Mom With Sick Baby Finds Her Parking Tickets Paid By Kind Stranger

The Internet has exploded with praise and well wishes for the unknown woman!

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When you have a sick child, feeding the meter probably isn’t your first priority. 

An Australian mom was initially distraught to see she had been ticketed after spending several days in a Canberra hospital with her sick nine-week-old son. She found a welcome surprise when she picked up the ticket, though. 

There was a note attached to the ticket left by a kind stranger, who only gave her name as “Laura.” It said, “I saw your car had a parking ticket on it. I’m sure whatever you’re going through at the hospital is tough enough so I have paid for you.”

The note included a receipt for the payment, as well. 

The anonymous mom posted a picture of the note to the Canberra Mums Facebook page. She wanted to share the compassionate act with others and hoped Laura might see it. The post went viral in no time, receiving 50,000 likes in less than a day. Now more than 100,000 people have liked the post, and it has also been shared 16,000 times. 

In the post, the anonymous mom wrote, “I hope that Laura sees this and knows how much I appreciate her support. Thank you so much.”

There’s been no word on whether Laura has seen the post, but, if the reactions to it are any indication, she’s incredibly appreciated. 

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