The Sweeter Side Of Sugaring

Waxing is the hair removal solution of choice for many, but could sugaring be a better alternative?

For Healthy Hair Look No Further Than Your Own Kitchen

Want to save money on shampoo and conditioner, but still want beautiful, shiny hair? Consider skipping expensive shampoos and make your own instead.

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Keep Your Eyes Looking Sharp With A Little TLC

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Argan Oil And Its Miraculous Beauty Benefits

Argan oil is an all-in-one beauty product that has quickly gained popularity because of its multitasking properties. Find out how this must-have miraculous oil has become the secret to healthier hair and skin.

Ice, Ice, Beauty: Glowing Skin At The Touch Of A Cube?

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Why Should Coconuts Have All the Fun? I Love Avocado Oil For My Beauty Needs!

Avocados aren't just for creating amazing guacamole or topping every sandwich. Avocado oil is one of the best all natural beauty products for your skin and hair and it's just as good, if not better, than coconut oil.

Jennifer Mathews