Spice Up Your Life: 5 Ways I Added Common Kitchen Spices to My Beauty Routine

Kitchen spices aren't just for adding flavor to a meal. Raid your pantry and learn how to enliven the blandness of your beauty routine with just a handful of everyday kitchen spices.

Do You Really Need Gluten-Free Beauty Products?

Experts still don't agree about the effects of gluten in beauty products. Choosing gluten free beauty products depends mainly on the product and how sensitive you are to gluten.

What is Your Expired Makeup Really Doing to Your Face?

Makeup doesn't expire, right? I wish my favorite shade of eyeshadow or lengthening mascara didn't go bad, but sadly, makeup does have an expiration date and it's actually dangerous to use expired makeup on your skin.

Gel Nail Polish: Strong and Stunning, But At What Cost?

Anyone else amazed at how a little UV light and some gel leads to gorgeous nails for weeks? I'll be the first to raise my gel polished nails and say I love it. Not all good things are actually good for you though.

5 Cruelty-Free Beauty Products You Loved In High School

Miss your favorite cruelty-free beauty products from high school? Invoke nostalgia and give them another look because they may be just as good as you remember them.

Eat Your Way to Gorgeous With These Skin Smoothing Snacks

Beautiful skin doesn't just come from what you put ON it. What's on the inside counts as well!

Stop the Makeup Shaming Once and For All

As if body shaming wasn't enough, makeup shaming is the latest trend. Women are standing up to defend their right to wear makeup without any judgment with a trending Instagram movement.

Dry-Brush Detox the Right Way

Forget the spa and expensive scrubs. All you need is a dry brush to get smooth, beautiful skin. Learn how to do the dry-brush detox the right way.

Jennifer Mathews