Body Hacks You Wish You’d Known Forever

When life throws the unexpected your way, use these tricks to fight back.

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These days, it seems like we all experience some random annoyance each and every day, whether it’s feeling tired or getting the occasional sore throat. Thankfully, there are some helpful life hacks out there for all of the unexpected things that can happen in a day.

Eye Strain?

If your eyes start to burn or blur after too much time spent in front of the computer, try a technique known as “tense and release.” Just tighten all of the muscles in your face for a few seconds while relaxing the rest of your body, then relax your face. Repeat the process again for a few minutes and you should feel good as new.

Can’t Hear?

We’ve all been there—you’re at a packed club or noisy concert, someone tries to tell you something and, despite them being an inch away from you, you can’t hear a single word. The next time you find yourself in this situation, lean in with your right ear. This ear is better suited for processing and understanding information.

Caffeine Overload?

Did you know that your personality type can affect how you respond to caffeine? Introverts should drink their daily mug later in the day, while extroverts should have theirs first thing in the morning.

Stressed Before A Test?

If you’ve studied day and night but still can’t stop worrying that you’ll fail your upcoming test, try writing down how you’re feeling. According to a study done in 2011, students who tried this very trick saw their test scores improve. Job Interview? Before you go into any important meeting or event—a job interview, board meeting, a big test—try practicing a “high power” pose and hold it for five minutes. Doing so will increase your testosterone levels by 20 percent, boosting your confidence, and decrease your cortisol levels by 25 percent, relieving your stress.

Grease Burn?

No one likes an unexpected burn from a hot pan or pop of bacon grease, but there’s an easy way you can treat one with something you definitely already have in your fridge. After you get burned, just coat the area with yellow mustard, let it sit for a minute or two, then wash it away to prevent scarring and blistering.


If an unexpected toothache is giving you trouble, try rubbing an ice cube on the top of your hand between your thumb and index finger. You can also try applying pressure to this area, as it a pressure point often used in acupuncture.

Stub Your Toe?

The next time you stub your toe as you close a door or bang your elbow on the kitchen counter, just curse. Research shows that yelling out a profane word after getting hurt can help reduce the amount of pain you feel.

Jet Lagged?

If you do a lot of travelling, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of jet lag from time to time, and it can be hard to overcome. Starting a few days before you’re going to leave, try eating your meals at the time you would in the location you’ll be traveling to. It’ll help your body adjust to the changes and make them less noticeable.

Feeling Sad?

If you’re feeling a little gloomy, try holding a pencil between your teeth. Doing so activates the same muscles in your face that smiling does, so it essentially tricks your brain into thinking you’re happier than you are, which’ll give you mood a boost.

Feeling Weak?

If you haven’t worked out in a while and aren’t feeling as strong as you normally do, it’s because our bones actually get thicker the more we but stress on them. It’s why boxers have super [linkbuilder id=”3099″ text=”strong bones”] in their hands and arms, and why runners have them in their legs. Make some time for a little strength training and you’ll feel your body getting stronger again in no time at all.

Annoying Blister?

We all get the occasional blister on our heels from shoes that are way too tight, and sometimes it happens at the worst time. If you don’t have any Neosporin handy, you might have mouthwash and, in this case, it’ll work just as well. Mouthwash usually contains similar ingredients, so it’ll work in a pinch when you need to keep germs away from an open wound.

Day After Dizziness?

If you had a wild night and the room feels like it’s spinning even after you’re laying flat in bed, there’s a simple trick you can do to make yourself feel more stable. Just let one leg fall over the side of the bed and put your foot on the ground.

Scared of Needles?

Even people who aren’t afraid of shots don’t necessarily like getting them, so it can be quite the traumatic event for someone who hates needles. While it might not sound like the best idea to cough while you’re getting a shot, doing so can actually reduce the pain you feel from the needle. Just, you know, do it gently.

Sleeping on a Full Stomach?

From time to time, we all make the not-so-great decision of filling up before we go to bed, and it’s not always comfortable to sleep on a full stomach. The next time your find yourself in this situation, make sure to lay on your left side. Laying on your right can make it easier can allow stomach acid to flow into your throat, because it makes it so that your stomach is elevated.

Need a boost?

We’re sure you know about the importance of getting enough water each day, but did you know just how much it can do to perk you up? Start your day off with a glass of water to wake up all of your organs and improve your digestion throughout the day. A glass before bed can also help prevent having a heart attack.

Nose Bleed?

If you’re prone to nosebleeds, place a cotton ball or cotton bad on the sections of your gums that lie below the right side of your nose and press down firmly. Apparently most of the blood from a nosebleed comes from behind this area, so it can help stop the bleeding.


If you want to try holding your breath for longer periods of time, don’t take one huge breath and go underwater. Instead, take a few shorter breaths—it’ll trick your body into believing it has a little more oxygen than it does, so you can hold out for a few more seconds.


Everyone has their own remedy for hiccups, but some of them don’t seem to work no matter how hard you try. This one might be worth a shot, though—try breathing into a plastic bag for about 30 seconds. The key to getting rid of hiccups is apparently raising the level of carbon dioxide in your blood.

Motion Sickness?

If you’re feeling nauseous from a boat trip or a long car ride, you won’t always have medicine or patches to help. Next time, try pressing down on the middle of the inside of your wrist—there’s a pressure point there that can help you feel better.

Sore Throat?

When your throat is unexpectedly scratchy and you don’t have the energy to run out for cough syrup, just make some at home. Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and honey, and just take a tablespoon of the mixture a couple of times each day. It definitely won’t be the best thing you’ll ever taste, but it’ll help destroy your virus and help your throat heal.

Arm Fall Asleep?

It might sound weird, but you can help restore feeling to an arm that’s fallen asleep by gently rocking your head from one side to the other. It’ll help loosen any tension in your neck, which will then help ease the numbness in your arm. The best thing to do when your leg is asleep is just to walk it off.


If you suddenly find yourself gagging for no explainable reason, all you need to do to make it stop is to make a fist. Just place your thumb inside of your fist and squeeze your hand as tight as you can.

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