10 Tiny Houses You Can Buy On Amazon And 33 Things To Put In And Around Them

Interested in the tiny house movement but not sure where to start? We’ve got your back.

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If the minimalist lifestyle has always appealed to you and the concept of living in a tiny house piques your interest, we’re here to help you explore your options. You can actually purchase buildings on Amazon that can be converted into the small, simple living spaces we’ve come to call “tiny houses,” but there’s more to a tiny house than just the building. Strategic planning of furniture, storage, and decor is a must. Here’s everything you need to get started in style on your little big adventure—and turn that tiny house into a tiny home. If you appreciate indoor plumbing as much as we do, be prepared to put forth a little extra elbow grease. Most of these buildings will require self-setup of electricity, plumbing, and insulation.

Tiny Buildings to Call Home

1. For the Eager Adventurer

The Allwood Pioneer cabin will make the perfect first tiny home for those eager to get it built and start furnishing and decorating. Setup only takes a few days, and although this tiny home is especially tiny at 171 square feet (about 19 feet long and 9 feet wide), it has a lot to offer when it comes to aesthetics. It’s made from Nordic spruce wood, which offers it a simple and minimalist feel, both front and side windows will bring in plenty of natural light, and the small front porch could fit a little bench or two for peaceful morning coffee and meditation time. Insulation is separate from the kit but can be added. Get it on Amazon for $7,495.

2. For the True Minimalist

Although the DuraMAX Flat Top Insulated Building appears industrial and plain at first glance, it can be painted with any paint that adheres to vinyl to make it feel a bit more like (tiny) home. At 13 by 10 feet, it is for the true minimalist who is ready to make some real sacrifices in the name of simplicity. This building includes fire-resistant insulation, a metal foundation that allows it to be built on any flat surface, a front door with a deadbolt lock, and a gutter system. And if this particular structure is a bit too tiny, you can purchase extension kits in 40-inch increments. Get it on Amazon for $3,625.99.

3. For Those Hesitant to Commit

The Allwood Mayflower looks like what I imagine the little house on the prairie looked like. Its wagon-inspired structure gives this tiny house on wheels a beautifully unique style that would be perfect to put in a large garden or meadow if you have a little extra property. I wouldn’t recommend the Allwood Mayflower as a forever tiny home, but rather, a place for those who’d like to dabble with the idea. Perhaps it could be used as a small getaway cabin or little backyard hideaway. At 117 tiny square feet, this super small structure will be quick to build and furnish, and the two wall-height windows, door windows, and windows on both sides will bring in a ton of natural light. Added bonus: It comes with two adorable flower boxes beneath each front window. Get it on Amazon for $7,590.

4. For Those Who Like Their Space

At 209 square feet, the Allwood Claudia model is a little more spacious than most other truly tiny options. The front and back walls are a little over 7 feet tall, and the ridge of the roof offers more space in the middle at a height of almost 12 feet. This would be the perfect structure in which to build a small loft, with a sleeping area above and lounging area below. Get it on Amazon for $7,990.

5. For Those Who Want (Remote) Control

The Weizhengheng expandable flat pack prefab module container house with solar energy is like a house from the future. The house expands and folds automatically with a hydraulic system via the click of a remote—and it comes fully furnished with a bathroom (shower and toilet), kitchen, bedroom, dining table, and air conditioner. Plus, it’s solar powered. This is perfect for anyone who wants to build a tiny home without lifting more than a finger. And because the hydraulic system both expands and folds the structure, it offers the flexibility of moving from place to place with ease. Get it on Amazon for $24,800.

6. For the Contemporary Artist

Not everyone wants to put their tiny house in the middle of the woods somewhere far, far away from civilization, and this tiny house would look perfectly at home in any contemporary urban setting. The chic, simple design offers a tiny-house life without the roughing-it feel, and large windows lining the front corner of the structure offer plenty of natural light. (But if you’ll be putting it in the city, we suggest getting curtains.) Assembly is estimated to take one full day for two adults. If the 146 square feet inside feel a little too cramped for you, Amazon sells larger versions of the structure as well. Get it on Amazon for $7,590.

7. For the Ultimate Party Host

The Allwood Bella cabin has a covered patio area off the front that is just the right size for a few pieces of patio furniture such as a table and chairs or a porch swing. This is the tiny house to invest in if you love to entertain guests. The structure also offers a bit more space than most of the others, with 237 square feet inside plus the 86-square-foot loft. The simple elegance of this tiny home will keep both you and your guests comfortable. Get it on Amazon for $17,800.

8. For the Minimalist on the Move

The Cozumel APH-536 tiny home is like an upscale tiny house and an RV combined. These 399 beautiful square feet include a covered front porch, living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom—and unlike the other options, plenty of storage space is included. This building is made for easy transport on a flatbed trailer and is perfect for a vacation home or an everyday one. Get it on Amazon for $64,900.

9. For the Extravagance-Seeking Adventurer

The Allwood Eagle Vista cabin has more space than any of the other options, with an impressive 1,336 square feet. Ready to be even more impressed? It’s two floors. That’s right, the Eagle Vista has an upstairs and a downstairs, each with plenty of room for your fab decor. Complete with lots of windows and a covered patio area, this cabin is more like a Tiny Mansion than a Tiny House, but we can’t all be minimalists, after all. Get it on Amazon for $64,650.

10. For Those Who Are Ready for Anything

This Weizhengheng expandable container house with solar energy is made with galvanized steel to protect against strong elements. It’s also waterproof, fireproof, wind-resistant up to level-11 winds, and anti-seismic up to level-9 quakes. The container house appears boxy and plain at first, but it unfolds and expands into a beautiful space that would be easy to call home. Get it on Amazon for $25,800.

What to Put in Your Tiny Home: The Necessities

1. Energize your home in an earth-conscious way.

Tiny houses are more than just cute. They’re good for the planet! So take it a step further and save on electricity with a solar-powered system. If you purchase a tiny home on Amazon, many will come equipped with a solar-powered energy system, but for those that don’t, this is an excellent option for lighting your space in an environmentally conscious way. Bonus: The reviews on this solar-powered and USB-rechargeable lighting system highlight its easy installation. Get it on Amazon for $60.99.

2. Stay cool while staying green.

Depending on where you plop down your tiny house, a fan might be a must. If you find yourself in an environment that doesn’t quite require air conditioning but might call for something to help cool you down on warmer days, this USB solar-energy powered mini portable fan is ideal for keeping you comfortable—and you won’t have to worry about where to plug it in! Get it on Amazon for $59.99.

3. Store things in style.

Finding adequate storage space in your tiny home may take quite a bit of planning, and if your house doesn’t have a built-in loft, a lofted bed platform could provide a lot of extra space beneath it. This one even has a desk attached! Get it on Amazon for $301.98.

4. Shrink your stove.

Minimalism is great, but it’s not a reason to sacrifice good food. There are ways to get a full-kitchen feel in a miniature way. Make anything you would make in a pot or a pan on this two-burner table. Get it on Amazon for $92.99.

5. And make room for baked goods!

Don’t assume that tiny-house life means you have to abandon delicious oven-baked meals, either. Yes, there is a miniature of everything, including an oven. You can warm smaller-portioned dinners like casseroles and baked potatoes or sweet treats like pies and muffins in this Coleman portable oven. Get it on Amazon for $34.18.

6. Keep your drinks cool.

You might not be able to store a week’s worth of old takeout in a compact fridge, but it’s perfect for keeping drinks, condiments, and cooking ingredients cold in a tiny home. This model offers two slide-out shelves and a basket for extra storage, and it can be used outside or installed indoors as long as there’s adequate room for ventilation. Get it on Amazon for $1079.00.

7. Get some collapsible cookware.

These collapsible cooking pots are a brilliant investment for anyone trying to save space. The collapsible platinum-grade silicone wall is perfect for cooking on your portable stovetop, and the cookware can also double as bowls for anything from rice and beans to fruit and cereal. They can be stored under the sink or on wall hooks for minimal clutter. Get it on Amazon for $98.99.

8. Invest in this versatile cooker.

This multi-functional pressure cooker is perfect for the tiny-homer who wants to declutter without skimping on variety when it comes to mealtime. The Cosori pressure cooker is 6 quarts, which makes it perfect for cooking for one and having plenty of leftovers or cooking for up to six people. It can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, saute pan, steamer and warmer, and even a yogurt maker—but it’s just one simple appliance! Get it on Amazon for $59.49.

9. Get hooked.

Hanging things up will be your new go-to for any kind of storage. Coats, sweaters, pots, pans, towels, measuring cups, bags, and more can all be hung from the walls to avoid taking up floor space and cluttering your home. You’ll want to make the small investment in a few of these variety packs of small, medium, and large Command hooks. Get them on Amazon for $18.79 and up.

10. Make space for everything you need.

Hanging organizers will be a lifesaver for keeping all your items sorted while taking up minimal space in your tiny home. Over-the-door shoe organizers can be hung from walls to hold not only shoes but also kitchen utensils, bathroom items, chargers and cords, and electronic devices. Get it on Amazon for $7.37.

11. Store things on the walls with magnets.

Magnetic tape is a great option for easy, organized storage that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Put a strip by the bathroom sink and stick scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, and any other metal objects to it to keep them from taking up space. Place a strip in the kitchen and cut off pieces to adhere to dish soap, sponges, and cooking utensils. You can even organize a desk area by adhering magnets to notebooks, pencils, and post-it pads to stick on a magnetic strip. Get it on Amazon for $14.99.

12. Don’t let your waste go to waste.

Of course, your home needs a toilet—and you might as well give back to the planet what you take from it! Composting toilets turn human waste into compostable material, and this zero-odor large-capacity model is a perfect start. Two people using this toilet can expect to have to empty the compost bin every four to six weeks. Get it on Amazon for $960.

13. Shower simply.

While you may want to install a full shower in your tiny house, the space or your budget might not allow for it in all cases. Luckily, a portable shower is a great option. The Iron Hammer Portable Shower is both easy to use and easy to move around. The pump has a rechargeable battery and a built-in water filtration system, and the whole thing packs up into a compact apparatus suitable for storing almost anywhere. Get it on Amazon for $47.48.

Now Make It Cute: Things to Decorate Your Tiny House

1. Don’t forget your furry friends!

Hanging things are your best friend in a tiny house—the more floor space you can free up, the better. So if you’ve got a kitty critter joining you in your tiny house, consider a hanging cat hammock. Get it on Amazon for $62.00.

2. Store things mindfully.

Furniture in your tiny home will need to be kept at a minimum, so the furniture you do have should double as storage space, too. This bench has three drawers that are perfect for storing knickknacks, kitchen items like pots and pans, or non-perishable food items like cans. Add a cute cushion in your favorite pattern to personalize your space. Get it on Amazon for $136.99.

3. Add some greenery.

Having a place with little space doesn’t mean sacrificing style. It just means being more mindful of it. These plant hangers are perfect for adding a touch of greenery without taking up any floor space. Get it on Amazon for $15.99.

4. Revert to the classic Mason jar.

Perfect for storing bathroom or kitchen items, these wall-mounted, rustic chic Mason jars can add little touches of charm all over the walls without taking up much room. You can even use them as planters! Get them on Amazon for $12.85.

5. Lighten up the place.

These solar-powered globe lights offer a fun and comfortable feel to any space, and the solar-power panel is easy to install. Hang them indoors from lofted beds or around windows and outdoors along the roof or around a patio to make any spot a hang-out place. Get them on Amazon for $10.99.

6. Dine in style.

Most dining tables are big and bulky, but this simple circular design will fit right into any space. Add a cute vase with fresh flowers in the center for a truly home-like feel. You won’t be able to wait for your first meals in your tiny house! Get it on Amazon for $89.72.

7. Get chairs that fit under your dining table.

Small chairs that fit easily under your dining table are a must for saving space. Slide these right under the table for storage when not in use, and pull them out for meals with friends or family around your dining room table. Get the set of four on Amazon for $169.00.

8. Add the illusion of space with lots of mirrors.

Mirrors can make any space feel bigger, so invest in several large mirrors for each wall of your tiny home. These chic, modern-looking rectangular mirrors can be mounted easily to walls to add a touch of stylish decor without taking up much room. Get it on Amazon for $139.99.

9. Make things cozy with plenty of blankets.

The most important thing about your tiny home is that you feel comfortable in it! Throw blankets are an easy way to add a super comfy and cozy feel to your home. Drape them over chair backs, beds, couches, and benches. You can never have too many blankies! Get it on Amazon for $49.99.

10. Pillows contribute to the cozy factor, too.

Same goes with pillows—you just can’t have too many. These corduroy throw pillow covers come in many different colors. Mix them up for a fresh feel, and put them anywhere you’d like to turn your little house into a tiny home. Get a set of two on Amazon for $12.88.

11. Keep your toes warm with area rugs.

No one likes a cold, hard floor under their feet in the morning. Area rugs are necessary for warm, happy toes, and they can add brilliant flashes of color or subtle notes of texture to the different spaces of your tiny home. Get a large rug like this one for your main living area and several smaller ones for the bathroom and kitchen areas. Get it on Amazon for $86.00.

12. Maintain your privacy in any space with curtains.

The best tiny houses have lots of windows for ample natural light, but the more you can see out, the more others can see in. Window curtains are necessary for maintaining privacy in any home, but especially a tiny one, where the entire house interior can be seen from outside one window. These long curtains are perfect for floor-to-ceiling windows. Get it on Amazon for $23.99.

13. Keep spaces bright and lively with this rustic light fixture.

Floor lamps will likely take up too much space in your tiny home, so hanging light fixtures are ideal. This rustic metal pipe–inspired fixture would make a beautiful addition to spaces that need a little extra light, like over a kitchen area or bathroom mirror. Get it on Amazon for $129.99.

14. Add cozy simplicity with floor chairs.

Furnishing your tiny home doesn’t have to be complicated! Floor chairs like this one are essentially bean bags for adults, and remember how much fun those were when you were little? Buy several and spread them around for company, then pile them up in a corner when they’re not in use. Get it on Amazon for $65.40.

15. Get minimalistic, chic storage or displays with these easily installed wall shelves.

These wall shelves are about as simple as it can get. You can use them as bookshelves to keep your favorite reads or display favorite photos and knickknacks on them. You could also place Mason jars on them in kitchen areas for storing utensils or put them near bathroom areas for easy access to hygiene items. Get them on Amazon for $15.99.

16. Keep your most treasured items in a closed case.

Reminiscent of our grandmother’s china cabinets, this wall-mounted storage fixture can keep your most prized items dirt- and dust-free while still displaying them beautifully for all to admire. It could also be used as a wall-mounted bookshelf or for bathroom storage. Get it on Amazon for $99.99.

17. Divide large spaces or bathroom areas with privacy curtains instead of walls to save space.

Walls can be installed in tiny homes to create separate rooms, but privacy curtains can be used to partition certain areas as well. And they are easy to reposition for rearranging and reimagining your space. Get it on Amazon for $49.99.

Around the Outside

1. Get some extra friends!

If you’ve got ample land around your tiny house, why not invest in a new hobby and some new pals? A chicken coop behind your house could be a cute and practical addition if you’re into chickens. Plus, free eggs! Get it on Amazon for $459.99.

2. Keep your surrounding areas green.

If you love plants, flowers, and nature in general, consider getting a small portable greenhouse to put outside your tiny house. You can grow plants outdoors in the greenhouse and then bring them inside to fill up all your cute little hanging pots and Mason jars! Get it on Amazon for $55.99.

3. And, finally, relax.

Ta-da, you’ve reached the end! Everything you need to start your own tiny-house adventure is just a click away, and then it will be smooth sailing forever. Easy, right? Well…maybe not quite. Tiny houses, though appealing in their simplicity, can be a lot of work. So hang a hammock from nearby trees or from a stand outside of your home and have ultimate relaxation just a few steps away at all times. Get it on Amazon for $178.47.