Want Tastier Food? Ditch The Salt And Take A Slow, Deep Breath

People have been using salt as a flavor enhancer for thousands of years. But there's another way to accomplish that same goal without raising your blood pressure: Breathe. Just breathe...

When It Comes To Your Mental And Physical Health, You Can Have It All For A Song

Just about everyone loves a good song. There's a growing body of research suggesting that singing--especially in groups--has some very significant and positive physical and psychological benefits. Let's take a look at some of them.

The Sound And The Fury: When Noise Makes You Crazy

Every one of us has a sound that drives us up the wall. Misophonia, literally the hatred of specific sounds, can cause serious problems in your personal life. But it may also be associated with increased creativity and intelligence.

When Being Number One Is Bad News

Children who feel that they're a disappointment to mom often suffer lifelong depression, anxiety, and other mental and physical health problems. But oddly, children who are the apple of mom's eye suffer the same problems.

The Things We Do To Prove Our Masculinity

There's no end to the things guys will do to prove their masculinity--especially when that masculinity is threatened or we're around someone whose attention we'd like to attract.

It’s Not Easy Being Big

We all know that overweight people are generally less healthy than "normal" weight people. They also experience discrimination in hiring, are avoided by salespeople, and are seen by customers as less professional, less neat, less clean, and more careless.

Grooming “Down There”: Fashion Trend Or Health Hazard?

Trimming or removing pubic hair has become incredibly common for men as well as women. And while it may make you feel sexy, clean, and attractive, "manscaping" might also cause some unanticipated health hazards for you... But hey, it's your decision.

What Knot To Do To Keep Your Hair

Man buns may be trendy, but there's a downside. First, they can lead to permanent hair loss. Second, women hate them.

Armin Brott