Voicing Your Preferences For A Mate

Voice pitch may seem like a superficial way of judging other human beings, but when it comes to prospective mates and public servants, it makes a big difference.

Adding Insult To Injury: Male Infertility May Predict Other Health Problems

Fertility problems may be associated with increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and other serious conditions. So if your partner is having trouble getting pregnant, make an appointment to get a thorough physical.

How Sweet It Isn’t: The Importance Of Keeping An Eye On Your Blood Sugar

For healthy people, an occasional rise in blood sugar levels is fine. But if it becomes chronic—or you have diabetes—elevated blood sugar can have serious and possibly deadly consequences.

Is Your Tongue The Window To Your Health?

Your tongue is a wonderful organ. It makes language possible and lets us taste. But it also gives us a lot of information about our overall health. So every few days, take a good look at your tongue before you brush your teeth.

Breathe, Just Breathe: Meditation

Meditation has been credited with lowering stress levels, combating depression and anxiety, increasing the size of your brain, and even raising IQ scores. Is there any truth to these claims?

Unleashing The Power Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with a number of health risks, including depression, erectile dysfunction, cancer, and heart attack.

Absence May Make The Heart Grow Fonder, But Marriage Makes It Beat Longer

Regardless of your feelings about marriage, you may want to give it a try—especially if you're concerned about your health.

Whether To Do Homework May Be A Life-Or-Death Choice

Want to save a life? Crack open a book. When compared with adults who have college degrees, adults who haven't finished high school or a GED are far more likely to be depressed and suffer from two or more chronic conditions.

Armin Brott