Tranquility-Enhancing Essentials For A Personalized Meditation Space

Sit in silence...and style! Transform any corner of your home into a dedicated yoga and meditation space that brings out the calm within.

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You don’t necessarily need products to meditate or practice yoga. You really only need three things: time, inclination, and a quiet place to sit. That said, cultivating your own space with peace-promoting objects can definitely help you maintain a consistent meditation or yoga practice. “Much like an encounter with the refrigerator conjures thoughts of food, and a glance at the couch invites a comfortable sprawl, catching sight of your meditation seat in a sanctified space will evoke your deepest yearnings and inspire you to do your practice,” writes Sandra Anderson, co-author of Yoga: Mastering the Basics. So what do you need to transform a room, nook, or empty corner of your house into a sacred space for meditation or yoga? Here are a few suggestions: 1. Seat of Your Soul Buckwheat-Hull-Filled Meditation Cushion This meditation pillow will align your body and cushion your behind, allowing you to sit longer in comfort. Even better, it’s all natural. The cover is certified-organic cotton, while buckwheat hulls make up the entirety of the filling. Pick your ideal size and color. Get yours from Amazon. 2. Om Symbol Sculpture This Sanskrit symbol evokes the ultimate reality. Place it on your meditation altar as a beacon of motivation, or stare into the light patina of its surface as you contemplate infinity. Just make sure you have the space—this metal sculpture is 20 inches wide and almost 22 inches tall! Get yours from World Market. 3. Bean Products Bamboo Meditation Bench The traditional Japanese meditation position is called seiza, and it’s way more comfortable when you use a cushion and a bench. Kneel on the cushion with this bamboo bench under your bum and take a moment for yourself. The bench is available on Amazon. 4. Boon Decor Meditation Cushion for Seiza The bench is only half of the setup for comfortable kneeling meditation. This cushion will keep you comfortable even during long sessions. The cover zips on, so you can remove it easily for cleaning. These are available in a stunning array of colors—check them out. Get yours from Amazon. 5. Yogi Surprise Yoga Lifestyle Box Subscription Add a little something to your sacred space every month. The Yogi Surprise box ships between six and eight mindfulness-enhancing products to your doorstep every month. Meditation is a form of self-care; so are these monthly gifts, from you and to you. Sign up here for $44.95 per month. 6. Making Space: Creating a Home Meditation Practice Don’t take our word for it. Learn to set up your meditation space from Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. In this easy-to-read guide book, the legendary Buddhist teacher tells you everything you need to know about creating your breathing room, sitting in silence, practicing walking meditation, and pursuing mindfulness during day-to-day activities like cooking and eating. If you just buy one item off this list, this is the one to get since its treasures are more enduring than mats and pillows. Get it from Amazon. 7. Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser Tranquility isn’t just about the objects in the room. It involves all the senses. The Zen Breeze diffuser fills the air of your meditation room with the scent of your favorite essential oil. Get yours from Amazon. 8. Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Set Get everything you need to start your yoga practice in one package. This comprehensive starter pack includes an ultra-thick yoga mat, a strap to hold it together, two yoga blocks, a hand towel, and a mat towel. Pick up this set on Amazon. 9. Asutra Yoga Mat Cleaner Talk about essentials. This gentle cleanser is totally natural and organic. It safely cleanses your yoga mat after even the sweatiest session, leaving it clean and odor-free. Order from Amazon.

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