A Chance Meeting With A Beautiful Bride Made This Little Girl’s Day

A couple's wedding day was almost as exciting for one 2-year-old as it was for the bride and groom.

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Not a lot of 2-year-olds are reading 19th-century British mystery novels, but this sweet little girl from Seattle happens to be a really big fan of the Wilkie Collins book The Woman in White. In this book, the titular woman in white, Anne, is an unfortunate tragic hero—an eccentric who is committed to an asylum by her own conniving mother. Anne helps her half-sister marry the man of her dreams and inherit a large sum of money—and she dies in the process. But this 2-year-old doesn’t need to know the whole story; she just calls the novel her “princess book.” Technically, the girl’s mother—who asked that they remain anonymous—is the big fan of “old dead British writers,” according to BuzzFeed News. But her daughter likes to carry the book around everywhere, which she did on a trip to Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood late last winter.

The Princess of Ballard

Stunning bride Shandace Robertson was taking wedding photos with her new husband when she and the little girl made eye contact. For the little girl, Mrs. Robertson was obviously a “princess” like the one on her book. Scott Robertson, Shandace’s husband, told BuzzFeed, “My wife loves kids.” So he wasn’t surprised when she walked up to the little girl and gave her a rose from her bouquet. The girl showed Mrs. Robertson her book and pointed out the resemblance between the bride and the figure on the book cover. Since this encounter took place during the time that the newlyweds were having their wedding photos taken, the new Mrs. Robertson asked the mother if she could take some pictures with the little girl. The wedding photographer, Stephanie Cristalli, captured some truly amazing photographs of the interaction between the “Princess of Ballard” and her new friend.

May the Princess of Ballard reign on.

The wedding photographer shared the images with the young mother, and now the family has framed photos up on their walls of the little girl with Mrs. Robertson. “She’ll walk up to it and be like, ‘There’s the Princess of Ballard!’” the mother told BuzzFeed. “And every time we go to Ballard, we expect to see the princess.”

Setting a High Bar

After reading this story, more than a hundred people commented, many mentioning that the tale had them in tears. One reader, Katie Alexis, said: “If a little girl doesn’t come up to me on my wedding day thinking I am a princess I will be very disappointed. What a cute story. My eyes watered for sure.” Ian Bruce wrote, “Anyone who goes out of her way to make the day of a 2-year old is a true princess in my book. Damn allergies…” Maiko Dancer from Ithaca, New York, summed up the story nicely, too: “Not only is this just the sweetest story with the loveliest people, but the bride looks drop dead gorgeous in what is one of the most stunning wedding dresses I have ever seen. What a lovely way for a couple to begin their life together. And what a beautiful memory for the little girl and her mom.” As for the bride and groom, Mr. Robertson described the encounter as “A really special moment…the cherry on top of the perfect day.”

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