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HealthyWay Senior Editor Taylor chats with Payton Sartain about modeling, reading minds, and crushing on June Carter Cash.

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This week’s Healthy Her Way feature is a breath of fresh, southern air in human form. Talking with the lovely Payton Sartain really brought back great memories of the hometown we both share: Fort Worth, Texas. Although we’ve both left the comforts of home to pursue our individual passions, I’ve been continuously inspired by watching Payton’s journey from afar. Just after graduating from Texas A&M, Payton left everything she knew in our home state to pursue blogging and vlogging full time in Los Angeles. This was definitely a leap of faith, but this lady’s determination is second to none. On her blog, cleverly titled Hustle + Halcyon, Payton shares her personal style, favorite simple recipes, go-to beauty tips, fitness secrets, and so much more. When we chatted about the blog’s name, Payton explained that it’s the perfect way to represent balancing life’s hustle with its halcyon—a concept with ancient Greek origins that means calm, peaceful, and tranquil. One of the things that we’re most drawn to about Payton is the fact that you can always count on her to be unapologetically herself. She realizes that she may not be everyone’s cup of tea—and she’s okay with that.   Payton has never been one to stick to the status quo, so you can expect to hear her real thoughts, see her fresh out of bed without makeup (or pants), and find out what really goes on behind the scenes of her fashion shoots. The effort and transparency she puts into each blog post and vlog really shines through. When she’s not editing content for her blog, brainstorming new vlog concepts, or freelance modeling, Payton enjoys taking time to herself to focus on fitness and stay in tune with her body. Though she’s recently fallen in love with strength training, she’s also committed to trying new things—like boxing and tumbling classes—to challenge herself and get a boost of motivation. If you ever need a reminder to chase your dreams and follow your heart, look to Payton for a little inspiration. You won’t be disappointed.

A Day in the Life

What does your daily routine look like?

As a blogger, every day is so different and it really keeps me on my toes! Some days I’m shooting for my blog, some days I’m running around town to meetings and showroom appointments, some days I’m freelance modeling, and some days I’m sitting in my apartment in my PJs (aka naked) working on the computer. The few daily consistencies I have are my daily sweat session, spending a little time outside, and at least one sit-down meal where I just eat and relax at home.

What are your favorite ways to practice self-care?

The most important way I take care of myself is through my fitness routine. Connecting with my body and pushing myself as well as allowing myself time to decompress and relax puts me more at ease than anything else. I also focus on nourishing my body with the nutrients it needs to fuel my daily life. It’s so simple, but so important! Mentally and spiritually, I set aside time every day to read and write so I can stay engaged, reflect, and learn something new daily.

How do you stay inspired?

I stay inspired by reading, writing, and surrounding myself with amazing humans, and planning future endeavors and travels! I love reading poetry and inspiring words from other women, artists, entrepreneurs, et cetera. I’m constantly writing in my journal, reflecting, or making lists of things I want to do, places I want to go, or goals I’d like to accomplish. Planning trips with my favorite travel buddies is also ultra-inspiring and gives me something to look forward to! Disclaimer: Just so you know, if you order an item through one of our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.

Loving Lately…

What are the best products you’ve discovered recently?

My favorite products as of late are my Kopari coconut deodorant—it’s an aluminum-free deodorant that actually works!—Dr. Dennis Gross medical spray sunscreen, and Burt’s Bees BB Cream with SPF!

What are your favorite apps?

Oh, I have so many. The apps I use most often are Uber Eats, Google Calendar, Asana, Instagram—obviously—Spotify, and the Podcast app.

Whose Instagram is on your radar?

Again, so many! I follow so many unbelievably beautiful, strong, talented, inspiring women on Instagram. Right now, my favorite fashion blogger to follow is @peaceloveshea for her incredible style and unapologetic attitude. My favorite health and wellness guru to follow is @theskinnyconfidential because she has the best lifestyle tips and they’re so applicable to my own life. Lastly, for general inspiration and good vibes, I follow @mj_day, the editor of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, for her continuous positivity, her love for supporting other women, and, obviously, all the beautiful bodies she posts on her Instagram.

What are you reading, watching, or listening to?

Right now, I’m finishing Tim Ferriss’ Tools of Titans, which is a book I highly recommend to absolutely everyone. I’m watching lots of “What I Eat in a Day” YouTube videos to get daily healthy meal inspiration. I’m listening to My Favorite Murder podcast, Sex with Emily podcast, and of course lots of my Hustle + Halcyon playlist on Spotify!

Payton IRL

What would the title of your autobiography be?

I Want It All, by Payton Sartain

What woman in history would you love to take to brunch?

Hands down, June Carter Cash. I would love to meet the muse behind many of my all-time favorite songs sung by Johnny Cash. She seems incredibly strong and inspiring.

What superpower would you like to have?

I would love to read people’s minds. I’m kind of obsessed with knowing the good and bad thoughts people have about me and themselves. I’d love to know people’s perceptions of the world.

What’s your coffee order?

Either an almond milk latte with cinnamon and coconut sugar or cold brew with almond milk, cinnamon, and coconut sugar!   For more on Payton, check out her Instagram and her blog, Hustle + Halcyon!

Taylor Geiger
Taylor Geiger is a writer, self-proclaimed book nerd, hockey fanatic, and dedicated plant mama. She is passionate about all things related to food and fitness. When she’s not writing (or trying new workout classes) she enjoys hiking with her Weimaraner, Mayzee, throughout the Midwest.

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