Man Loses More Than 200 Lbs and Leads Half Marathon Pace Group

His journey started with 10 minutes on the StairMaster. Now, he runs for several hours at a time.

MS Sufferer Turned Long-Distance Runner

Kayla Montgomery turned to running during a difficult time. Now, she's a Division I athlete.

Best Friends in the World Carry Paralyzed Pal Up a Mountain to See the View

Jeff Carlson describes himself as an "adventurous guy" and someone who doesn't let his disability limit him.

Pole Dancing Woman Loses 65 Pounds and Finds Her Inner Diva

After years of binge eating, Eda Marbury wanted to make a change. She was off put by traditional gyms, though. Her salvation came in the form of a local dance studio that caters specifically to women.

58-Year-Old Woman Tackles Insanity Workout Head On

Deborah Cavanagh has completed 1,000 Insanity workouts, and she shows no signs of stopping!

Football Player Overcomes Asperger’s To Achieve Dream

The game Justin Hansen loves taught him to communicate, and he couldn't be happier.

Mom Helps Son And Other Adults With Special Needs Find Jobs In Puppy Treat Bakery

With options running out for her son, she created an environment that fosters confidence and happiness.

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