What Is Your Acne Trying To Tell You About Your Health?

Acne isn’t always just annoying bumps and blemishes all over your face. Your acne could be a sign of an underlying problem, and the location of the acne makes all the difference.

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I always thought acne was just the result of stress and poor eating habits. Although those can be contributing causes, I’ve recently discovered there are quite a few other reasons for breakouts. Specific health problems may result in acne on different parts of your face. I was amazed. I never knew my acne could mean I had other health problems. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that each area of the face coincides with a different health issue, so it’s important to listen to what your body is telling you.

Upper Forehead and Urinary Issues

I personally experienced this one, and I can honestly say that drinking more water helped clear up the acne on my upper forehead. A concentration of acne in this area may mean the bladder and gastrointestinal tract aren’t functioning correctly. Add some more water and fiber to your diet to improve your health and acne.

Lower Forehead and Heart

Acne on your lower forehead could mean your heart isn’t as healthy as it should be. I’ve noticed that when I’m not feeling well and stop exercising for a few weeks I tend to break out more in this area. Take it as a sign to exercise more, eat better, and live a healthier lifestyle.

Ears and Kidneys

More water is needed if you’re seeing acne around your ears. I had a minor kidney infection once and my ears tried to warn me. Since I’ve been drinking more water, ear acne is a rarity.

Eyes and Liver

The entire area around the eyes—including between them—could be a sign your liver isn’t healthy. Alcohol, fatty and sugary foods, and even too much dairy could be the cause. Opt for fruits, vegetables, and other healthy choices to feel better and reduce the acne.

Upper Cheeks and Lungs

Your upper cheeks tie in to your respiratory system. If you’re a smoker, live in a busy city, or rarely exercise, you might see numerous blemishes in this area. Fresh air and cardio are your two best friends.

Outer Chin and Hormones

Stress and hormones are the usual culprits when it comes to outer chin acne. When I don’t sleep well or I’m stressing out, I always break out here, and this is where I break out most often. My advice: Rest and try to relax. Look for an herbalist or naturopath who can recommend supplements to help moderate your hormones.

Center Chin and Stomach

Your stomach and small intestines may be having issues if you’re seeing acne in the center of your chin. More fiber and water often help. Excess stress can cause digestive problems that lead to chin acne.

Neck and Immune System

I’ve noticed I always break out on my neck and chest when I get sick. The acne’s just trying to tell me that my immune system is working overtime and isn’t as strong as it should be. If you’re seeing acne here and you’re not currently sick, it could be a sign that you’re getting sick or aren’t living a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you’re exercising, eating well, and getting enough sleep to keep your immune system strong.

Acne Doesn’t Lie

I used to panic over every zit; I was certain I was falling apart. But remember that acne doesn’t always mean you have a health problem. It could be a hormone fluctuation from stress or your menstrual cycle. It may even be a medication you’re taking. I only pay attention now if I have a concentrated outbreak in a specific area. Usually changing up my routine—such as eating better and getting more water instead of soda—helps dramatically.

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