Gluten-free diets are becoming the latest trend, and chances are you know somebody who's jumped on the bandwagon. They started out as a health benefit for those with Celiac disease, but could it be true that EVERYONE could benefit from going gluten-free?

Hide And Seek: Spotting Trans Fat On A Label

They're lurking in your doughnuts and non-dairy creamers. They're hiding in long, intimidating lists of ingredients in your breads and ice creams. Can you spot a trans fat when you see it? Do you even know why it is so important to look?

Three Grocery Store ‘Golden Rules’ to Ignore

Only shop the perimeter of the store. Avoid canned goods no matter what. Never go to the store hungry. Do you know which pieces of food shopping advice are helping you, and which may be hurting you?

The Surprising Lesson About Food and Health In Disney Pixar’s “Inside Out”

Arguably the best children's films of all time are those that entertain the kids while opening the eyes of the parents. What does Disney Pixar's latest release have to do with your weight and overall wellbeing? Let's take a closer look....

Microwave Ovens Are Totally Cool…But I Won’t Use One

Microwave ovens may be convenient, but are they really as healthy as we want them to be? Learn which microwave rumors are fact, which are fiction, and what you need to know to have your speedy kitchen appliance, and eat the food cooked in it, too.

Your Weight Is Not the Problem

If you are tired of trying to bail yourself out of a sinking boat, all you have to do is put down your bucket.

Think E-Cigarettes Are Safe? Think Again…They Actually Are Linked To This Terrible Disease

Few these days would argue that finding a way to quit smoking is good for your health, but is replacing the habit with e-cigarettes any better?

Jessica Serdikoff