12 Months To A Better You

Commit to 12 months to a better you. Commit to a solid relationship with yourself. So here goes nothing, 2016. Let's do this!

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Isn’t it funny how people always set resolutions? They bank on the year ahead as a fresh start, a chance to finally lose those extra 15 pounds, talk to the hot guy you bump into daily by the water cooler at work, take the ultimate vacation, or finally become a morning person. Somehow, though, we always lose sight of those goals by February 1. How do we change that? I’ll tell you how… Commit to 12 months to a better you. Commit to a solid relationship with yourself. So here goes nothing, 2016. Let’s do this!

January – Commit To Fit

For me, less is more. Do a small change every week so it becomes a lifestyle instead of a dreaded diet. It’s about practicing self-control. Maybe I’ll only have two Bloody Marys at Sunday brunch rather than unlimited party girl status. We all have those things we absolutely cannot give up. That’s fine. Everything is okay in moderation. Say, “Self, you’re so awesome. and I’m committed to you. I’m not going to treat you like a tent anymore, I’m going to treat you like the temple that you are.”

February – Focus On Self-Love

Given that it’s the month of “love” whether you’re attached or not, focus on self-love. That’s something a lot of us forget about. Confidence is the new sexy, whether you’re skinny, curvy, tall, blue, green, or anything in between. Our culture has trained us to view certain things as attractive and others…well, not so much. Let’s change the way we view ourselves. I know I am going to. Get in front of the mirror daily and admire that reflection. Own it, no matter what!

March – Smile

It’s the month we are dying for some fun in the sun, but the weather just won’t cooperate. Sometimes people are so cranky in March. We need to do our part to make others smile. Have you ever noticed the smallest compliment, smile, or kind word goes so far? For fun tell people they’re beautiful; because we are all beautiful! I think sometimes we forget. Next time you see someone looking a little down, give them a compliment and watch their entire demeanor change. It’s amazing how far a kind word can go. Practice kindness… Lord knows we need more of it in this world.

April – Get Out

Did you stick to commit to fit back in January? Are you still setting small weekly goals that change into lifestyles? I hope so, because it’s time to break out those bikinis and Speedos! Well…if April showers don’t put a damper on things, that is. Commit to going outside and enjoying some fresh air. Go down to the Home Depot and buy some plants. Go out in the garden and do some work. You will feel so accomplished and peaceful when you’re done! After all, this is your year. Make peace with yourself and enjoy some fresh air.

May – Get It Done

You’ve been working hard all winter, digging deep and creating a serious relationship with the best person ever–you! It’s time to buy yourself something fabulous! Whether it’s a new Fitbit because you’ve been killing it at the gym, an all-inclusive vacation to Cancun, or that oil change you keep putting off: Get it done in May!

June – Family Time

Make time for family. Sometimes I get so busy with work and hanging with the girls that I forget to spend time with my family. Take some time out for your family. Mom could always go for a spa day, and you know Dad wants to grab a drink with you. Make it happen and make them a priority!

July – Hydrate

It’s the hottest month of the year! Are you getting enough fluids? Your body is made up mostly of water, so make sure you stay hydrated. Try to drink water both with meals and between meals, and don’t forget to bring water with you to your workout–especially if you are exercising outside in the heat.

August – Healthy Meals

As the summer is coming to an end and kiddos are headed back to school, try to focus on healthier meals. This is the month to incorporate healthy meal prepping into your commit to fit goals. Make the effort to plan out meals for you and your family. Poke around on Pinterest for new recipes, and find new ways to incorporate veggies and fruits into your daily routine. You’ll be surprised how easy meal prep can be once you pencil in time for it weekly.

September – 30 For 30

Ah. It’s fall, y’all! You can feel the change in the air, and by now you should have begun to feel a difference within yourself. Commit to #Fall30for30! Get out and do something you love, like biking, running, walking, anything…30 minutes a day for 30 days. That month of self-love should have you convinced that you can do it!

October – Planning

Such a wonderful month…beautiful weather, fall festivals, and, of course, Halloween! This is your month to begin to plan for the holidays that are quickly approaching. If you’re anything like me you wait until the last minute to get ready, and before you know it you’re stress-eating the kids’ Halloween candy. This is your year to start early. Make your list and check it twice!

November – Train

Okay, here it is. Kickoff month! Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. Don’t let yourself off the hook. Keep yourself motivated by signing up for a 5K or other event after the first of the year. Start training now! This will keep you on track through the holidays.

December – Healthy Baking

Is everyone baking this month or what? Co-workers with endless cookie trays and mothers-in-law reminding you to cook family favorites. This month find a way to put a healthy spin on traditional family favorites. I bet they won’t even notice if you use Greek yogurt in spinach dip instead of mayonnaise. Try it. I dare you! Remember, 2016 is about you. Put yourself first and be kind! It all starts with you, so make an effort to do one thing every day that you’ll thank yourself for on December 31, 2016! I know you wanna reach your full potential… I’ve got news for you, you’re the only one standing in the way. Go out and make you proud! Bring it, 2016!

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