6 Workouts That Strengthen Your Chest And Give You A Lift

When you're just wanting a little perk for your pecs.

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Age, health, and breastfeeding affect the look and feel of your favorite girls. Although breast lifts offer a relatively permanent fix for sagging boobs, the side effects can be devastating–no one wants a drooping bank account! Instead, try these six workouts. They’re quick, easy, and results are guaranteed.

Pushups with Alternating Shoulder Taps

In order to get the most out of your pushup game, here’s a solid add-on. When you’re coming up from your first dip, lift your left hand off the ground and tap your right shoulder. Alternate arms for a complete workout. Reps: 15-20 Sets: 4 Pro Tip: This is one of the most effective moves; it works all of your chest muscles as you lower and raise your body while alternating shoulder taps.

Rear Lateral Raises

Take a light pair of dumbbells and stand straight with your legs roughly hip-width apart. (Make sure your knees have a slight bend.) With your weights in front of your thighs, inhale while tightening your core. Pull your shoulder blades down and back while lifting the weights above your head, resembling a “Y.”  Return to your original position as you exhale. Reps: 20 Sets: 4 Pro Tip: Your pecs are strengthened since your weight is going against gravity.

Plank Reaches

This sounds a lot easier than it actually is and will probably call for an Advil or two. Position yourself in traditional plank form–palms under your shoulders, flat on the mat, while your body is horizontal from head to toe. Raise your left arm and reach out in front of you, like you’re trying to grasp a rope. Hold for three seconds then lower your palm back to the ground. Repeat with your other arm; this is equal to one repetition. Reps: 15-25 Sets: 3-4 Pro Tip: Raising your arm takes the effectiveness of a traditional plank from a 3 to an 8.

Chest Dips

Sit on a bench, or chair if you’re at home, and place your palms on either side. Have your fingers facing forward with your legs stretched out. Stabilize your core, and slowly lift yourself off the bench and then gradually lower yourself towards the ground by bending your elbows. Allow your elbows to slightly flare outward. Hold this for about five seconds and then return to your beginning position. Reps: 10-15 Sets: 3-4 Pro Tip: Because you’re allowing your elbows to flare the primary muscle being used is the chest.


Perform a push-up then keep your hands on the ground and jump forward so you’re in a standing/bent position. Lift your hands and jump into the air. Bend back over placing your hands on the floor, directly in front of your feet, and jump backward into a push-up position. Reps: 10-15 Sets: 4 Pro Tip: Your pecs will be burning during the pushup and directly before your jump.

Chest Fly

Grab a pair of dumbbells, take a few breaths, and lay flat on the ground pressing your spine into the floor. Your knees should be bent while your feet are flat and securely placed on your mat. Inhale and extend your elbows out to the side–they should be slightly bent with your upper half resembling a “T.” Exhale as you bring your dumbbells together over your chest, mimicking a hug. Slowly lower them back into starting position. Reps: 10-15 Sets: 4 Pro Tip: Better than your average bench press due to your isolated joint movements.

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