Keep Yourself Young And Radiant By Quitting These Bad Habits

Keep yourself looking and feeling younger inside and out by adopting better daily habits.

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I’m always looking for natural ways to slow down the signs of aging. I’ve used a wide variety of beauty products, but I didn’t realize how many bad habits I had that were aging me. After I changed a few things, I began to notice that I not only looked better, but I felt better too.

Sitting, Sitting, and More Sitting

My job has me sitting at a computer for hours, and then I relax by sitting in front of the TV. All that sitting was actually aging me. Not to mention it’s bad for my heart. I started taking regular breaks to walk my dog (which he also appreciated!) and moving around.

I also made a point of getting at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. I took walks, used dance videos, and spent a few days at the gym weekly. My advice: Stop sitting and start moving to get your blood flowing and keep your true age from showing.

Skipping Sunscreen

I learned years ago that sunscreen is a daily must-have, not just for when I’m at the beach. My fair complexion burns easily, so I make sure my morning facial lotion contains SPF 15 or higher.

Remember, the sun’s out during the winter months too, and ultraviolet rays age you rapidly, so don’t forget to wear sunscreen daily.

Eating Too Much Dessert

Guilty as charged. I have an insatiable sweet tooth and my face was starting to show it. It’s true. Sugar is your anti-aging enemy. As soon as I started limiting my sugar intake, I noticed my skin becoming more radiant. My pores began shrinking and my dark circles disappeared. I haven’t had more than 7 grams of sugar at one sitting for more than a year (okay, maybe a few cheat days—like cake on my birthday!)

Even with my creams, serums, and masks, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. Now with my sugar intake under control, I’m seeing the years roll back.

Limiting All Fat

I always thought the less fat you ate, the better, but I was wrong. Your body needs certain fats for skin to stay supple and smooth. The key is choosing healthy fats. Sadly, this didn’t mean that I got to add more french fries to my diet.

I switched some of my snacks to almonds and walnuts. I also started cooking with flaxseed and taking omega-3 supplements. My skin looks younger and more radiant. Plus I have more energy than I’ve ever had in the past.

Face First Into the Pillow

I used to be a stomach sleeper, which pressed my face deep into the pillow. Not only was I waking up with pillow wrinkles on my face, but I had frequent breakouts. I also struggled with keeping my skin tight and firm. I never suspected my pillow was to blame.

Sleeping with your face against the pillow increases wrinkles and prevents the skin on your face from resting like it should. I’ve trained myself to sleep mostly on my back now and my skin looks firmer and the fine lines have started fading away.

Covering Up Too Much

I’m just like everyone else. I want my makeup to cover my flaws and sometimes I put on a little too much. After I read that my makeup could be accelerating the aging process, I switched to natural products to reduce the chemicals I put on my skin.

I also limit how much makeup I put on. It’s one of the reasons I love BB and CC creams as they cover and moisturize in one layer.

Skipping Beauty Sleep

I thought I was doing fine on my 4–5 hours a night. Wrong. I spent more time covering up my dark circles, fine lines, and breakouts than getting anything extra done. Not only was my skin suffering, but my concentration and general health weren’t faring well either.

It took me nearly a month to get on a better sleep schedule, but once I started sleeping at least seven hours a night, I noticed major differences. My skin seemed more supple and my dark circles were just a bad memory. Plus, I was able to focus and get more accomplished in less time.

Daily Changes Matter

It’s not just about beauty products. I could use every product and still age if I don’t have the right daily habits. Try switching to better habits and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

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