Life-Saving Hacks Every Parent Should Know

An absolute must-read for parents.

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Being a parent is hard. Fortunately, the internet is full of hacks and tips that can help parents deal with all the craziness. Some of them save time, others save space, and some could even save a life!

1. Safety Bracelet

Losing a child is a terrifying and very real possibility for every parent. If you’re headed out to a mall, zoo, or other crowded place with your little ones, give them a bracelet with your phone number in case you get separated. These temporary tattoos also do the trick!

2. Pool Noodles for Bedtime Security

Worried that your child will roll off the bed? Put a pool noodle beneath the fitted sheets to prevent that from happening.

3. DIY Slipper Grips

Apply hot glue dots to the bottom of your child’s slippers or socks to keep them from falling on slippery floors.

4. Toilet Paper Guide

Worried your kids are using way too much toilet paper? Leave a marker on the wall for them to measure.

5. Shoe Stickers

Are your kids having a hard time deciphering which shoe goes on which foot? Cut a sticker in half and put each section in one of your kid’s shoes. It’ll help them figure it out.

6. Lint Roller for Glitter

Kids love glitter, but it can be an absolute nightmare to clean up. Many times, it can be almost impossible. But it turns out, running a lint roller over the affected area will pick most of it up.

7. Lock-Safe Rubber Bands

Worried your kids will get themselves locked in a room?   Use a rubber band like this.

8. Fitted Sheet Awning

Want to take your kid outside but worried about sunlight and bugs? Use a fitted bed sheet to cover the crib!

9. Just Enough Lotion

Keep the kids from using too much lotion or soap by wrapping a rubber band around the pump. This will also stop the kids from making a mess, making your life a whole lot easier.

10. Clean Pacifiers

Keeping pacifiers clean can be a constant struggle. But if you have a couple of extra portion cups lying around, store extra pacifiers in them for easy, clean, worry-free storage.

11. Sink Helper

For little ones who have trouble reaching the sink, use an empty lotion bottle to create an easy-to-reach spout.

12. Monster Spray

If your child is afraid to go to sleep because of “monsters,” make them a special spray to help them fight those evil guys! It will make them feel much safer and help them sleep at night! (They don’t need to know it’s just water!)

13. No-Mess Straws

Worried your kids will make a mess with their straws? Use crazy straws upside down so the kids can’t pull the straws out.

14. Babysitter Info

Finding a babysitter is difficult enough, not to mention having to relay the same information over and over. Use a template like this and just fill it out accordingly, the babysitter will thank you!

15. Pool Noodles…Again

Use a bit of pool noodle to keep kids from slamming their fingers in the door.

16. Tooth Fairy Fun

Add a little “fairy dust” to the money hidden under your child’s pillow to make the tooth fairy extra magical.

17. Kid-Friendly Hammock

Help your child relax by creating a small hammock with just a table and a blanket!

18. Folded Shoulders

This one isn’t even a hack. In fact, you should already know it. But in case you don’t…the folds on the shoulders of your baby’s onesie are there for a reason—to allow you to pull the onesie down instead of over the head for a mess-free situation.

19. Juice Box Helper

Those little triangles on the juice boxes actually serve a purpose…they are to make it easier for little kids to lift.

20. Diaper Wetness

You can actually tell if your child’s diaper is wet without opening their diaper. Most diapers have this yellow line that turns blue when the baby is wet.

21. Toilet Target

If your little man has trouble keeping it in the pot, try giving him something to aim for!

22. Untangle a doll’s hair.

Fill a small bottle with 2 tablespoons of fabric softener and water to detangle doll hair. Dish soap and hair conditioner work too!

23. Cool off hot seatbelts.

In the summertime, seatbelts can get red hot and potentially burn your little ones. Keep a spray bottle handy to cool off the buckles.

24. No-mess Creativity

Let your baby create beautiful (clean) designs by adding dollops of paint to ziplock bags.

25. No More Brown Apples

Apple slices make a delicious snack but if they’re not eaten immediately, they tend to get brown. Keep the slices fresh by sprinkling a little salt on, then wash with water. The taste goes away but the exposure to salt keeps the brown away!

26. Remove crayon with WD-40.

If your little Picasso gets creative on on the walls or floor, spray some WD-40 on the marks and wipe with a clean rag.

27. Keep kids close.

To prevent your kids from wandering off in the parking lot, invest in a couple of Parking Pal magnets to make safety fun.

28. No-Drip Snacks

To prevent sticky fingers, put a cupcake liner on a popsicle stick to keep it from dripping.

29. Crayons to Go

Don’t get stuck at a restaurant or doctor’s office without an activity for your child. Keep a few crayons handy in an Altoid tin.

30. Handy Ice Pack

Use a frozen sponge in a ziplock bag as a makeshift icepack for lunches or boo-boos.

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