5 Things We Did In 2017 That We Need To Stop Doing In 2018

The new year doesn’t have to mean a new you, but we can all benefit from some simple improvements.

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We’re well into 2018 and, if you’re like many people, your New Year’s resolutions have probably already come and gone. That’s ok though—after all, there’s no reason to believe that a new year has to mean a new you. However, if social media posts are any indication, 2017 was a year that many people were thrilled to leave behind. From political turmoil to social stress and personal loss, 2017 gave many people a run for their money. Because of that, let’s focus on making 2018 a more positive year. One way to do that is by ditching some of the negative and downright useless habits we fell into during 2017. Here are five things that we did during 2017 that we need to stop doing in 2018 if we’re really planning to live our happiest and healthiest lives.

Only Investing in Pinterest-Worthy Self-Care

Time to Go Beyond Face Masks and Candlelight

Don’t get me wrong, I love massages and long candle-lit baths as much as the next girl. Making time to indulge in those self-care activities is absolutely important, but let’s stop telling ourselves that if we’ve added some extra relaxation into our day we’ve got self-care covered. To really take good care of ourselves we need to do hard work, whether it’s at the gym, in the kitchen, or with a therapist. Self-care means cooking yourself healthy meals, taking time to work up a sweat, and cleaning out your metaphorical closet by getting comfy on the therapist’s couch. In 2018, let’s commit to investing in those tough self-care tasks that will leave us feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Living Life Online

No More Sacrifices for Screens

How often do you ignore your kids to post something in your mom groups, or text with friends rather than talking to colleagues over lunch? Jumping into our devices can be a way to take a break from the world around us, but too often it leaves us disconnected. This year, it’s time to stop fishing for likes or having conversations with friends on Twitter while ignoring our loved ones who are literally in the room.

Sitting Back

Yes, we’re tired and sore. No, it’s not an excuse.

This year, it’s time to get moving. Getting in the habit of moving more will leave you with more energy and a more limber body in the long run. This year, incorporate walks around the block after lunch, hold a plank while you play floor games with the kids, and take the long way through the store when you run out for a gallon of milk.

Being Cynical

Cynicism can’t outshine your cause.

No matter what side of the political aisle you’re on, there’s no denying that we’re living in polarizing times. This year, let’s rise above the cynicism, and rather than mindlessly complaining about problems, let’s actually work to fix them. That means volunteering, donating, and showing up to make a difference for causes you’re passionate about.

Putting Ourselves Last

It’s time to stand up.

Last year women began standing up more and making their voices heard in the political and social arenas. This year, let’s bring that power home and make 2018 the year that women stand up and aren’t afraid to say no to others if that’s what it takes to say yes to our own needs.

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