Products from The Honest Company Moms and Kids Will Love

Your babes deserve the best, and it's entirely possible to give it to them without breaking the bank. The Honest Company makes products that are great for baby, mom, and the earth that won't cost you a small fortune.

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Every mom wants the best for her kids, and there’s one brand of natural children’s products out there that’s taking over the market. The Honest Company, founded by Jessica Alba, thrives on its mission of providing families with products that work just as well as their conventional counterparts, without all the toxic ingredients.

Take a look at some of the company’s most popular products and get ready to treat yourself, too, because they’re not all just for baby.

1. Diapers

What could be better than a cute diaper to match any occasion, season, or theme? The fact that they’re ultra-absorbent, hypoallergenic, soft, and made of sustainable materials just means they’re that much better.

Choose your favorite pattern and get yours on Amazon.

2. Baby Wipes

These biodegradable diaper wipes made of medical-grade cloth use plant-based ingredients to help cleanse, moisturize, and protect your baby’s skin.

Buy your Honest Wipes at Target.

3. Organic Breathe Easy Rub

Forget harsh vapor rubs filled with too-strong synthetic fragrances—this petroleum-free formula is scented with natural tea tree and eucalyptus oils to help your babe get a soothing night’s sleep.

Give them some relief and a good night’s sleep; get yours from Buy Buy Baby.

4. Lavender Hand Sanitizer Spray

Keep yourself and your family germ-free on the road with this convenient sanitizer spray that dries quickly and leaves zero sticky residue.

Start sanitizing; buy yours from Target.

5. Soothing Bottom Wash

Help keep your baby’s bottom clean and soothed with this hypoallergenic spray that includes aloe, witch hazel, and orange oil.

Get yours from Buy Buy Baby.

6. Sweet Orange Vanilla Shampoo & Conditioner

Didn’t think you’d ever share hair care products with your kids? Surprise, surprise!

This shampoo and conditioner comes in a dreamsicle scent that you and your little ones will love.

Buy yours from Amazon.

7. Organic All-Purpose Balm

You’ll have trouble finding any skin-related issue this balm can’t fix. Packed with shea butter, chamomile, and coconut oil, it’s powerful enough for adults gentle enough for infants.

Get yours on Amazon.

8. Laundry Detergent

This detergent will be your new key to powerful stain removal just like any other big brand, but without all the harsh chemicals, dyes, and artificial fragrances.

Get yours from Buy Buy Baby.

9. Bug Spray

Have you ever used an insect repellant whose ingredient list made you more nervous than an insect bite itself? This version is formulated with organic essential oils to provide natural but effective protection.

Get yours on Amazon.

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