Argan Oil And Its Miraculous Beauty Benefits

Argan oil is an all-in-one beauty product that has quickly gained popularity because of its multitasking properties. Find out how this must-have miraculous oil has become the secret to healthier hair and skin.

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It seems like every other week there’s a new oil being talked about that will give you the glowing skin and healthy hair you want. While some of these oils fade into the background once their claims fall flat, argan oil has maintained its popularity. There’s a reason for that: It actually works!

I decided to give it a try by first using it on my hair, and I was blown away by how effective it was. It’s lightweight, so it’s great for a variety of beauty needs without leaving you looking oily or weighing your hairstyle down.

I’ve used it from head and toe and always have a bottle on hand. I’ve also discovered that it’s an ingredient in many of the beauty products I already use.

What Is Argan Oil?

Argan oil comes from argan trees in the Souss region of southern Morocco. The nut inside the fruit of these trees contains the oil that’s been used for generations to heal and moisturize hair and skin.

It’s full of vitamin A, vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids, and antioxidants. This means it’s an all-natural, multipurpose oil that’s great for anti-aging, healing skin, and keeping hair and skin hydrated.

Exfoliate And Moisturize

Here’s a great, inexpensive DIY recipe that I use to get smooth skin in the shower:

Add a few drops of argan oil to a tablespoon of brown sugar to exfoliate and moisturize dry skin. You can even use it on your face (if you have sensitive skin, do a patch test first). Rub it on dry, flaky spots for 20-30 seconds to exfoliate, then use a washcloth to rinse it off your skin. You’ll immediately notice that your skin is smoother, softer, and well-hydrated.

Moisturize All Night

It only takes a few drops of the oil to serve as your nightly moisturizer. I’ve found it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any greasy residue on my skin or pillowcase. Sometimes I add a single drop of argan oil to my favorite nighttime moisturizer. Either method works well.

Heal And Treat Acne

Argan oil is not just for dry skin!

Many acne products on the market contain skin-drying ingredients. I realized that while I was tackling blemishes, I was creating another problem by causing dry, red skin. I wasn’t sure how an oil would help, but I was willing to try almost anything.

Now I rub a single drop over all my trouble areas at night. By morning, the redness is greatly reduced, and I’ve found that my pimples heal twice as fast. Argan oil doesn’t clog pores, so it won’t contribute to more blemishes.

I also use an argan oil toner before moisturizing. You can do this by boiling a bag of green tea in one cup of water and steeping for 10 minutes. Remove the bag and add two drops of tea tree oil and two drops of argan oil. It’s a great acne fighter and light moisturizer.

Smooth Stretch Marks

I hate stretch marks, but they seem to love me! Stretch marks become more pronounced with dry skin. By moisturizing them daily with argan oil, I’ve noticed that they appear lighter and less noticeable. There’s no lotion or potion that will remove stretch marks once they show up, but you can prevent them by keeping your skin hydrated. If you’re pregnant, start doing this early in your pregnancy to lessen the likelihood of the marks on your skin. It’s safe to use and improves skin elasticity.

Moisturize All Over

This works best if you’re using an all-natural body lotion with coconut, almond, or olive oil already in it. Just add a few drops of argan oil to your lotion and apply as usual. I couldn’t believe the difference and the light scent smelled wonderful.

I also rub a little extra on my heels. When I do a manicure, I rub a drop around my cuticles for healthier nails.

Deep Hair Conditioner

I’ve yet to find a conditioning treatment as simple as argan oil. I use a few drops after drying my hair to smooth frizz and make my hair super shiny.

Start with one drop and add more as needed until you discover how much your hair type requires. Thin hair will need less, and thicker hair may require more.

For extremely dry hair, try argan oil as an overnight treatment. Use a small amount and massage throughout your hair. Secure the hair under a shower cap and wash it the next morning.

Endless Uses

What I love most about argan oil is that its uses are seemingly endless. I’ve used it on my face, body, nails and hair and have seen the benefits. I’ll admit that a bottle isn’t as cheap as some other oils, but it lasts for several months, which makes it completely worthwhile for me. It’s a beauty treatment that only requires a drop or two at a time and it’s all-natural and cruelty-free!

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