Shaun T’s Secrets For Staying Fit While Traveling

It's easier than you think.

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Working out consistently is tough enough at home. Add traveling to the mix, and suddenly panic mode ensues. But don’t stress. Take it from me—keeping up with your routine while traveling is very doable, as long as you’re prepared to make some minor tweaks. I know because I travel. A lot. In fact, I probably travel more than I’m home, so I know the struggle is real! But if you trust and believe in who you are, then I have no doubt you can stay healthy and fit while on the road. Here’s how to do it.

Check Out The Hotel Gym In Advance

Check the hotel’s website, or just give them a call. Find out first if they have a gym. Then, what are the operating hours? How big is it? What equipment do they have? This will help you better plan your workouts while there. You can also book your hotel based on its fitness center. If the gym’s not adequate for your needs, don’t forget that at-home fitness programs are also great for you while traveling. Exercise in your room, or find an outdoor space like the pool or a park. Then get after it by using your digital device to get in your workout.

Walk It Out

Walk, walk, walk! Is your room on the 3rd floor? Take the stairs! Headed out to a restaurant to get a bite to eat? Skip the Uber and walk! I find it helps tremendously if I walk more and sit less while traveling. Consider using an activity tracker to count your steps, and do your best to get in 10,000 of them!

Hit The Grocery Store

Can you book a room with a mini-fridge? Do it! Then hit up a local grocery store for supplies so you can limit how often you’ll need to eat out. And while you’re there, stock up on water! I find that when I travel I don’t drink enough water, so it really helps to have a case of water in my room for easy grab-and-go. Drinking water is essential, especially when we travel. It helps keep down the bloat and weed out the toxins we might incur on the road.

Modify The Menu

You’re going to have to eat out while you travel, but you don’t have to fall victim to the menu! Don’t be scared to modify the menu as you see fit in order to feel good and maintain your goals. After all, you’re paying for this food, so you have the power to change items to meet your needs! Halve your portions, ask for no butter or cheese, or pass on the bread. And make smart choices with drinks: choose soda water with lime instead of a cocktail, for example. The possibilities are endless—if you’re strong enough internally to make changes.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

You aren’t going to be perfect when you travel (or even when you’re at home!). Treating yourself is what makes life fun, and it’s okay! Do the best you can do. The mental anguish isn’t necessary. If you’re eating 85% healthy and maintaining a consistent exercise regimen, your 15% fun foods won’t destroy your fitness journey. Traveling is a fun part of life. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, it doesn’t have to derail you on your journey to a healthier, happier you.

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