Spring Into Fitness

Spring is an amazing time of year. Do a little bit of spring cleaning and get motivated to head into summer with the best YOU yet.

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Spring has officially sprung, which means better weather (usually) and preparation for summer. Spring is the perfect time to evaluate your fitness and life goals. Use this time to renew and rejuvenate by trying out some of the tips below.

1. Clean out your closet

You might be wondering what cleaning out your closet has to do with life goals and fitness goals; my answer would be everything! When we are decluttered and organized, we tend to operate more efficiently and feel better. Go through your closets and drawers and get rid of clothes that you don’t wear, are stained, are too big, or are just out of style. This will also allow you to make room for new clothing that you will be inspired to purchase after crushing your fitness and nutrition plan.

2. Clean out your pantry

Okay, this one is going to be tough. I totally get it! But after you clean out your closet, head into the kitchen and clean out that pantry. Remove all the food that you know is not good for you. While I do believe in eating 85 percent healthy and 15 percent fun, I also know that the less temptation there is in your house, the better you will stay on track with your nutrition. Don’t just get rid of your temptation foods, check expiration dates too. We often stick something in the pantry thinking we are going to eat it, and next thing we know it’s been in the back of the pantry for years. Clean out that pantry and I guarantee you will clean up your diet!

3. Clean out your refrigerator

Ideally your fridge is always stocked with fresh fruits and veggies, but the refrigerator is another place where sometimes we stockpile foods we don’t need, aren’t great for us, or are expired and we didn’t even realize it. Trust me: Take the time to clean up some of these areas of your life and watch your motivation for sticking to your goals rise! A secret tip going forward—to enhance your tastebuds, your health, your body, and your mind, try to restock your fridge with foods that expire within two weeks. These foods lack the preservatives that negatively affect our health. Fresh foods will make sure your spring has really sprung!

4. Refresh your playlist

I don’t know about you, but nothing motivates me as much as music does. Take the time to go through your playlist and delete songs that no longer motivate you or you have played so much that you’re sick of them. Then find new songs that really get you motivated. Make different playlists for different moods. If you need ideas for playlists, I have a few free ones available for download. Just head over to my website after you finish this article to access my free music mixes.

5. Take it outside

You might know me from the at-home workouts I have created. It’s completely okay to take those workouts outside! Whether it’s grabbing your laptop or iPad and doing those workouts in the sunshine or just going for an afternoon walk, one of the best things about spring is taking those workouts into the fresh air. Throw the frisbee, play tennis, jump rope, go for a run…the possibilities are endless.

6. Find a farmers market

I don’t know where you live, but often in the spring you can find farmers markets popping up all over the place. Not only do you get out in the sunshine, but you are buying the best possible food to put into your belly. It will be fresh, local, and grown with love! This piggybacks my secret tip in No. 3 above!

7. Drink more water

As the temperature rises it will be crucial for you to up your water intake, especially if you’re getting more active outdoors. Water for your body is like oil for your car: It helps the engine run smoothly, but when there is no oil in the car, the engine locks up! The body does the same thing—no water in the body and the body shuts down! The current health industry recommendation is to drink a minimum of eight 8-oz. glasses of water a day. Another fun tip—add chopped fruit (lemons, limes, strawberries, etc.) to give the water some natural flavor! Spring is an amazing time of year. Do a little bit of spring cleaning and get motivated to head into summer with the best YOU yet.