Why You Should Cleanse

Do you ever feel like you have let life start to get the best of you? Hw do you gain control over your nutrition and start to get your life back in order?

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Do you ever feel like you have let life start to get the best of you? You get busy, and when that happens your nutrition tends to be the first thing that starts to go. Eating out, drive-through restaurants, grab and go…we all become victim to this cycle. When that happens, I often feel out of control and I need to gain back the control in order to feel happiness. So how do you gain control over your nutrition and start to get your life back in order? One way that I find really helpful and that I try to do at least once—if not twice—a year is a cleanse. Now before I continue on, I want to remind you of a few things. First, you should not cleanse often. This is something to do when you need to reset your body. It is not a lifestyle, it’s more of a quick fix when you feel like it’s time to get things back in order. Also, cleansing is not easy. It can be very challenging both physically and mentally, so you have to go in with a prepared mindset. In addition, when it’s time to end your cleanse and go back to your normal way of eating, don’t derail your results by making your first meal an unhealthy one. Okay, now that we have gotten those reminders out of the way, let’s talk about the benefits of cleansing in greater detail so you can decide if this is something you want to try. 1. Cleansing is helpful in removing the toxins that we endure in our daily life. Even if you try to eat organic food as often as possible, you are still exposed to pesticides, chemicals, and preservatives; too much exposure to these over time can lead to health issues eventually. 2. Cleansing is also a great way to strengthen our immune systems, which we need to be strong to keep us healthy in a world that is filled with so many germs! 3. Probably a lot of people’s favorite reason to cleanse is to lose weight, and this is why I said earlier that cleansing should only be done a few times a year. This is not a weight loss solution. Instead, cleansing helps boost your metabolism by cleaning out the toxins from your fat cells. 4. When our bodies are filled with tons of toxins, we often get headaches, don’t sleep well, have digestion issues, and may even suffer from depression. Simply cleansing can increase your quality of life, and you may find yourself sleeping better, feeling happier, and digesting your food properly. There are a lot of cleanses out there. Once you have decided to cleanse be sure to do your research and find the one that is best suited to you, your needs, and your lifestyle. And remember, once you complete your cleanse, do your best to keep a healthy lifestyle moving forward. You just put in the work to reset your body—don’t damage it by going back to old habits. Take this opportunity to bring new healthy ways to your life for good! I will be honest. The first cleanse I tried, I was scared and nervous and it only lasted 24 hours.   However, I learned more about myself and what nutrition parameters work within my body, and I was able to be more successful when I tried my second cleanse. It is okay if it takes you a couple tries to get it right. Health and nutrition are all about taking the “good” parts of many things, seeing what works with your body, and incorporating them into your journey. Good luck and happy cleansing!