Gear On The Go: 40 Travel Products You Need Before You Take Your Next Trip

These affordable items will change the way you travel for the better. Say goodbye to packing headaches and lost passports forever!

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Packing is an art, especially for avid travelers. Those of us who love to travel have long-since mastered the art of packing Tetris. Still, there are a lot of fun, useful, and downright cool travel supplies out there that can raise the bar for even the most experienced globetrotter. Whether you’re trying to pack like a minimalist, incorporate new aspects of wellness into your travel routine, or simply prepare for any situation, there are lots of wonderful products out there that can make your life on the road easier, without spending a fortune. Here are 40 affordable suggestions for travel gadgets that are going to put a new spin on the way you see the world.

1. The Suitcase Cubes That Compartmentalize Your Life

Raise your hand if you break a sweat every time you try to zip your suitcase. Let’s face it: Packing can be a total nightmare. Enter packing cubes. Avid travelers from professional bloggers to flight attendants swear by them, as they neatly compartmentalize your closet and fit like puzzle pieces into your suitcase.

This six-piece set fits into most types of suitcases or backpacks, and comes in various sizes for everything from socks and underwear to shirts and shoes.

2. The Suitcase That Always Fits in the Overhead

Minimalists have mastered the art of “less is more,” but it can be tricky to apply that mantra to packing for a vacation. If you tend to pack way more than you wear, this easy-to-carry minimalist suitcase is perfect for you.

At four inches wide, it’s actually way better than a carry-on. Here’s how it works: Put your shirts, pants, underwear, and socks inside and simply roll it up. An included hanging hook makes the suitcase into a portable closet when you reach your destination. You’ll never pay checked baggage fees again.

3. The Document Wallet That Makes Airport Security a Breeze

With the stress of airport security, long lines, and flight delays, the last thing you need is to frantically rummage in your purse for your travel documents. Show up prepared with the this passport wallet from Zoppen.

Made from eco-friendly PU leather, this organizer offers travel protection with RFID-blocking material and room for one passport, one boarding pass, three credit cards, one ID, one slim card pouch, one cell phone, a key holder, and more.

4. The Toiletry Organizer That Saves on Sink Space…

How many times have you checked into a hotel and found that sink space was, well, limited? Skip the annoyance of having to keep your toiletries scattered on various surfaces; hang them neatly in one place instead.

The Oimimy travel toiletry bag keeps all of your precious potions in one place, plus it comes with a non-slip metal hook for hanging it on the backs of doors or on a towel rack. It has multiple storage areas, as well as leakproof and water-resistant compartments.


5. The Backpack Designed for Minimalists

Packing for an active vacation isn’t always the easiest. Who wants to lug around a cumbersome daypack in addition to a suitcase? And who has the room to fit it all?

The Venture Pal Backpack is not only lightweight and durable, but also entirely collapsible. It folds neatly into a zipped inner pocket to fit almost anywhere. This bag offers up to 35 liters of packing space, but weighs less than a pound.

6. The Gadget That Carries All Your Carry-Ons in One

As much as you may want to limit your luggage to one suitcase and one personal item, sometimes you just need to bring more—especially if you’re traveling with the family. Got your brood in tow? This multi-bag stacker makes carrying multiple suitcases at once a breeze (or as breezy as possible, at least).

Comfortably pull up to four suitcases with one hand with the Travelon Multi-Bag Stacker. Simply attach the buckle around each of the handles and pull together in neat succession.

7. The Toiletry Set That Packs All Your Potions

As we get older, the amount of lotions and creams we need seems to increase exponentially. This can lead to impossible choices, like, say, when you’re forced to choose between a face mask and moisturizer. The solution is simple: invest in TSA-approved travel bottles.

With these bottles, you can bring all of your favorite spa products without overpacking your suitcase. Plus, you’ll still be able to use a carry-on. This 16-pack has everything from long and short pump bottles to spritzers and cream jars.

8. The Laundromat That Fits in Your Hotel Room

If you are packing minimally, chances are you’ll have to do laundry during the trip. Instead of scouring the internet looking for a nearby laundromat—or paying high hotel laundry fees—turn your hotel sink into an impromptu washing machine.

These Tide packets have just enough liquid detergent to wash a few items in the sink, plus Febreze Odor Control if what you’re washing is gym wear.

9. The One-Size-Fits-All Cord That Condenses Your Carry-Ons

One carry-on and one personal item is feasible in theory, except when you have a briefcase, backpack, or other small item in addition to your handbag. Instead of trying to reorganize everything at the gate, bungee two together to function as a single carry-on.

The Travelon Bag Bungee allows you to carry two items as one. It attaches to the handle of wheeled luggage and secures over a second bag, coat, laptop case, or anything else you might otherwise need a third hand for.

10. The Travel Iron That Will Save You in a Pinch

Schedules are often so tightly packed these days that sending clothes out to be pressed is just impossible. So many of us hit the ground running when we travel. Still, we want to look as professional as possible during the trip.

A small travel iron and steamer can save precious minutes—and first impressions. The Reliable Ovo 150GT Portable Steam Iron releases steam at the touch of a button. It also has a non-stick soleplate and measures approximately 4 inches by 5 inches.

11. The Socks That Keep You Warm Anywhere

Getting cold feet is more than just a metaphor—especially when traveling. Airplanes are kept around 71 degrees, and when your neighbor’s vent is blowing directly on you, things can get a little chilly.

Enter Heat Holders, thermal socks that hold heat in better than normal socks. Thermal yarn provides insulation that is still breathable. The socks come in three styles, with multiple color options and a no-slip grip on the bottom.

12. The Multitasking Miracle Oil

Beat dry skin and frizzy hair with a five-in-one knockout punch. Milk and Honey’s Everything Oil can be used to soothe out frizz, add moisture to cuticles, remove makeup, and function as a nighttime oil and a deep conditioner at once.

This is also a clean beauty product, meaning it’s made from organic, plant-based ingredients. Small enough to slip into a clutch, this container is perfect for travel, especially on long flights that can wreak havoc on your skin.

13. The Facial Mist That Keeps Bloat in Check

“Hey, I feel really attractive after this long flight,” said no one ever. Flying does a lot of damage to our bodies, thanks to the recycled air in pressurized cabins. Give your body a boost with these Evian Brumisateur Natural Mineral Water Facial Sprays.

These travel-sized sprays boost hydration, set your makeup, and reduce bloating. Step off the plane straight into a mini spa and you’re good to go.

14. The Eye Mask That Helps You Sleep Just About Anywhere

No one gets great sleep on an airplane, but adding a sleep mask to your carry-on is one way to get at least a little bit of rest during the flight.

A plush, soft combination of silk and cotton, the Dream Zone Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask is a travel favorite thanks to its ability to block out light and stimulate sleep. Its elastic band contours to all head shapes, and the front design features a lovely starry scene.

15. The Neck Pillow for 360-Degree Support

Sleeping upright on a plane, train, or bus is never optimal. But it can at least be tolerable, especially with the help of the right neck pillow.

The Cabeau Evolution Pillow is made with memory foam that works to support your neck and your head, offering 360-degree support—so no more jolting upright if you tilt to one side when you sleep. This pillow has a washable cover, as well as a small storage bag for easy packing.

16. The Headphones That Never Tangle

How is it that headphones get tangled up in the weirdest knots just from sitting in your purse? Every. Single. Time. Going wireless is the best way to prevent cord spaghetti.

Great for airplane seats or on the go, the ESTAVEL Sure Wireless Bluetooth Sport Earbuds offer more than 30 feet of operating range in a compact package. They also come with their own charging storage case. The lifetime is up to 10 hours of music, and the headset is waterproof.

17. The Best Socks for Circulation

Blood circulation takes a hit when we fly, and risks for issues like blood clots or deep vein thrombosis increase over time. One of the best travel expert insider tips is to invest in a pair of compression socks.

These help increase circulation and decrease the risk of swelling, bloating, or something more serious. Physix Gear Compression Socks are great for boosting stamina and circulation, and can also be used by athletes and pregnant women. The socks come in knee-high and low-cut styles.

18. The Water Bottle That Nourishes on the Go

Daily vitamins or medications can be difficult to transport, especially if you’re gearing up for a long days of travel. Forget the dozens of ziplock baggies and invest in a one-stop shop for your pills.

This water bottle has a built-in storage case for your daily prescriptions. The Asobu Pill Organizer comes with a 20-ounce water bottle and five slots for daily medication organization.

19. The Travel Kit That Will Save You in a Pinch

Lost luggage is every traveler’s nightmare. When this unfortunate event occurs, it’s best to be prepared. The Pinch Provisions Travel Kit will soon be the item you never leave home without.

It’s business class in a bag, with 18 travel essentials tucked inside a periwinkle blue kit. Contents include lip balm, a nail clipper, a mending kit, hand lotion, wrinkle remover, earbuds, deodorant towelettes, a tablet stand, and more.

20. The Facial Cleanser for Fresh Arrivals

There’s nothing like freshening up after a long flight or a longer day of sightseeing. Give yourself a mini facial on the go with these cucumber and sage cleaning wipes from Burt’s Bees.

Each towelette removes pore-clogging dirt, oil, and makeup. They are perfect for air travel, the office, or as a way to unwind after a long day.  

21. The Portable Footrest That Will Prevent Swelling

Swollen legs after a long flight? Nothing is more uncomfortable, not to mention the increased risk of deep vein thrombosis. Bring first-class comfort to any economy-class seat with this adjustable foot rest hammock.

The hammock helps to reduce swelling in the legs and feet after air travel. The rest pillow can be hung underneath a tray table, and is adjustable to suit your height. Other perks? Manufacturers say this footrest can reduce lower back pain and stiffness.

22. The Eye Cream That Turns Back Time

Traveling can wreak havoc on your routine, including your sleep schedule and skincare regimen. But rest assured there is an antidote. Having a solid eye cream can ensure that you return from your trip looking relaxed and rejuvenated.

Lily Ana Naturals Eye Cream with rosehip and hibiscus works to brighten, firm, hydrate, and lift the delicate skin around the eyes. It contains no parabens, artificial colors, or artificial fragrances, and it’s certified as vegan friendly.

23. The Stylish Accessory That Keeps Your Belongings Safe

Traveling smart sometimes means taking that extra step to protect your belongings. Rather than settling for an awkward, uncomfortable fanny pack or passport belt, you can keep your belonging close at all times without sacrificing style.

The Speakeasy Travel Scarf is an infinity scarf, handmade, with a secret pocket for storing everything from your passport and iPhone to sunglasses, lip balm, cash, and credit cards. The self-locking zipper keeps everything safe and tucked away while helping to maintain a boho chic, subtle style.

24. The Router That Gives You Wifi Wherever You Are

Stuck in an airport without wifi? How about a coffee shop? Never play the wifi password guessing game again.

This small USB travel router instantly acts as a wifi hotspot and accesses the internet through encrypted connections. It is also compatible with more than 20 VPN service providers for added protection.

25. The Go Cup of Coffee That Is a Trip in Itself

Good morning, Vietnam, indeed! This portable cup of Vietnamese coffee will put some much-needed pep in your step during a long travel day. Believe it or not, this is an instant coffee that actually tastes good!

Take a quick trip to Vietnam with these single-use pour-over pouches from Copper Cow Coffee. The all-in-one kit contains everything you need to brew a delicious cup of Vietnamese coffee, no matter where you find yourself. It takes a traditional recipe and adds a California twist, blending Robusta roast coffee from Vietnam with an Arabica roast that is popular stateside. The coffee is sourced from socially responsible and sustainable farms in Dalat, which sits in the highlands of central Vietnam.

26. The Smartphone Lens That Will Turn Any Traveler Into a Social Media Influencer

You don’t need to invest in an expensive DSLR or upgrade to the iPhone 10 to take Instagram-ready photos. Instead, invest in an affordable clip-on camera lens that will strengthen your photo game.

This Xenvo wide-angle lens promises to capture nearly 50 percent more picture in every shot. Not only that, but a powerful macro lens magnifies subjects for incredibly detailed photos. The lens can also be adjusted for low, medium, and bright lighting, and it includes an LED fill light, which illuminates subjects with a warm, natural filter. Simply clip it over your phone’s camera lens and start snapping Insta-worthy pics.

27. The Tripod You Need (Which Is Not a Selfie Stick)

Traveling solo and need the perfect shot? Forego the selfie stick and embrace the flexible tripod. The JOBY GripTight GorillaPod stand has a reliable connection point to securely hold smartphones with or without a case.

Adjust the moveable legs for the right angle to perch, point, and shoot—or close the legs to use them like a selfie stick. This lightweight tripod is perfect for packing, and it’s easy to carry in a purse, as well.

28. The Coat to Save for a Rainy Day

Always expect the unexpected, and when it comes to travel that always means weather issues. The Hount Lightweight Hooded Raincoat is both waterproof and packable, and perfect for the active traveler.

The stylish coat has two front pockets and is made from quick-drying material. It comes with a carrying pouch so it is perfectly packable, and is great for all outdoor trips, from climbing and fishing, to camping and hiking.

29. The Blanket That Turns a Walk in the Park Into a Picnic

An impromptu beach trip or walk in the park can automatically turn any spot into a picnic. This pocket blanket is compact, measuring in at just 3 inches long and 2 inches wide.

Unwrap it to reveal a sizable blanket that is water repellent and puncture resistant. It has a key loop for easy transport, as well. All that’s left is to pack the snacks and you’re good to go.

30. The Speakers That Bring the Party With You

Music is meant to be shared, especially when traveling. It’s the perfect icebreaker and can turn any outdoor gathering into a social scene.

This Bluetooth speaker is shockproof, rustproof, and weatherproof. It’s ideal for outside, or even the shower. A rechargeable battery supports up to six hours of music. This speaker supports any Bluetooth-enabled device, as well, and it’s small enough to hook to a backpack, making it entirely travel friendly.

31. The Waterproof Smartphone Case for Underwater Pictures

This waterproof phone case is the perfect accessory for capturing photos in and around water. Whether you want to take underwater pictures at the beach, document a fun day at the water park, or even snap shots out in the rain, this protective dry bag will keep water completely away from your smartphone.

Clear windows on the front and back sides make it easy to take photos and videos, and the screen is sensitive to touch so that you can check your apps. A snap and lock keeps out water, snow, dust, sand, and dirt.

32. The Notebook for the Classic Traveler

Having a smartphone when you travel certainly does make things easier. But journaling has definitely become a lost art. There is something undeniably satisfying about putting pen to paper to describe a journey.

Reconnect with the old school style of travel with the Moleskine Voyageur Traveller’s Notebook. This hardcover journal comes with three bookmarks and includes three types of pages: ruled, dotted, and blank. The book also includes a little pocket for storage of printed emails, maps, and itineraries.

33. The Tote That Will Keep Beach Sand at the Beach

Everyone loves a beach vacation, but who like bringing the beach home with them? Sand is pretty to look at, but not so great to find in your clothes, shoes, or bed.

Try this CGEAR Sand-Free Tote Bag, a water-resistant, double-layered weave bag that ensures a sand-free experience. The bag is easily cleaned with water, and it has plenty of room for beach towels, clothes, and water toys.

34. The Travel Guide That Will Take You out of Your Comfort Zone

Guidebooks are fun to collect, but after a while the price tags can add up. These card-based guides provide a unique spin on getting to know a destination.

This creative travel guide has 75 cards designed to inspire exploration. Prompts include, “Ask the next person you meet where his/her favorite street is. Go there.” It is a great icebreaker for meeting new people and discovering places like a local.

35. The Portable Humidifier That Hydrates You Anywhere

Between airports, taxis, and hotels, travel exposes us to a lot of bacteria. Eventually, that takes a toll on our immune systems. Having a humidifier is one way to relieve cold and flu symptoms and add moisture to dry hotel air.

This Satechi USB humidifier secures onto most water bottles and is powered by USB. On a hot day, fill the bottle with cool water to use as a mister.

36. The HIIT Circuit You Can Take Anywhere

Keeping fit on the road can be a challenge, especially if your hotel has a limited gym, or no gym at all. These exercise cards provide intense bodyweight workouts that offer the benefits of a personal trainer right there in your hotel room.

Train your core, legs, glutes, arms, and more with these calisthenic training routines. The cards contain 50 effective exercises, including cardio and stretching—no equipment necessary. The card pack is small enough to fit into a carry-on or purse, as well.

37. A Eucalyptus Spray to Make Any Shower a Spa Experience

Treat yourself to a spa experience while on vacation, without the hefty price tag. This small, packable shower spray is made with 100 percent natural eucalyptus oil. A few sprays turns any shower or steam room into a fragrant oasis of relaxation.

Practice deep breathing to clear the mind, refocus, and fight back against winter colds or morning congestion. Travertine Spa sprays have three scents: eucalyptus, eucalyptus and citrus, and eucalyptus and lavender.

38. The Portable Wand That Sanitizes Surfaces

Let’s face it: Germs and bacteria are everywhere, and if you’re traveling to tourist destinations, you’re going to encounter a lot more of them. The CleanWave Portable Sanitizing Travel Wand has been proven to eliminate up to 99 percent of germs found on hard surfaces, like airplane trays, hotel surfaces, and more.

Lightweight enough to fit in a purse, this chemical-free sanitizer uses UV-C technology to eliminate germs and odor-causing bacteria.

39. The Charger to Give Your Device All-Day Energy

Running out of juice for your smartphone while on the road is frustrating, especially when there are so many more great photos to be snapped and shared on social media. The Flux Portable Charger is a super-slim external battery back, compete with built-in cords for a variety of devices, like iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, and Galaxy.

This portable charger is compatible with most devices, from phones and tablets to cameras and Bluetooth headphones. It contains three to four full charges before needing recharging itself.

40. The Adapter to Hook You up Around the World

Keeping track of which chargers to pack for international travel can be overwhelming, or even downright frustrating when you pack the wrong one. This universal power adapter has four international plug adapters that cover more than 150 countries’ wall sockets.

The all-in-one adapter ensures access to electricity just about wherever in the world your travels take you. Note that it is not suited for electrical outlets in South Africa, India, Switzerland, or Italy. It also cannot be used with high-power appliances, like flat irons, hair dryers, and coffee makers.

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