The Broke Girl’s Guide To Decorating A Home You Actually Want To Live In

Save your bank account and your aesthetic with these affordable home goods from Amazon.

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Let’s face it: Decorating your living space can be a real drag, especially if you’re low on money. Sure, you can call on your Pinterest friends to lend a hand with design and shopping, but what if their chic style is way out of your budget? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. In fact, just think of us as your frugal friends with a flair for fun (and alliteration). If you’re on a tight budget and want to add some pizzazz to your home, you need a comprehensive list of budget-friendly decor items, and forget about building your own. Unless you have an endless amount of time to look around for the latest and greatest products to makeover your space, you may give up before you even get started. Well, here’s your solution. We’ve put together a list of 38 budget-friendly home decor products that you can order from the comfort of your own home, right from Amazon. Whether you’re looking to lighten up a room with sleek new curtains, free up some floor space with a corner unit, or just give one of your walls a color pop, these stylish, practical products are for you.

1. LED lights can brighten up every space in your home.

You don’t have to wait for a holiday to hang decorative lights. These LED light strings from Twinkle Star add a touch of fancy festivity to any room in your home. Hang them behind a sheer curtain for a subtle look, or string them throughout the space to liven up a not-so-exciting room. You can control the rhythm of the lights to match your mood. There are eight different modes to choose from, including sequential, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady-on.

2. This set of key hooks will help keep you organized.

Pick up this wall-mounted key holder from Comfify, and forget about losing your keys. This decorative rack features four hooks and spells out the word “keys,” so you won’t be confused. But it’s not just your keys that will find a nice home on this rack. You can also hang lanyards, light coats, hats, pet leashes, and any other small item you might want to grab when you head out the door.

3. Farmhouse design meets modern-day style.

Bring the farmhouse look into your home with these attractive rustic shelving units. This set of three Rustic Farmhouse Floating Box Shelves looks amazing on any wall. The shelves come in a variety of shapes, including hexagons, squares, and triangles. You can also choose from lots of gorgeous colors: white, weathered gray, brown, black, and turquoise. These shelves are ideal for displaying pictures and knickknacks, but they also look great completely empty.

4. Give your furniture a much-needed makeover.

Do your friends cringe at the thought of sitting on your couch? If you need an easy way to dress up ugly furniture, these removable covers are for you. Chunyi Jacquard Furniture Covers will turn your hideous couch, love seat, or favorite chair into a showpiece that everyone will talk about. And the best part? The covers are machine-washable, and they come in a variety of colors, including gray, coffee, chocolate, ivory white, and many more.

5. Spice up bland corners with these specially designed shelves.

Do corners ever seem like a waste of space to you? Try to fit a table into the corner, and you end up with an awkward-looking space (and, potentially, bruised shins). That’s why these wall-mounted corner shelves from Greenco are such a great find. These easy-to-hang shelves come in a rich espresso color, and they have plenty of room for displaying your favorite pictures, plants, clocks, or whatever else you’re into.

6. This candle just keeps on shining.

Candles can make any home more inviting, but you can’t burn them unattended. Plus, they can make a great big waxy mess after you blow out the flame. So how do you boost the ambiance without an annoying (or potentially dangerous) aftermath? Try these super-realistic LED tea lights from Homemory. These 12 electric candles glow with a warm white color. They’ll light up any space for more than 100 hours before you need to replace the batteries.

7. Get some zen in your life.

We can all use a little more meditative calm in our lives, right? Well, with this decorative holder and three glass votives, you can introduce a relaxing ambiance to any room in your house. This candlescape set from Dawhud Direct comes with a wooden plate, three glass votive holders, and a variety of stones in natural earth-tone shades. One note: The entire set is a bit small, so it’ll look best on a smaller surface.

8. Free up space with this country decor wall organizer.

You will adore this rustic wall-mounted organizer. It looks like it just came out of a turn-of-the-century farmhouse. With two shelves and two hooks, this wooden organizer is the perfect addition to any entryway, kitchen, or mudroom. Plus, it comes with a small metal pail to help get you started on decorating the shelves. Make sure you have the appropriate tools to hang this piece because the hardware is not included.

9. Bring the herb garden indoors, or decorate with adorable succulents.

Say goodbye to last-minute trips to the grocery store! While you’re at it, forget about going outside to cut fresh herbs. With these rustic pots, you can plant your own basil, thyme, and rosemary right there in the kitchen. If you’re not into herbs, throw in some succulents or small flowering plants for an adorable, natural decoration. These pots are small enough to sit on a windowsill but large enough to add a touch of the outdoors to your kitchen.

10. Pick up a throw that looks and feels amazing.

A beautiful throw draped over your couch looks amazing any time of the year. If you’re on a budget and looking to add some style to your living room, a throw is your best bet. These silky-soft throws from Bourina come in a variety of colors including dark grey, blue, beige, and light lavender. This throw is machine-washable, so you can still eat ice cream while lazing on the couch.

11. Choose a pillow cover for every day of the week.

Pillows make any couch cozy and cute. But who wants to buy a new pillow every time you want to change things up? Fortunately, these pillow covers from CaliTime come in a two-pack and include colors such as teal, navy blue, medium grey, and coffee. Grab a few and change out your color scheme on a daily basis! The chenille surface will feel great on your face when your couch convinces you that it’s time for a nap.

12. Dress up this pillow any way you want.

Every room needs a few pillows, right? These cover-free pillows from Utopia Bedding are the perfect way to fit style into a tight budget…provided you took our advice and picked up some of those CaliTime throw covers! These are square throw pillows, ideal for the couch. They’re stuffed with siliconized fiber that won’t thin out over time. Enjoy nice, comfortable, plump throw pillows today and well into the future.

13. This faux lavender looks like you just cut it from your garden.

Fresh lavender is only available for a few months out of the year, but don’t worry. This artificial lavender fits nicely in any vase, making an easy way to add some color to your home. This plastic bouquet includes six stems of gorgeous, fake lavender, complete with leaves and buds, just like the real thing. Spritz a little lavender essential oil on them and you’ll swear they’re fresh from the garden.

14. Show off your artificial lavender—or fresh-cut flowers—with this metal vase.

After you pick up a few sprigs of artificial lavender, you need a place to display them, right? These rustic pitchers provide a beautiful display for artificial or fresh-cut flowers. Of course, you can also use these decorative jugs for their intended purpose: carrying water around the garden. Whether you employ these jugs in the backyard or on the dinner table, the distressed finish and subtle color are sure to delight.

15. Meet the serving tray that doubles as coffee table decor.

Serve up your scones and coffee in style with this artfully distressed serving tray. It’s constructed almost entirely from whitewashed wood, but it looks like it’s been weathered for decades. Black metal handles provide an easy grip. If you’d describe your style as “shabby-chic,” this serving tray for you. It also doubles as a coffee table centerpiece; throw a few vases or mugs on it to create a great (and almost effortlessly simple) display.

16. This is the one home decor item everyone needs.

If there is one item that belongs on every home decor list, it’s curtains. Yes, those good, old-fashioned curtains you grew up with can add style and elegance to any window or glass door in your home. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can add color to a room with hot pink curtains, or simply add some style with soft white drapery. These curtains from Home Linen Collections are sheer, which means you still get to enjoy the sunlight. They’re also washable for stress-free cleaning.

17. What good is a curtain without a rod?

So you’ve spent hours settling on the perfect curtains for the living room, and you’re ready for a break. Not so fast! You still need to find a curtain rod to match. We recommend this easy-to-hang double rod from Umbra. It’s adjustable, so you can add curtains to virtually any window. Plus, the minimalist nickel finish matches any style. The dual-rod construction lets you hang two sets of curtains on a single unit.

18. Add a touch of nature to your home with these lifelike twin plants.

If you have a tendency to kill anything you plant, you might try going with artificial greenery. These imitation potted plants will brighten up your bathroom—or any room in your house, for that matter. And the best part? There’s no watering required! This set comes with two artificial potted plants, each in its own decorative pot. At just 4” tall, they’re perfect for bathroom shelves, side tables, and desks.

19. Liven up a dreary bathroom with this fun vintage sign.

Want to make a little money at your next house party? Hang this vintage sign, which advertises “fresh soap and water” for just a nickel, in your bathroom. Don’t forget to leave a money jar by the sink! This fun bit of vintage wall-art from Ohio Wholesale will be good for a laugh when your friends pop into the restroom. They may even take the message to heart and leave you some spare change.

20. Hide your cotton swabs in this chic lotus-themed holder.

Looking for a better way to store boring old Q-tips? Well, look no further. You can tuck up to 30 cotton swabs in this super-cute, lotus-inspired container. The white tips look like they’re part of the design, so no one will even know they’re there. This item is small enough to fit on your packed bathroom shelves, and it includes a shatterproof clear lid to keep swabs clean. It also makes a nice decorative piece for your bathroom counter.

21. This sleek napkin holder solves your napkin-supply problem.

How many times do you reach for a napkin only to come up empty-handed? This fun, functional napkin holder ensures you won’t have to rely on your shirt next time you spill the ketchup. This clever design expands or shrinks when you squeeze the sides. In other words, the shape of the holder adjusts based on the number of napkins you have. Pretty cool! Not only does it serve the purpose of housing your napkins, it also makes a great centerpiece for your kitchen table.

22. This minimalist trash can gives any room a modern look.

Whoever thought a trash can would make a home decor list? When we saw this stylish design, though, we realized that even a wastebasket can contribute to the room’s overall look. These trash cans are modern and simple, and at 11” tall, they don’t take up much space. The space they do fill pops with your choice of subtle colors, including spruce, white, charcoal, espresso, and black. Toss your trash with a dash of elegance.

23. Here’s cute countertop solution for all of your kitchen clutter.

We all have kitchen-counter clutter, and regardless of how you stack it, there are very few ways to make that mess look good. Here’s the good news: There are plenty of stylish products you can buy to help organize your spices, oils, and anything else that takes up space on your counter. Storing jars and bottles is easy with the Tosca Kitchen Rack from YAMAZAKI Home Tosca. This compact unit has two shelves that are big enough to fit your favorite herb and spice jars.

24. Store fruits and vegetables with contemporary style.

Display your fruits and veggies in a unique metal basket with contemporary design. Open construction lets your produce breathe, which helps keep it fresh longer. And get this: When you’re finished using this basket to store your food, you can fold it up and put it in a drawer. On the other hand, why store it out of sight when its clean lines and stainless steel construction look so great on the kitchen counter?

25. Turn an empty corner into a useful storage space that looks amazing.

This five-tier shelving unit fits snugly into corners, while a rounded outer edge softens the contours of the room. It’s made from particle board and PVC tubes, which keep it light and easy to move. While these materials might not sound very…premium…they’re finished to look like a shelf that costs three times as much. Choose from a variety of finishes and colors, including beech and white, light cherry and black, espresso and black, and straight-up walnut.

26. If you have a passion for cycling, reading, or both, here’s a bookend for you.

Bookends don’t have to be boring. This set depicts a vintage bicycle with an art deco aesthetic. One bookend makes up the rear of the bike, while the other carries the front; the effect is that of a bicycle riding right through your library. A textured iron finish warms up the sculpture of sorts. Each bookend stands 8” tall by 6” wide, so they can squeeze onto most shelves or end tables without a problem.

27. Get the look of subway tile without the tough installation.

Do you love the clean look of a subway-tile backsplash, but loathe the idea of working with grout and sealer? Give these adhesive sheets a try. Yes, we said adhesive; in other words, these are stickers. The sheets are raised to look like actual tiles. All you have to do is peel and stick to a clean surface. The adhesive cures in just 24 hours, leaving a secure, attractive surface. These function a lot like real tile—without the risk of moldy grout.

28. This classic framed mirror will be right at home with any decor.

No matter how you have your living space decorated, this mirror will fit right in. It’s a sizable rectangle that measures 21.5” by 27.5”. Install this mirror vertically or horizontally to fit your overall decorating scheme. The mirror features a wide, 3” frame that’s available in white, pewter, bronze, or flat black. This budget-friendly mirror from MCS compliments any room, and it’s fitted with four D-rings on the back to simplify hanging.

29. You don’t need to be an artist to put a gorgeous mural on the wall.

If you’re not an accomplished painter, we wouldn’t recommend using your wall as a canvas. Luckily, adhesives are the new trend in affordable home decor. All you have to do is pick up this three-dimensional wall decal, stick it to any surface, and enjoy—no art school background necessary. This beautiful tree mural from Hermione Baby makes a great backdrop for any couple’s living room or bedroom. To stay on budget, choose the small or medium option.

30. Make your bedroom wall a conversation piece with this family-tree decal.

Do you have a hard time keeping track of all of the members of your family? Decorate your living space while tracking your family’s growth with this enormous vinyl wall decal. It depicts a stylized tree, with eight empty squares for hanging family portraits. It sticks to your walls and peels off easily when you’re ready for something new. The applied design measures about 6’ by 8’, meaning it can fill a lot of blank wall space.

31. Glam out your living room with a silver alligator-skin serving tray.

Okay, it’s not real alligator skin. Alligator skin is not silver, at least not that we’ve seen. But this is a fun centerpiece with an unabashedly playful vibe. Take it off the table to serve guests at your next evening party, or add some panache to your next breakfast in bed. This rectangular serving tray from Home Redefined comes with handles for easy serving, and when it gets dirty, all you have to do is wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

32. Store your towels and magazines on this simple, super-cute ladder.

Who said ladders are just for climbing? This steel storage unit rests against any wall in the house, but it’s particularly useful in the bathroom. It makes a great place to hang bath towels, magazines, and more. This storage ladder has a rich bronze finish and features five rungs for hanging your stuff. It stands around five feet tall and doesn’t weigh much, which makes it easy to move from room to room.

33. Function meets style with this crisp little nightstand.

Every bedroom needs a nightstand, right? Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find the right combination of function, style, and price point—until now, that is. This minimalist nightstand from Zinus Modern Studio Collection fits right next to your bed, where it takes up very little room. This little table works great for books, magazines, lamps, alarm clocks, and more. Plus, the square tubing frame and an espresso finish give this nightstand a chic, modern look.

34. This coat rack holds everything but the kitchen sink, which is fine, because the sink still belongs in the kitchen.

This bamboo coat rack was built in the “Scandinavian style,” according to the Amazon product description. If you’ve ever been to IKEA, you know what that means: beauty, affordability, and functionality. This wall-mounted unit features a modern design that works well with existing decor of all styles. Hang coats from five metal hooks along the bottom of the rack. The top shelf displays your favorite tchotchkes—or just use it to hold your coffee cup while you put your shoes on!

35. Build your own custom shelving units with these modular storage cubes.

Who doesn’t like storage units you can stack? If you’re living in a small home or apartment, floor space is a hot commodity. That’s why the Modular Shelf Cube Storage System from Foremost is so great. Each individual unit features two shelves to store books, magazines, or whatever else. Plus, the top serves as a solid table. If you need extra storage, pick up two or three of these cube systems and stack them on top of each other.

36. You’ve never seen a flower vase like this one before.

Somehow, this set of teeny tiny vases can make an entire room feel particularly welcoming. Pick up your own and you’ll see what we mean. This is a set of eight small, tubular vases, ideal for a single stem each. The entire unit fits on any table, counter, or windowsill. Various color schemes are available to fit any decor. Fill the vases with fresh-cut or artificial lavender, roses, or herbs to create your own decorative centerpiece.

37. Give your kitchen island a modern appearance with this copper stool.

No more standing at the sink while you enjoy the day’s first cup of coffee. Pick up a few of these industrial-style stools, and you can finally take a seat at your kitchen island to enjoy your morning in comfort—and style. Don’t forget the style. These attractive stools are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and with their copper powder-coat finish, they’re easy to clean. Pick up a few, if you’d like; they’re stackable for simple storage.

38. Store your sundries the old-fashioned way with this set of apothecary jars.

Create a vintage decoration while actually doing something useful: Storing your stuff. This set of three apothecary jars is ideal for decoration and storage alike. Fill them with jelly beans or M&Ms in the kitchen; store Q-tips and cotton balls in the bathroom; or fill with colored sand and seashells for a handsome living room display. These jars are made of pure, clear glass, so they’ll highlight the simple beauty of whatever they hold.

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