Medieval Hygiene: Practices Of The Middle Ages

We all know the Middle Ages weren't an enviable time to be alive, but do you really know what people's daily lives were like? When it came to staying fresh, their secrets might be best left in the dark.

Natural Family Planning: A Good Alternative To Birth Control?

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Traveling While Yogi: The Best Travel Yoga Mats For Your Adventures

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40 Things To Help You Get Over Your Breakup Now

Are you feeling sad after being dumped? These are the 40 items to buy when he tells you, “I have never loved you.”

40 Items To Buy When You Decide To Finally Become A Polished Lady

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Protein: How Much Is Enough?

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How Boss Bs Fuel Their Workdays

Ever look at the women who are killing it and wonder what they eat? We talked to a fitness trainer, a pastry chef, and an Olympic athlete to find out.

I’ll Take The Doctor Without 2,300 Patients, Thanks

Want somebody to calm your anxious mind and help you be your healthiest self? You may want to invest in SteadyMD, the online lifestyle doctor service.

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