40 Products For Organizing Everything You Didn’t Know How To Organize

Cleaning up is easier when you have some help from Amazon.

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Life is messy, and therefore kitchens and cars and closets and bathrooms and everything else are messy too. While we all wish we could have perfectly organized homes, it just doesn’t seem to work out that way. Even when we buckle down and do some much-needed cleaning, it just doesn’t seem like everything has a place. Inevitably, things end up in random locations. Then you can’t find them, you finally find them, you still don’t have somewhere to put them, and they end up in another random location, so the cycle continues.

It’s time to get your life together, which means giving everything that seemingly has no place a designated spot. Fortunately, Amazon has organizational items for pretty much everything you can imagine. That perfectly organized home could be just a couple of clicks away!

1. Use this counter display to beautifully lay out your array of nail colors.

Throwing your nail polish in a bin under your sink seems like an okay storage option, but sifting through it to find the color you’re looking for? Not ideal. This counter display is perfect for the at-home manicurist. It turns your bathroom or vanity into a private nail salon. With the tiered levels, you can see all your color options at once, and when you find one that suits you, you can simply pull it off the shelf. Also, you can expand your nail color collection without worrying about where you’ll put them all since it holds 60 bottles. So pick up this holder and some new nail polish while you’re at it.

2. Take your K-Cups out of those clunky boxes and put them in this sleek drawer instead.

K-Cups are a lifeline for heavy coffee drinkers, so they should be treated with care. This drawer will be the lovely home they deserve. When you open it, you can see all your options and flavors, then select whatever you’re in the mood for. Place your Keurig right on top, and it’s like having a teeny-tiny coffee shop in your kitchen. If you’re a real K-Cup fiend who downs four cups of joe a day and one isn’t enough, pick up a second one (or more if necessary) and stack ‘em up. You can never have too many K-Cups, right?

3. This is the perfect way to display your plethora of mugs.

Most homes have way too many mugs for the amount of available cabinet space, but it’s hard to part ways with our favorite drinkware. These bronzed hooks neatly hang all of your mugs under a shelf or cabinet. Now you don’t have to feel bad about all the cute mugs you’ve impulse bought, and you don’t have to stress when someone gifts you yet another mug. This rack is easy to install and holds 12 mugs. It also comes in a rustic bronze or classic black, so it can match pretty much any kitchen’s color scheme. 

4. Keep your false lashes nice and neat in this handy box.

With the recent surge in “full glam” makeup, false lashes continue to grow in popularity. They’re gorgeous when they’re on, but they’re also small and dainty, so once you take them off, they can get lost anywhere. For hygiene purposes and so that you get enough wears out of each pair, people who wear false lashes should really invest in a storage space for them. Fortunately, Amazon has you covered. This case will keep up to eighteen pairs of false eyelashes organized, and it’s made from quality acrylic material. No more finding random busted lashes at the bottom of your makeup bag! Extra points if you can fit your heated eyelash curler in the box, too.

5. Keep your cords in line with these clips.

Everyone has so many tech products that their cords quickly become tangled, making desk space a disaster. Not with these cable clips, though. They’re an easy way to keep chargers, headphones, and all your other cords and cables securely in place. They come with an adhesive back, so you can stick them on any flat surface—desks, monitors, floors, walls, or wherever you want to feed your cord through. They come in a set of six, so you can cord-inate your entire desk however you like and nothing’ll get in your way. No more cord catastrophes!

6. The perfect place for all of your heated styling products.

You’re in a rush to get out of the house, but your curling iron is still hot. You can’t wait for it to cool down and you don’t want to leave it out. That’s where this basket comes in. It safely holds your styling tools, hot or cold. Its three slots are perfect for the three holy grail heat styling tools: hair straightener, blow dryer, and curling iron. Because it’s made of steel, you can stick hot tools in there without worry. And it’s perfect for bathrooms with limited sink counter space because you can mount it on the wall right by your mirror.  

7. This stand will keep your beauty sponge clean and dry.

Beauty blenders get gross enough without the excess product that gets on them when they sit in your makeup bag. And if you’re a germophobe, we don’t recommend looking at videos where people cut open their old, nasty beauty blenders. It’s not good. Let’s be clear: You should wash your beauty sponge. This holder is perfect for holding your beauty sponge to dry it off or just keeping it in a more hygienic spot. You don’t want that broken eyeshadow palette getting all over it, so when you’re at home, might as well give the sponge its own little space.

8. Clean up your underwear drawer once and for all.

Socks and underwear are notoriously difficult to keep tidy, hence that drawer is usually a disaster. This honeycomb organizer will solve all your underwear drawer woes so you don’t have to hunt around for the specific pair you’re looking for anymore. Each organizer has 18 slots, and it comes with four organizers, so you’ll have 72 slots to work with if you order this set. With that many storage spaces, you don’t have to limit yourself to socks and underwear. Tuck away any little clothing items that tend to get lost in the abyss of your dresser drawers.

9. There’s a better place for all of those grocery bags stuffed under your sink.

Everyone should do their part to be environmentally conscious, which means stashing their plastic bags to use later rather than throwing them away. To reuse and recycle in an organized manner, keep your plastic shopping bags in this sleek dispenser. It can be easily hung on the wall, and the stainless steel finish will blend in with your appliances. Whenever you need a bag, easily pull it out. And when you want to store one, simply shove it through the top.

10. This is the organizer that every aspiring beauty guru needs.

If you’re sick of digging through your makeup bag or you’re just overwhelmed by how messy your bathroom counter is getting, maybe it’s time to consider a different way to store your makeup. This makeup organizer from Amazon could be the solution you’re looking for.   It has spots for everything from brushes to lipstick tubes to foundation and adjustable levels to fit different size products. It also rotates for easy access to products. Plus, since your makeup will be on display, it’ll finally pay off if you bought products based on pretty packaging, which, let’s face it, we’ve all done.

11. If your spices are all over the place, it’s time to get this spice rack.

If you’re keeping all your spices on a random shelf in your pantry, you’ve probably had the experience of hunting all over for the one spice you need only to have to leave it out of a recipe because you couldn’t find it. If this sounds familiar (and you’ve observed your cooking is tasting little lackluster), it’s time to invest in a well-organized spice rack. This one’s revolving function and labeled lids make the spices much easier to find. As a bonus, when you first order it, the spice jars come full of their respective spices. With this bad boy, you can unlock your true cooking potential.

12. This pan organizer will keep your cookware in line, literally.

When the drawer under the stove just isn’t cutting it, this pan and pot lid organizer will help. You can set it up vertically or horizontally, depending on what kind of space you’re working with, then just slide in whatever pans and lids you want to store. Rather than have to hear that terrible clank every time you get a pan or lid from that awful drawer, easily pull them out from this rack, no loud clattering required.

13. A place to put your vitamins and supplements.

Between all the vitamins, prescriptions, and over-the-counter meds, medicine bottles can take up a lot of space, but these products aren’t exactly something we can just get rid of. One medicine cabinet might be enough, but it’s usually not (and some bathrooms don’t even have one to begin with). Since it seems like everyone keeps a variety of drugstore pain relievers and vitamins on hand, this expandable shelf is perfect for providing extra medicine bottle storage. It’s three tiers high and can expand up to 20 inches, depending on how much space you have on your counter or vanity and how many bottles you need to set up on it.

14. Yes, you should organize your mops and brooms.

It only makes sense that the tools you use to clean your house are stored in a tidy way. This mop and broom holder will keep everything upright and in place—no more leaning things up precariously in a sad corner. Mount it on the wall in your garage or laundry room, then you can easily stick the handles in the slots. Now there won’t be an excuse if anyone claims they can’t clean because they don’t know where the supplies are. Nice try.

15. There’s a new way to organize and display your sunglasses collection.

Sunglasses notoriously either break or get lost, which sucks because they’re also a super fashionable and functional accessory. This sunglasses organizer will prevent both of those scenarios. It looks like a store display, so your sunglasses can make a statement on and off your head. It’s also a nice excuse to buy some designer pairs to show off. BRB, going to Sunglass Hut.

16. Keep all your clips, ponytail holders, and bobby pins stored and separated.

Do you just throw ponytail holders in a plastic bag? Not cute and not functional. What about bobby pins (which always seem to run out, even though you buy them in packs of 300)? We might not be able to save all the bobby pins and hair ties, but we can at least try to minimize our losses. Keep all your hair accessories tucked away and in one place with this box. Each compartment can be for a designated product, so no more digging through purses and drawers for extra bobby pins and ponytail holders. You’ll know exactly where they are.

17. Untangle your necklaces once and for all.

Putting dainty necklace in a jewelry box just does not work. You’re pretty much guaranteeing they’ll become super tangled up, potentially to a point of no return. That’s a real bummer, especially if they’re sentimental or expensive necklaces, which a lot of dainty ones are. This rack will keep all of those pretty necklaces nice and separated. Just carefully hang them on the hooks, and unless some serious gusts of wind happen indoors, you can trust they won’t get all twisted up. There’s extra storage space for watches, rings, and other chunkier pieces too.

18. We’ve got a storage solution for all your undergarments.

If your dresser is just a complete mess, this set has spaces for all of those small items that are difficult to organize. Ever wonder how you’re supposed to store your bras? Stack them up in a cube specially designated for that exact purpose, or fold them over and place them in the rectangular bin. The smaller compartments are perfect for socks, underwear, and rolled-up tees and tanks.

19. Too many teas? Organize them!

Tea tins can be cute and all, but throwing a bunch of teas in there doesn’t make it easy to find the specific tea you’re looking for. As fun as it is to root through a tin to find your decaffeinated green tea, there’s a better option for tea storage. With this teastand, you can sort your Earl Grey from your chamomile and easily choose whatever tea you’re feeling that day. It can hold more than 100 tea bags, so even the most avid tea drinker will have enough storage.

20. Finally, find a home for your LaCroix.

Soda can boxes can mess up the whole aesthetic of a fridge, plus they’re just not that functional. They never open as advertised, and it’s hard to tell how many you have left. With this beverage dispenser, you can put all of your LaCroix or soft drinks in one place and easily pull them out. Plus, you’ll always see how many you have left so you know when you need to restock. Because running out of LaCroix is not acceptable.

21. You’ll love these adorable jars for cotton balls, Q-tips, and whatever other little items are in your bathroom.

All of the itty-bitty items in bathrooms make organization quite difficult. Apothecary jar sets like these simplify storing those small bathroom necessities. Pick the finish that matches your bathroom best, then fill them up with whatever you want. It comes in a pack of three, so you can designate each one for a specific item. Obsessed with micellar water? Pack one with cotton pads. Big fan of baths? Fill one with Epsom salts or bath bombs. They’re practical and versatile.

22. Stack all of your makeup palettes with ease.

Makeup palettes often don’t fit in cosmetic bags, so do you just leave them out on your vanity or sink? No! You probably spent some serious coin on those, and they should be treated with care. With new palettes dropping all the time, you need lots of space too, because you shouldn’t have to pass on the next Urban Decay Naked palette if you really want it. The solution? Stack them in this organizer, which can sit vertically or horizontally depending on your preference. It has eight compartments that can fit compacts or palettes big and small. And since it’s clear, you can see the palette you want to reach for.

23. Keep all of your belts in one place.

Belts are one of those clothing items that don’t have obvious storage place (until you buy this belt hanger, that is). Hook them on this hanger then hook the hanger in your closet, so when you need a belt, they’re all right there. Hang it next to your pants so you can see your color options and pick an outfit accordingly.

24. Replace your old hamper with this color-separating option.

It can be tempting not to separate our laundry when we’re feeling lazy—even more so when it’s in a big pile in a hamper. Really though, we should always be keeping our lights, darks, and whites away from each other in the wash, and we always regret not doing it when our clothes get ruined. Put this three-bag sorter in your laundry room and when you bring your laundry down, sort it right then and there. With the sorting already done, you’ll be sure you’re doing your laundry right.

25. Give your boots their own space.

Boots take up a lot of space (too much space), and you can’t set them on a standard shoe rack. If you’ve got a decent amount of tall boots, it’s probably time to invest in a boot organizer. This boot storage rack stores your boots hanging and upright to prevent creasing and allow air to circulate, because the depths of boots can get smelly. It works with boots of all materials and styles, so it’s all you’ll need to organize and maintain the quality of your entire boot collection.

26. Tidy up your shower with an easy-to-install corner caddy.

Showers usually have more than just shampoo, conditioner, and body wash—there are razors, loofahs, exfoliators, shaving cream, and whatever other special products you like. No one’s criticizing a thorough self-care routine, but if you are working with a lot of different products, you should find a way to keep it all organized. This four-tier caddy easily fits into the corner of your shower to hold all of your products. You can separate them into his-and-hers shelves or just keep them all for yourself. The important thing is your ledge and/or floor will be clear of bottles and clean of residue.

27. There’s a better way to store stud earrings.

Stud earrings don’t store well in standard jewelry boxes. How many times have you lost one of the earrings? And the backs go missing all the time. Seriously, it’s like socks in the wash. Fasten your studs to this jewelry frame to prevent any part of your stud earring set from disappearing. It keeps the stud and back together, and you can see right away that the complete pair is there.

28. We’ve found a desktop alternative to buying a filing cabinet.

Storing and organizing important documents is, well, important. Not everyone’s desk has a file drawer, and who really wants to buy an entire filing cabinet for your house? It’s a home—not a business office. This desktop organizer will keep all your files and papers organized and on hand. Stock it with classic file folders, or stack notebooks, computer paper, planners, and mail. It has eight slots, so there should be enough space for all the important stuff and then some. Pick a black or silver finish for that sleek office feel in the comfort of your own home.  

29. Clean up your junk drawer with this impressive organizer.

The thing about junk drawers is that there usually is some pretty essential stuff in there. Pens, stamps, tape, Post-It notes…most people use all of those things. It’s only called a junk drawer because it’s unbearably messy, so fix that problem with this compartmentalized bamboo storage tray. Adjust it to fit your junk drawer, then voila! Junk drawer no more. Now it’s just a plain old drawer where everything has a place.

30. Don’t lose another lid ever again.

Food storage containers are great because we all love leftovers. Every home usually has a nice stockpile of them, but they’re pretty useless without lids, which go missing far too often. This organizer is made specifically for food storage container lids, so you never have to worry about where you’re putting the leftover spaghetti again. It has spots for all different size lids to be neatly stacked and accessible.

31. We’ve found the fruit bowl of your dreams.

A standard fruit bowl can quickly become overfull, even if it has one of those nifty banana hooks. Rather than pile all your apples, peaches, oranges, and whatever else in one spot, risking a fatal roll out, try this two-tier system. Put apples in the top and oranges on the bottom. Or if you’re a veggie lover, keep your vegetables separate from your fruit. The important thing is that there won’t be any fruit overflow.

32. When you have way too many baseball caps, this rack is a must.

Baseball caps are fun, easy accessories, especially when you’re having a bad hair day. When you have a lot of them, they need their own space. This handy rack will hold and display your baseball caps so you can keep them neat and show off the teams, schools, brands, and whatever else you support. Hang it over your closet door (inside or out depending on how proud you are of your hat collection), and place the hats on the hooks. It’s as easy as that.  

33. Here’s your closet-friendly shoe storage solution.

Shoe racks are great, but they take up a lot of space in a closet or hallway. Plus, if you have a lot of shoes, you probably don’t want to buy a bunch of racks to fit them all. To maximize your closet space, opt for a hanging shoe organizer. It won’t take up any floor space and keeps your shoes all in one place. Plus, they’re only a little over five bucks each. With all the money you save, you can buy more shoes!

34. Store things under the bed the right way.

Shoving things that don’t seem to have a place under the bed is a classic lazy-person move, but it’s actually not a bad idea. What else is that space being used for? But there’s a difference between shoving trash or loose items under there and using the space under the bed properly. Your best bet is to buy some storage containers specifically designed to fit under the bed. These underbed organizers will tidily stash off-season items or clothes you’re just not using at the moment. Just pull it out when you want to access them or swap items, then zip it back up and tuck it away again.

35. Gather up your remotes and put them all in this one location.

Remote controls aren’t like they were back in the day. Now, there’s a remote for everything: TV, cable, Blue-ray, Apple TV, Roku, the list goes on. Amazon can’t help you figure out which remote goes with what and how to use them all, but there are products you can buy to at least make sure you don’t lose them under your couch cushions. Keep them in this handy caddy so whatever remote you’re looking for will be there when you need it.  

36. Give your trunk space some structure with this storage solution.

It’s never great to hear miscellaneous objects rolling around in your trunk. No one wants their apples bruised or their milk to bust open, and plastic bags don’t exactly keep everything locked in. This trunk organizer will, though.    It has compartments to hold groceries, soccer balls, gym equipment, or whatever else you might be toting around in your car. Whether you’re going on a trip or just going to the grocery store, this trunk organizer makes it a better, sturdier storage space.

37. Keep your keys on this rack so you always know where they are.

Losing car keys is an unnecessary but preventable pain, so make a designated spot in your house for them. A simple wall mount with hooks does the trick, so everyone can put their keys there as they’re coming and going. Hang this hook fixture at your entryway so that right when anyone walks in, they know to put the keys away. Bonus: It has a spot for mail too.

38. When you have this sink caddy, cleaning dishes doesn’t have to be any more annoying than it already is.

Washing dishes is a dreaded chore, but what makes it even worse is the messy sponges and scrubbers dripping food residue and soap everywhere. This sink caddy will solve that dilemma by giving you a spot to place those cleaning tools. And it comes with a drip tray, so wet sponges and brushes don’t make your entire sink area a wet mess.

39. Use one product to sort out your entire nighttime routine.

Keep this sleek storage box on your bathroom sink and put everything you need all in one place. This five-compartment organizer has just enough spots for everything you use right before bed: toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, face wash, face cream, and whatever else your beauty routine entails.

40. This set of bins’ll make your fridge nice and neat.

If you have a mostly empty fridge, this might not be necessary. But for those who like to keep theirs fully stocked, buying this organization pack could do wonders for you. They’re stackable, so they’ll maximize the space in your fridge without you having to insert other shelves or buy a bigger fridge. This set of six has several different size containers, so all your groceries can be divided and stored accordingly. They’re also clear, so you can see exactly what’s in each container, instead of having to pull everything out of your fridge or freezer to see what’s in the back. With this product, house guests will be in awe of your pristine fridge.

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