The Truth Behind Testosterone And Women

"Why am I losing muscle? Why can't I build muscle? Where has my sex drive gone? Working-out zaps all my energy - why?" There is one common answer, and nine times out of ten we have found that the testosterone hormone level is low.

Win the Battle With Your Stubborn Belly Fat

It is true that 80% of lean muscle and abdominals are made in the kitchen. You may say you are eating clean, but there is always a bit of tweaking that I find can be done.

Are You Addicted To Food?

Changing a few elements in our environment can help us make better food choices so we can beat food addiction.

Good News: Massages Aren’t Just for Pampering Yourself!

Like me, I'm sure when you think of a massage, you think relaxation and release from aches and pains, and anxiety. But is there more to gain than just an indulgent afternoon?

Pilates Or Yoga: Which Practice Is For You?

Are you trying to decide between taking a Pilates or Yoga class? Are you confused about the differences between the two? Pilates and Yoga are similar practices in that they both work strength and flexibility, but their differences are also numerous.

Pump Up Your Pilates Routine With The Perfect Playlist

Researchers have long known that music and exercise both increase improvements in our overall health. To celebrate the amazing effects of music on our health, here is an upbeat, 55-minute playlist that I created for one of my Pilates classes.

Feeling a Little…Off? It Could be Your Hormones

Generally speaking, hormone levels stabilize after your period, however, various life aspects such as stress, poor diet, and anxiety are also culprits that can cause hormones to go out of balance.

The Great Sun Debate

Everyone knows that Vitamin D comes from the sun, yet we're all told not to be in the sun for prolonged periods of time. So how are we supposed to get enough Vitamin D without having a little fun in the sun?

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