Heat Up Your Beauty Routine With These Charcoal Health Hacks

Charcoal isn't just for cooking anymore. It's now a go-to DIY health and beauty treatment that you'll likely find included in many beauty products!

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I always thought of charcoal as those little briquettes you use when cooking out during the summer. It wasn’t until the past few years that I began noticing the charcoal beauty trend.

I know what you’re thinking: How could charcoal ever relate to health or beauty? I can attest that I’ve tried quite a few charcoal-infused products and they do make a difference in my skin.

I’ve even had charcoal juices and smoothies, which I must say look extremely weird. Once you get past the black color, you might discover what I did, that charcoal is a must-use health and beauty hack.

Mask Impurities

I hate random blackhead breakouts, and those blackhead strips always leave my face red for hours. I decided to try an activated charcoal mask to see if it worked as well as I’d heard.

I broke open two activated charcoal capsules and mixed that with two teaspoons of aloe vera. I highly recommend doing this at a sink so you don’t get charcoal powder everywhere. Apply it to clean skin and leave on for about 30 minutes. I started with 10 minutes the first time to make sure my skin reacted well.

After rinsing with cool water and moisturizing, I noticed significantly fewer blackheads, and many of the rest went away a few days later.

The charcoal draws away dirt from your skin, so it works well as both a mask and a cleanser. If you’re not the DIY type, most beauty stores sell charcoal masks and facial cleansers.

Whiten Your Teeth

I can’t believe this works, but charcoal is surprisingly effective at whitening teeth. The best part is looking in the mirror to see your teeth temporarily turned black.

This hack is abrasive, so use it sparingly. I save it for important occasions when I need a little boost to my smile. All you need is an activated charcoal tablet.

Apply the powder to a wet toothbrush and lightly brush it over your teeth for at least a minute. Rinse well and enjoy a whiter smile. I had to rinse several times to get all the gritty pieces out of my teeth.

Skip your regular brushing and just use mouthwash after this. It’ll be gentler on your teeth and gums.

Detox With A Smoothie

Doesn’t a nice charcoal smoothie sound wonderful? Ha! I remember making my first one and debating whether I really wanted to drink it. It looked more like dirty oil or tar than something healthy.

I gave it a shot, and I’m glad I did. I recommend playing around with different fruits to figure out which flavor masks the charcoal best for you. I personally prefer pineapple or banana as you don’t taste any charcoal at all after blending well.

The original recipe I used called for:

– Three activated charcoal capsules (find them at any health food store)

– One cup coconut juice

– One cup frozen pineapple

– Small piece of turmeric root or one teaspoon turmeric powder

The final mixture smelled great, but it was very black! It was one of the best detox smoothies I’d ever tried. I actually felt better, and the results lasted for a few days. I only drink one every few weeks at most.

Very important: Don’t drink activated charcoal smoothies or take activated charcoal capsules right before or after taking medications, supplements, or meals. The charcoal expands in your body, absorbing toxins with it. But, it can also absorb nutrients and medications. Best to take it away from anything your body needs to absorb to let it remove the things you don’t want it to absorb!

If you’ve had a little too much fun over the weekend, you might want to try this smoothie, because it’s great for hangovers too. It’s also good for soothing your stomach if you have food poisoning or stomach troubles/gas.

Rinse Away Hair Buildup

Clarifying shampoos are essential if you use any leave-in or styling products. Charcoal-infused shampoos are the new clarifying must-have. I opted to make my own, of course, but you can buy charcoal shampoos in many stores.

For this one, I just added a teaspoon of activated charcoal powder to my regular shampoo. It’s best to use a natural shampoo for optimal results. Shake the shampoo well before each use.

Is It Worth Trying?

In my opinion, charcoal is definitely worth adding to your beauty and health routine. I don’t use it every day, but as a weekly or even monthly addition, I can honestly say my skin, hair, and insides are better than ever!