for the best vaginal health possible. “Wearing panties is obviously preferred during the daytime or anytime you have pants on,” she says, of which I totally concur (um, yeah!). “But when you are in private, and can allow the vaginal area to ‘breathe,’ this helps for a healthier environment.” Or, you know, you can go commando at other times, too. As long as you’re socially acceptable, Goist says you’ll get the same benefits giving your vag a timeout while wearing a loose-fitting skirt or dress that allows for the “no panties” option. That said… she knows going without undies outside the bedroom won’t thrill a lot of ladies. “Some women have a normal, natural discharge, so this is more anxiety-provoking,” she says. “Thus, evening time is often most preferred.” Going without underwear at night is the preventative tactic… but what’s the restorative move? If you’re experiencing some mild discomfort after one of those darn 85-degree-day summer runs, wash your vaginal area with a lukewarm water in the bath at night. No detergent, no soap. This simple move can help to cleanse the area — followed up by a nice, long sleep in the buff, of course. Okay, okay. So, what if you’re just not one to sleep naked? (Ugh.) Don’t fret. I feel you, and it’s fine. Personally, I’m just not a nude sleeper. Even in privacy, somehow I still feel exposed! But as an alternative, verified healthy and appropriate by Goist, I have a favorite nighty that’s so silky, lightweight, and luxurious that I had to buy two. It’s loose-fitting enough to give my lady parts a breather. And it feels like I’m sleeping naked without stripping all the way down. So, to all you nude sleepers out there, keep on keepin’ on. For the rest, invest in a nighty you can’t get enough of.

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