Here’s What To Get The Women In Your Life Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Not sure what to get your bestie for her birthday? The stars aligned to bring us the ultimate gift guide based on the signs of the zodiac.

September 19, 2018
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My birthday is January 20, and as a true Aquarius, my favorite things include hip gatherings with friends, like the opening of a trendy new coffee shop and boutique clothing store down the street. Aquarians tend to be altruistic, and the word “no” doesn’t exist in my vocabulary when it comes to helping others. But all that social energy can leave me feeling drained and craving time to recharge, which is not easy to come by when you’re also a work-from-home mom with a toddler.


The best gift I ever received was geared right toward my Aquarian nature; my darling husband scheduled a whole free day for me with absolutely zero responsibilities. He took the baby and left me stocked with all my favorite goodies: a face masks, a foot soak, a new book, and my favorite ice cream. Even though I didn’t leave my house, I felt as refreshed as if I’d spent the day at a spa.

Does someone you know have a birthday coming up? Whether it’s your mom, bestie, or a coworker, let the zodiac be your guide, and give a totally unique gift based on their star sign.


March 21 to April 19

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries women are ruled by the fiery planet Mars. Aries is a cardinal sign, which means it signals the beginning of a new season (in this case, spring). Those born under cardinal signs are natural leaders. An Aries woman goes after anything she wants, whether it’s a big promotion at work or that cute guy from the farmers’ market, with bold confidence.

Humble Chic NY Hinge Bib Necklace (via Amazon)

Their independent nature means an Aries can sometimes be impulsive, but they’re almost always optimistic about the outcome of a situation. They have the confidence and charm to make almost any circumstance work in their favor.

CY Supplies Moon Crawler Cuff Earrings (via Amazon)

Because they possess the confidence to pull it off, Aries women will love receiving a piece of funky statement jewelry, like the Humble Chic NY Hinge Bib Necklace. Pair this fierce warrior-goddess statement necklace with these chic, delicate CY Supplies Moon Crawler Cuff Earrings to complete a look that bold Aries can rock on any occasion.

Humble Chic NY Hinge Bib Necklace, $23.89 on Amazon CY Supplies Moon Crawler Cuff Earrings, $10.99 on Amazon


April 20 to May 20

Creative yet practical, steadfast but temperamental, women born under Taurus are sensual, strong-willed creatures. Taurus is an earth sign, which means women born under this sign are grounded: She’s the kind of friend you can always rely on to pick you up at the airport in a pinch.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s-inspired sleep mask from The Sleepy Cottage (via Amazon)

Taurus women also enjoy relaxing in tranquil, natural environments. But before you start packing for a weekend camping getaway, beware: Venus, the planet of beauty, rules this sign, and Taurus also loves luxury and comfort. Taurus may work toward goals with tenacity, but she also loves to pamper herself on the regular.

Cuddle Dreams Mulberry Silk Throw Blanket (via Amazon)

How about channeling the ultimate glamour girl, Holly Golightly, and give luxe-loving Taurus a Breakfast at Tiffany’s-inspired sleep mask from The Sleepy Cottage for a luxurious night’s sleep wherever she lays her head? Or, if you feel like showering your Taurus with more than one gift, pair that sleep mask with this Cuddle Dreams Mulberry Silk Throw Blanket that’s so soft and luxurious, it’s often mistaken for cashmere.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Sleep Mask, $14 on Amazon Mulberry Silk Throw Blanket in Ice Blue, $96.90 on Amazon


May 21 to June 20

The twin sign of the zodiac, Geminis are highly intelligent, dynamic women. Gemini is an air sign; like a strong gust of wind, they tend to arrive on the scene full of energy and adventure.

Because of their dual nature, Geminis are often playful and curious, have a certain mystery about them, and value romantic gestures from their partners. Ruled by the planet Mercury, Geminis are in tune with their feelings and have no problem communicating their desires. They are always up for trying something exciting and new, whether it’s learning to skydive or simply trying out the new restaurant down the street.

Quirky Carrie Bradshaw-Inspired Necklace (via Etsy)

Gemini is the ultimate communicator; she makes friends wherever she goes and is sure to have an active social media presence. She’ll love this quirky Carrie Bradshaw-inspired take on the personalized necklace with her social media handle prominently displayed. Getting followers has never been so stylish!

DharmaObjects Hand Carved Wooden Yin Yang Keepsake Box (via Amazon)

Gemini will also love this DharmaObjects Hand Carved Wooden Yin Yang Keepsake Box to store all her treasures in. She’ll appreciate the intricate artistic design, and the yin and yang symbol celebrates the duality of her zodiac sign.

Personalized Silver Nameplate Necklace, from $36.24 on Etsy DharmaObjects Hand Carved Yin Yang Keepsake Box, $15.98 on Amazon


June 21 to July 22

Cancers are ruled by the moon. Because the moon also rules the night, Cancers have a highly active subconscious life and believe in the power of dreams. Even so, Cancers can be ultra-cautious and prefer to do thorough research before making a commitment.

For better or for worse, women born under the sign of the crab are extremely empathetic and can easily pick up on the energies of those around them. Because of their empathetic nature, Cancers are often found serving others and may put their own needs aside for the sake of others.

Lunar Abundance: Cultivating Joy, Peace, and Purpose Using the Phases of the Moon (via Amazon)

That’s why women born under this moon sign will love reading Lunar Abundance: Cultivating Joy, Peace, and Purpose Using the Phases of the Moon and applying lunar cycles to their own self-care.

Homesick Scented Candle (via Amazon)

With a rich inner life, Cancers are happiest in their home environment. If your Cancer bestie is missing home, gift her a Homesick Scented Candle. Each one individually designed to remind her of her home country, state, or city.

Lunar Abundance, $15.17 on Amazon Homesick Scented Candles, $29.95 on Amazon


July 23 to August 22

Cancers may be ruled by the moon, but Leos are totally governed by the sun, and it shows in their spotlight-loving personalities. With their warm, outgoing nature, Leos are natural leaders who love to be the center of attention. Regal Leo is action-oriented, never content to rest on their laurels when there’s a problem to be solved.

MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red (via Amazon)

Always ready to make a dramatic entrance, treat your Leo to a tube of MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red, a universally flattering, bold red shade that will definitely make her the star of the show wherever she goes.

Alex and Ani Birth Month Swarovski Crystal Bangle (via Amazon)

Despite their take-charge attitudes and dominant personalities, Leo women are surprisingly tender with people they care about and love to give and receive affection. Tap into Leo’s tender side with a fun, thoughtful gift like the Alex and Ani Birth Month Swarovski Crystal Bangle in Leo’s birthstone, Peridot.

MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red, $22.93 on Amazon Alex and Ani Birth Month Swarovski Crystal Bangle, $26.55 on Amazon


August 23 to September 22

Like Gemini, Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Where Gemini is gregarious and outgoing, Virgo is the flip side of Mercury’s traits; their analytical nature means they don’t make any decisions without having all the information first. While this might seem like Virgo is a stick in the mud, she’s anything but. Virgo is the friend you know you can always lean on.

Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner (via Amazon)

Women born under this sign tend to be perfectionists and love to plan everything down to the last detail. Because they pay so much attention to the little things, your Virgo coworker may seem introverted and shy at first, but once you get to know her, you’ll see a warm, caring personality that thrives in intimate settings.

Beauty by Earth Organic Bath Bomb Set (via Amazon)

Erin Condren planners are beloved by highly organized individuals for their customizable options, making this gorgeous Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner the perfect gift for perfectionist-planner Virgo. Or, since ladies born under this sign rarely take time for themselves, pencil in some time for busy Virgo to relax with a Beauty by Earth Organic Bath Bomb Set.

Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner, $47.99 on Amazon Beauty by Earth Bath Bomb Gift Set, $28.49 on Amazon


September 23 to October 22

Libras, like their symbol, the scales, thrive on balance and are totally in tune with the world around them. Because Libras are always trying to balance the scales, they are excellent at compromise but can often end up putting others needs before their own. Like Taurus, Libra is ruled by Venus; both are drawn to the finer things, but where Taurus prizes pampering, Libras love to be surrounded by beauty, whether its a custom piece of artwork or a gorgeous natural landscape.

Liforme Travel Yoga Mat (via Amazon)

Recommended as a top-performing travel mat by one of our very own, this Liforme Travel Yoga Mat is the perfect gift for a Libra lady who needs to restore balance to her life. It pairs perfectly with this EQUA Water Bottle that Libras are sure to love for its pretty rose gold accents and aesthetic design. Time for an outdoor yoga session in a peaceful garden.

EQUA Water Bottle (via Amazon)
Liforme Travel Yoga Mat, $124.95 on Amazon EQUA BPA-Free Water Bottle, 25 oz, $20 on Amazon


October 23 to November 21

Scorpios have magnetic personalities that easily draw people in. Passionate about their beliefs, Scorpio women love a spirited debate over dinner and drinks, but when it comes to work, they prefer to go it alone. Ruled by masculine Mars, Scorpio women rarely have time for regrets, preferring to live in the present and look toward the future.

Klier Lace Teddy Romper (via Amazon)

Like Taurus, Scorpio women like to explore their sensual side. Whereas Taurus is all about touch, luxuriating in silky robes and cozy cashmere, intense Scorpio women are ready to make a statement in attention-grabbing “unmentionables.” Gift her this Klier Lace Teddy Romper, for an after-hours look that’s sexy, stylish, and comfy enough to sleep in.

From lingerie to the perfect vacation, the Scorpio woman has an ultra-adventurous spirit, and is more likely to be found exploring a hip solo travel destination than embarking on a pre-planned cruise. Perfect for Scorpio’s exploring nature, this Travelon Heritage Anti-Theft Crossbody Bag is a must-have. Featuring an RFID-blocking pocket and slash-resistant suede fabric, this little crossbody will keep Scorpio’s personal items completely safe on any excursion.

Klier Lace V Neck Teddy, from $11.99 on Amazon Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Crossbody Bag, $33.27 on Amazon


November 22 to December 21

Like Scorpio, women born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign are energetic explorers who love to travel. Sagittarius women are generous to a fault, love to have fun with a wicked sense of humor, and value the freedom to roam more than anything else. The Midori Traveler’s Notebook is the perfect gift for open-minded Sagittarius, who’s always up for a new adventure. This genuine leather-bound journal is passport-size, making it great for tucking into a backpack for a spur-of-the-moment getaway.

Midori Traveler’s Notebook (via Amazon)

Always up for a laugh, your Sagittarius gal pal will also love Joking Hazard, a hilarious comic-building game in which players compete to create the most absurd comics (that are anything but kid-friendly).

Joking Hazard (via Amazon)
Midori Traveler’s Notebook, Starter Kit in Camel, $36 on Amazon Joking Hazard Game, $25 on Amazon


December 22 to January 19

Sagittarius may always be up for a laugh, but women born under Capricorn are serious, ambitious, and love a little friendly competition. Capricorns are laser-focused on being successful; they make great leaders at work and are often seen shutting down the office, unwilling to leave anything incomplete. For successful Capricorn, this Boss Babe Name Plate Desk Sign is the gift that says it all.

Boss Babe Name Plate Desk Sign (via Amazon)

While their ambitious nature may make them seem aloof at first, Capricorns love much-needed quality time with friends and family and commit to those relationships with a work ethic that rivals their professional drive. Give her a Stash Tea Chest stocked with eight different types of tea, along with the real gift: a cozy friend date sipping tea and catching up with one another.

Stash Tea Chest (via Amazon)
All Quality Boss Babe Name Plate Desk Sign, $13.99 on Amazon Stash Tea 8 Flavor Variety Gift Set, $51.94 on Amazon


January 20 to February 18

The best is always second-to-last, isn’t that how the saying goes? JK, guys, JK. Of course, I’m partial to Aquarius, in part because, like other women born under this sign, I relish building and maintaining my social networks and value open communication. Chances are you’ve seen fierce Aquarius standing up for what they believe in at rallies and protests because she’s adamant that everyone deserves to be treated fairly (and she’s absolutely right!). Rebellious by nature, Aquarius will love this t-shirt featuring the ultimate rebel, Princess Leia.

Star Wars Shirt (via Etsy)

While Aquarius is all about forming connections and standing up for her beliefs, she sometimes needs downtime alone to recharge. Help Aquarius create a feng shui bedroom oasis for when she needs a minute to herself by gifting her this soothing blue and white Macrame Wall Hanging from BlueMake.

Macrame Wall Hanging (via Amazon)

Not only are light blues are Aquarius’ lucky color; according to feng shui principles, this color also a healing, soothing energy—perfect for when Aquarius needs quiet and calm.

A Woman’s Place Is In The Resistance T-Shirt, from $17 on Etsy Bluemake Macrame Wall Hanging, Blue and White, $29.99 on Amazon


February 19 to Marcy 20

Gemini isn’t the only zodiac sign that represents duality. Pisces is symbolized by two fish because she tends to drift between being both a dreamer with a wild imagination and living in the real world. Pisces often sees the world through extremely rose colored glasses and only wants to see only the best in people. Tender Pisces will appreciate I’m Fine: A Real Feelings Journal. Designed to help navigate emotions and feelings in a healthy way, the journal features exercises, positive affirmations, and blank pages for free expression.

I’m Fine: A Real Feelings Journal (via Amazon)

Ruled by Neptune and symbolized by fish, Pisces is a water sign. Like the ocean’s watery depths, Pisces’ emotions run extremely deep. She can be extremely sensitive, getting her feelings hurt easily, but at the same time is intuitive and empathetic toward the emotions of others.

Most at home near the water, Pisces will love this set of ocean-inspired Tree-Free Watercolor Waves Notecards, perfect for keeping in touch with friends near and far.

Tree-Free Watercolor Waves Notecards (via Amazon)
I’m Fine: A Real Feelings Journal, $12.99 on Amazon Tree-Free Greetings Eco Notes Stationery, $10.99 on Amazon
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