Job Stress: The New Smoking

Job stress, like smoking, significantly increases the risk of heart disease and other illnesses. It also robs us of productivity and creativity. The good news is that like smoking, the impact of job stress can be limited.

Is The Wine And Chocolate Diet Too Good To Be True?

Could wine and chocolate be the key to weight loss? Wellness expert Eliz Greene reveals the truth about the Sirtfood Diet by exploring the answers to eight essential questions.

Can Energy Drinks Hurt Your Heart?

Could a drink meant to wake you up cause problems for your heart? Here's what you need to know about energy drinks and your heart.

3 Things Young Women Should Avoid To Protect Their Hearts

We all fall victim to the arrogance of youth. We feel invincible and strong and too young to worry about "old people" concerns such as heart disease. However, heart disease is the number one killer of women of all ages, not just older women.

5 Simple Tips To Reset Your Body Clock After A Time Change

Changing the clock for Daylight Savings Time, working an odd schedule, or flying to a different timezone can reek havoc on your sleep pattern leading to lack of coordination, inattention, general crankiness, and even, in some cases, heart attack.

Wellness: Is There An App For That?

Whether it is eating better or exercising, many of us need daily reminders, support, and something to keep the process interesting. There are thousands of smart phone apps promising weight loss and ripped abs, but do they really work?

Quit It!: Could Lowering Nicotine End Smoking?

The vast majority of smokers want to quit, but few are successful.Experts agree lowering nicotine in cigarettes could eliminate smoking.

Your Heart Will Go On: What Frequent Flyers Should Do To Protect Health

Frequent flyers often struggle with jet lag, and staying healthy on the road. Few, however, know how simple it can be to avoid potentially life threatening heart issues triggered by air travel.

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