How To Stop Feeling Fat And Start Feeling Fabulous

If you wake up every morning and think to yourself, “I’m so tired of feeling fat,” you aren’t alone. Many people feel the same way. There is a remedy for that feeling.

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Do you ever wake up in the morning, stretch, and think to yourself, “I’m so tired of feeling fat”? That kind of thought can do one of two things. It can motivate you to lose weight or it can cause you to do nothing because you fear you will never be able to get the weight off and finally start feeling fabulous. Here are seven practical steps to stop feeling fat and start feeling fabulous.

1. Make Sure You Really Need to Lose Weight

Sometimes you feel fat when you really aren’t even overweight. This can be from overeating, medications, or even a false sense of how you really look. I’ve had friends and clients who were convinced they were overweight but medically speaking they weren’t. They wanted to lose weight to feel better about themselves, but strictly speaking they didn’t really need to lose any weight at all.

2. Write Down Your Good Qualities

Part of the reason you feel fat is because you are focusing on perceived negative qualities. It’s okay to acknowledge that you are overweight, but you shouldn’t call yourself names. Try this simple exercise to start thinking about yourself in a better light. Write down at least two positive physical and non-physical qualities about yourself. Here are some examples if you’re having trouble.


  • What is one physical feature you like about yourself?
  • Name five physical abilities you have. (Hint: Being able to run, walk, ride a bike, work out, hold down a physically demanding job, etc.)


  • What are some qualities people compliment you on? (Hint: Kindness, sense of humor, honesty, ability to hold an engaging conversation, making people feel at home, etc.)
  • Write down your talents and abilities. And yes, everyone has them. (Hint: Work competency, education accomplishments, creative endeavors, etc.)

Once you have a short list, commit to adding to it on a weekly basis.

3. Deal With Mental Obstacles

The constant feeling of being fat is often tied to mental obstacles that you put in your own way. When you create barriers to your weight loss, you freeze yourself in the cycle of feeling fat without a way out:

  • Feeling like losing weight is impossible
  • Emotional eating that isn’t under control
  • Feeling as though your family and friends don’t support you
  • Not understanding what foods are hard for you to eat in reasonable quantities

4. Have a Written Plan

Inaction often leads to feelings of inadequacy. If you aren’t moving toward your goal of losing weight, then yes, you might feel defeated and even fat. Write down your weight loss intentions and plan out your day.

5. Do and Say Something Nice to Yourself Every Day

Feeling fat sometimes translates into not being kind to yourself. Make sure to say and do something nice for yourself every single day. Stop calling yourself ugly names and say nice things about yourself, even if you don’t mean it at first. Keep at it until you start to believe and internalize those positive messages.

6. Focus on Activities Outside of Weight Loss

Failure or success at weight loss shouldn’t define how you feel about yourself, but sometimes it does. Find activities you enjoy that have nothing to do with weight loss. Taking your mind off of exercising with the sole purpose of losing weight can lift your spirits and make you feel better about yourself.

7. Be Purposeful

Be purposeful about how you talk to yourself, what kinds of activities you do, and finding a sustainable weight loss program. Every morning when you wake up, tell yourself you are going to have a positive day, and take the steps to make that happen.

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