The Truth Behind Testosterone And Women

"Why am I losing muscle? Why can't I build muscle? Where has my sex drive gone? Working-out zaps all my energy - why?" There is one common answer, and nine times out of ten we have found that the testosterone hormone level is low.

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As we age, our hormone levels begins to decrease—it’s cruel but very true.  There become hormone imbalances which, when untreated, can wreak havoc on your body and how you feel day to day.  Working with clients on a daily basis, with the average being 45-65 years young, I hear women saying all the time, “Why am I losing muscle?  Why can’t I build muscle? Where has my sex drive gone? I have no more stamina, working-out zaps all my energy – why?”  There is one common answer, and nine times out of ten we have found that the testosterone hormone level is low. How do I find that out, you ask? Simply consult with your doctor at your yearly exam or request a hormone level panel. Let’s take a look at why your testosterone levels would be low? The likely culprits are birth control pills, aging, menopause, childbirth and excess stress, as just a few examples.  Common symptoms of low testosterone levels include fatigue, increased body fat, decrease in lean muscle mass, reduced bone density, low self-esteem, decrease in libido, difficulty losing weight, a drop in metabolism, and can contribute to mood swings and depression.  If you were able to say, “check, check and check, that’s me,” it’s time to have your hormone levels checked by your doctor. There are a few ways to work on raising your testosterone levels naturally.  First, hit the gym – it’s time to work-out!  Many studies have shown an increase in testosterone levels after exercising.  Resistance training and hitting the free weights were consistently found to positively influence testosterone levels in women.  Another way to increase your testosterone is to pay attention to how much fat you are eating.  Women consuming diets high in fat have significantly higher levels of testosterone compared to those who consumed a low-fat diet.  Getting an inadequate amount of fat in your diet can hinder testosterone production, so it is important to eat enough healthy fats.  Here is one natural way you are sure to love to increase testosterone levels. Are you ready? Have more SEX! For both men and women increased levels of testosterone have been found after engaging in sex.  Although the increase is short lived, it only last for a few hours, research has shown the more frequent the sex, the more consistent the resting level of testosterone will be in the body. When the natural organic fixes just aren’t doing it anymore, consult with your doctor about the opportunity for bioidentical hormones to increase your testosterone levels. Why is it important to have proper testosterone levels? For one, it helps fat loss.  Research shows, high levels of testosterone at rest are associated with high lean muscle mass and low body fat.  Hit the gym, hit the weights and break a sweat!  Second, it improves libido, yeah!  When testosterone levels are high, libido is high.  If your libido is high, you’ll want to have more sex, which in turn decreases stress and surely you’ll be much happier.  Increased levels of testosterone also increase stamina, again great for working-out and even better for that bedroom workout! Lastly, it helps to promote an overall sense of well-being.  So many of my clients after increasing their testosterone levels talk about this feeling of “calmness”; suddenly life is good.  No more mood swings, no more 24/7 sense of pms. To that I say, “Amen!”