78 Small But Brilliant Items Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists

Amazon's "Most Wished For" list contains dozens of cool, practical products...along with some really quirky stuff. Narwhal toothpick holders, anyone?

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Looking for an impulse buy that isn’t absolutely useless? Amazon’s “Most Wished For” section contains a ton of strange suggestions, some of which are better than others; we can appreciate the appeal of a well-made travel pillow, but we’re less enthralled with this narwhal-shaped toothpick dispenser. We decided to dig through the “Most Wished For” lists to find some little hidden gems and oddities. For the most part, we found what you’d expect—plenty of decent cosmetics and neat gadgets—but there were a few surprises.

1. Fight fungus and bacteria with pure tea tree essential oil.

Granted, if you’ve got especially bad fungus—you know who you are—you should see a doctor. If you’re suffering from a minor case of athlete’s foot, though, tea tree oil’s natural antifungal properties could help you get some relief. Australian Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil is therapeutic-grade oil bottled in the USA and contains no added preservatives of any kind. Be careful; this is the real stuff, so don’t apply it haphazardly.    Australian Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil, $16.95 from Amazon

2. Get rid of excessive sebum with this mineral powder.

It’s called “No-Sebum,” but really, we wouldn’t want to live in a world without any sebum. Sebum, by the way, is the oil that your skin creates to trap bacteria and other contaminants. It’s useful stuff, but too much sebum can cause breakouts and oily-looking skin. This mineral powder helps you keep oil under control. It doesn’t dry out your skin, but the natural mineral and mint extracts soak up excess oil and sweat to leave you with a clearer-looking complexion. No-Sebum Mineral Powder, $8.83 from Amazon

3. Add some new (temporary) colors to your life with this easy-to-use hair chalk.

This “chalk” has more of a lipstick-like texture, but “hair lipstick” doesn’t sound nearly as cool. Apply, then set with a flat iron. The color stays in your hair for up to three days, and the twist-to-open tubes won’t leave you with messy hands. It’s a great choice for birthdays, Halloween parties, and any other environment that could use a little more color. Philonext Temporary Hair Chalk, $10.98 from Amazon

4. Separate your toes with these…toe separators.

Sometimes, the name says it all. These toe separators spread your toes apart, which can be therapeutic, apparently. An included “yoga massage ball” lets you gently massage your foot, improving circulation and relieving minor aches and pains. This product’s Amazon description obviously had some translation issues, but according to the manufacturer, the toe spacer “will make you feel younger than ever.” We highly doubt that, but it will space your toes out in slightly different directions. Why not give it a shot? Toe Separators and Yoga Massage Ball, $15.95 from Amazon

5. Start saving those leftovers with these silicone stretch lids.

If you find yourself going through rolls of plastic wrap and aluminum foil, this set is a lifesaver. It contains eight silicone stretch lids in a variety of sizes; use them to cover bowls, pots, pans, and any other round dish. They’re made from food-grade silicone (but don’t try to eat them), which is dishwasher safe, freezer safe, and free from BPA and phthalates. Silicone Stretch Lid Set, $13.99 from Amazon

6. Feel better about yourself with these (slightly sarcastic) affirmation cards.

Affirmation cards can be really helpful when you’re staring down a problem. Unfortunately, most sets are incredibly cheesy; reading something like, “remember, a widdle kitten lubs you” might work for some people, but it’s not for everyone. These affirmation cards are funny, realistic, and actually really helpful. They’ll give you no-nonsense exercises for working on your mental health. Affirmators!, $12.71 from Amazon

7. Serve your favorite snacks with this adorable tidbit bowl.

Have you ever wanted to eat olives out of an elephant? Well, someone did, apparently, because this thing exists. It’s a ceramic elephant that holds about one cup of your favorite snack. The hole in the trunk leads to a separate compartment that you can empty out via a bung on the bottom. Therefore, you could fill the elephant with olives, for instance, and put the pits into the trunk. It’s a cute conversation piece, ideal for entertaining, and while it’s not the type of thing that you’ll use every day, it’s a nice little trinket to have around. Makes a great gift. Ceramic Elephant Tidbit Bowl, $18.90 from Amazon

8. Make your own fresh quesadillas at home.

At some point, George Foreman looked at his manager and said, “I’ve got ideas for at least four distinct kitchen appliances.” Okay, maybe that never happened, but even if Big George didn’t actually invent the George Foreman Quesadilla Maker, it’s still a knockout. Featuring the same fat-reducing technology as the George Foreman Grill, it presses and evenly cooks your quesadillas, giving you restaurant-quality results in minutes. Its six deep-dish pockets let you fill your quesadillas with your favorite veggies and proteins, and if you order it immediately, George Foreman might actually show up at your house, cook you dinner, and box four rounds with you. George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker, $23.99 from Amazon

9. Enjoy some deep relaxation with these aromatherapy oils.

These six fragrance oils arrive in a stylish gift box, and they’re everything you need for a deep dive into the world of aromatherapy. Scents include forest pine, ocean breeze, rain, fresh cut grass, sandalwood, and bamboo. As they’re highly concentrated, exercise caution—a few drops go a long way. These work well as soap bases, if you’re into making your own soaps. P&J Trading Set of 6 Premium Grade Fragrance Oils, $16.95 from Amazon

10. Write on pretty much anything.

Don’t tell your local graffiti artist about these metallic markers (or do tell them, depending on your artistic philosophy). They write on pretty much anything, including wood, metal, glass, plastic, ceramics, and (duh) paper. The bold colors make an immediate impression, and they dry within seconds. Oh, and the water-based ink is easily erasable—on second thought, you can definitely tell that graffiti artist to pick up a few of these.   Arteza Metallic Glass Markers, $8.99 from Amazon

11. Achieve your goals with this best-selling self-help book.

We’re going to be brutally honest: This book is called The Untethered Soul, and its cover shows a horse running on a beach. Sure, you can’t judge a book by its cover, but most readers will know immediately whether this is for them. With that said, The Untethered Soul has thousands of five-star reviews from Amazon users, and its psychology-based approach to personal wellness seems to be extraordinarily effective for some people. If you’re looking for a book that will inspire you to live your best life, this might be it. The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself, $11.36 from Amazon

12. Wake up feeling great with this light therapy alarm clock.

This futuristic-looking clock simulates the rising sun, so you’ll wake up feeling naturally refreshed. In fact, the Philips Wake-Up light is clinically proven to help you feel more energized from the start of your day. A built-in speaker plays your choice of five calming wake-up sounds (or, if you’re having trouble getting out of bed, you can set it to turn on your favorite FM radio station). It also features a tap-to-snooze feature and a built-in backup that can withstand an eight-hour power outage. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock, $97.95 from Amazon

13. Hold your phone or tablet exactly where you want it.

There are hundreds of smartphone holders on Amazon, but this one wins points for its simplicity. Its large base attaches easily to desks, bed frames, and tables, and the bendable arm lets you position your screen for optimal comfort. There’s even built-in access ports that let you charge your devices while you use them. The only thing we can’t figure out: Why do people add this to their Wish Lists instead of just buying it? It only costs $12, and it seems like a slam dunk. Flexible Cell Phone and Tablet Stand, $11.99 from Amazon

14. Control any outlet with these WiFi smart plugs.

This smart plug two-pack gives you complete control over your electrical devices and appliances. They’re voice-control compatible, so you can use Amazon’s free Alexa app (or the Echo or Echo Dot) to toggle lights, TVs, and bacon fryers on and off at will. “Alexa, start my bacon,” you’ll say, and in minutes, you’ll hear the sizzling sound of frying pork. Okay, that might be a bit dangerous, but we’re sure that you’ll come up with some clever ways to use these handy little gadgets. WiFi Smart Plug, $15.99 from Amazon

15. Finally organize all of your stuff with this clever grid.

It’s billed as an “object retention system for gadget organization,” which might be a bit over the top; it’s basically just a fabric grid. That’d be like calling your pencil a “mechanically operated graphite distribution system.” Still, Grid-It works extremely well, and it’s got solid reviews from Amazon users. The elastic bands can hold pens, notepads, wallets, chargers, cords, and pretty much anything else that you might want to store. Great for keeping in your desk (otherwise known as your “chair-equipped work performance enhancement station”). Grid-It Organizer, $10.99 from Amazon

16. Vent your frustrations with this not-safe-for-work coloring book.

This adult coloring book (and we’d like to stress that—this is not meant for kids) contains a bunch of swear words. Grab your colored pencils, sit down, and have yourself a nice therapeutic coloring session while thinking about that guy who cut you off on the way to work. The illustrator didn’t phone this one in; each page features complex images with plenty of detail, and you’ll likely spend hours on each piece. Makes a great gift for anyone with a slightly subversive sense of humor. Swear Word Coloring Book, $4.99 from Amazon

17. Light any aspiring astronomer’s room with this 3D-printed moon lamp.

This 5.1-inch lamp cycles between three colors, providing a soft nightlight for kids (or adults, as the case may be). This well-made light has an adjustable brightness setting and comes with supplies for hanging it from a ceiling. It’s almost like the real moon, except much, much, smaller, and made from 3D-printed materials instead of cheese.   3D Moon Lamp, $24.99 from Amazon

18. Tackle your wrinkly clothes with this travel-sized iron.

This miniature iron is about the size of your hand (assuming you’ve got relatively normal-sized hands), but it’s powerful enough to handle your toughest wrinkles. It features a one-touch steam control, three temperature settings, and a free travel bag. There’s even a measuring cup to fill the 1.4-ounce water tank. The dual-voltage selector lets you choose appropriate voltage when traveling internationally. Really, this is a perfect compact iron—if you travel frequently, it’s well worth the $20 investment. Mini Travel Steam Iron, $20.39 from Amazon

19. Enjoy a nice foot massage, courtesy of science.

We could all use a nice foot massage every now and then. This affordable foot massager does the job adequately with 18 kneading nodes and six massage heads that relieve pain, improve circulation, and restore tired muscles. It’s fairly lightweight, and with its low profile, it’s easy to tuck under your couch or chair. The heating function feels amazing on cold winter nights, and a 20-minute auto-shut off ensures that if you fall asleep while using it, you won’t wake up with over-massaged feet. Shiatsu Foot Massager, $59.99 from Amazon

20. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

This anti-aging cream contains a variety of high-quality natural ingredients including vitamin E, green tea, shea butter, and jojoba oil, which removes oily buildup while moisturizing and rejuvenating your skin. Designed for all skin types, it’s formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and sun damage. It’s extremely well reviewed, and Amazon users claim that it provides quick results. It has a light fragrance, it’s non-greasy, and it doesn’t contain parabens. Retinol Cream Moisturizer, $19.99 from Amazon

21. Slice your salad like an absolute pro.

Ever look down at your salad and realize that you have the knife skills of a one-armed chimpanzee? The Salad Cutter is for you. Billed as “the last salad-cutting bowl you’ll ever need,” it makes it simple to chop peppers, tomatoes, and anything else you’d ever want to put into a big bowl of leafy greens, creating perfect cuts every time. It makes cleanup much easier, and it even comes with a lifetime guarantee. Salad Slicing Bowl, $9.99 from Amazon

22. Stay lint-free when you’re on the go.

This travel-size lint roller twists to open and rids your clothes of fuzz, pet hair, dust, and other unsightly stuff. The retractable design ensures that you don’t waste a bunch of adhesive sheets, and you can tuck it into your purse or bag without creating a huge clump of random items. It’s small enough to fit into your pocket, and several designs are available—granted, we doubt you’re really accessorizing with your lint roller, but it’s nice to have the option. The roller is reusable, and refill packs contain 30 easy-to-tear sheets. Retractable Lint Roller, $8.69 from Amazon

23. Take your love of mason jars to the next level.

Mason jars. Is there anything they can’t do? This is a two-pack of soap dispenser lids designed to fit onto mason jars, and while the jars aren’t actually included, we’re sure that you’ve got a few sitting around from that time you thought you’d get into canning your own vegetables. The kit comes with a cleaning brush and a few spare tubes. If necessary, you can cut the tubes to fit your jars, then enjoy washing your hands with soap from a mason jar just like Grandma used to do. Stainless Steel Mason Jar Soap Dispenser Lids, $12.98 from Amazon

24. Sew on the go like a pro.

You could spend hundreds of dollars on a state-of-the-art sewing machine, but that doesn’t make much sense if you only pull it out once per year to fix a $5 shirt. Instead, consider this portable unit, which can handle most simple jobs with ease. It has a pedal switch and a push-button switch, and while it doesn’t offer the type of stitching options you’d get from a more expensive machine, it doesn’t have the enormous price tag, either. For about $30, you can hem to your heart’s content. Amado Portable Sewing Machine, $27.75 from Amazon

25. End your friendships with this ridiculously fun party game (for grown ups).

The Voting Game is pretty simple: Someone reveals a question from one of the cards, and players vote anonymously for the person who’s described by the question (for instance, “Who would win in a hot dog eating contest?”). The results are tallied and revealed, at which point players can guess who voted for them. It makes a great icebreaker, although we’d advise exercising some care with questions like “Who pees in the pool every time?” or “Who clogs the toilet at their friend’s house and says nothing?” The Voting Game, $20.99 from Amazon

26. Look more like a turtle with this supportive travel pillow.

The Trtl Travel Pillow apparently gets its name from how it makes you look like a turtle. That’s a bold marketing decision. Fortunately, the actual product is pretty great. It supports your neck, letting you rest comfortably on planes, in cars, and anywhere else where space is limited. The soft fleece doesn’t get too warm, and because the pillow weighs less than half a pound, it won’t add too much bulk to your travel bag. Trtl Travel Pillow, $29.99 from Amazon

27. Exfoliate your feet with this natural lava pumice stone.

Ready to get your pumice on? This exfoliating stone helps you remove calluses from your feet to get the soft, dainty extremities of your dreams. Pumice stone is eco-friendly and has natural antibacterial properties, so it’s ideal for gentle exfoliation. This product has a suction hanging hook that creates a solid seal with most shower walls. It also comes with a cute cotton bag, so it makes a great gift for your favorite rough-soled person. Features a 100 percent money-back guarantee. Pumice Stone, $11.99 from Amazon

28. Apply your makeup on the go—and charge your phone at the same time—with this magnifying mirror.

Most compact mirrors are pretty underwhelming, but this one packs in plenty of premium functions at a great price. Our favorite feature: a 3000mAh polymer battery, capable of charging phones and other small electronics via the built-in USB port. It has a normal mirror and 3X magnifying mirror, the latter of which is lit by a ring of LED lights. It comes with a color-matched carrying pouch, a micro-USB cable, and a user manual. Portable Light Up Travel Mirror, $20.99 from Amazon

29. Eliminate friction for pain-free feet and worry-free workouts.

This non-greasy balm creates an invisible barrier on your skin, limiting friction and stopping painful blisters from forming. It uses natural ingredients like beeswax to protect your feet, and it’s designed to be gentle on sensitive skin. While this stuff isn’t magical, it’s effective for preventing irritation, provided that your shoes actually fit your feet in the first place. It’s a great pickup if you frequently wear heels or if you get blisters while jogging or biking. Solemates Anti Blister Balm, $12.99 from Amazon

30. Make sushi at home with this affordable kit.

Fold fish like a professional with Sushiquik. Dumb name aside, it’s a complete sushi set, perfect for making rolls of all sizes in minutes. The kit includes a non-stick rice paddle, a training frame (which measures the perfect amount of rice for your rolls), and a roll cutter. The roll cutter’s end caps turn into soy sauce cups, and all components are dishwasher safe. If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with your own sushi, but you were intimidated by the process, this is a great kit for you. It also makes an excellent gift. Be sure to pick up some nori sheets and sushi rice. Sushiquik Super Easy Sushi Making Kit, $24.95 from Amazon

31. Play a fast-paced word game that doesn’t actually involve bananas.

Bananagrams is an anagram game that’s like a frenzied version of Scrabble. Each player draws letter tiles from the bag—which is shaped like a banana, incidentally—and races to build anagrams in a crossword grid. The player who gets rid of their letters first shouts the word “peel,” at which point all players grab new tiles. There’s no keeping score, and it’s addictive fun for players of all ages. It’s also a great way to build spelling and reading skills. Bananagrams, $10.49 from Amazon

32. Turn your patio into a romantically lit wonderland.

Why aren’t string lights more popular? Probably because they break easily and don’t provide much light—plus, they look out of place in a boardroom. Well, this 300-LED curtain-string light set solves at least two of those problems. The UL-certified lights are safe, durable, and fairly bright, and an included control lets you choose between eight different twinkle settings. If the phrase “eight different twinkle settings” didn’t sell you on these, they’re probably not for you. These make a great addition to a deck or patio, and they’re great accent lighting for weddings or other events. 300 LED Window Curtain, $15.99 from Amazon

33. Light the way during your late-night and early-morning runs.

If you walk or jog at night, you need to wear sufficient safety gear. These LED clip lights are a stylish way to make yourself visible to vehicles, and while they’re not a comprehensive solution—you should also have a decent reflective vest—they’re a good addition to your regular workout gear. The lights clip onto the back of your shoes, creating a colorful glow without adding too much weight. The clips don’t require adhesives, and they’re functional for up to 100 hours. Plus, they make you look cool—that’s always a plus. LED Shoe Safety Clip Lights for Runners, $11.98 from Amazon

34. Get inspiration from these beautifully illustrated affirmation cards.

These are wholly unlike the cards from number six—and wholly unlike the cheesy ones we poked fun at. Written by Gabrielle Bernstein, author of the new-age self-help book The Universe Has Your Back, these 52 cards provide positive messages to help you tackle your challenges with complete confidence. Bernstein’s philosophy is all about surrendering control and trusting in the will of the universe, but that doesn’t mean staying complacent; these cards promote mindfulness, confidence, and self-assertion in a way that resonates with readers. If you’re a fan of the book, the cards should help you put its teachings into practice. The Universe Has Your Back, $15.09 from Amazon

35. Finally squeeze your toothpaste the right way.

You’ve always wanted to be one of those civilized people who squeezes the toothpaste the right way, but for some reason, you’ve never been able to shake your squeeze-from-the-middle-of-the-tube habit. Fear not; science has your back. This tube squeezer handles the arduous task for you. The gears push out every last bit of toothpaste, eventually saving you money. It’s also useful (in fact, arguably more useful) for squeezing paints, cosmetics, glues, and pretty much anything else that comes in a tube. Toothpaste Tube Squeezer, $7.99 from Amazon

36. Prepare for the worst with this book written by a former CIA officer.

Author Jason Hanson shares his experience as an agent of the CIA, but this isn’t a memoir; it’s a book filled with practical advice for handling dangerous situations. Hanson was a security specialist, and he provides simple, no-nonsense info about various safety and survival techniques, ensuring that you’re prepared to deal with carjackings, muggings, home invasions, and alien abductions (okay, we made the last one up). He also offers tips for detecting lies, recognizing scams, and running basic counter surveillance. If you’re interested in real CIA tactics—or if you’re extremely paranoid—this is the book for you. Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life, $7.68 from Amazon

37. Clean dirty makeup brushes in seconds with this electric cleaner.

This kit comes with everything you need to restore old makeup brushes to like-new condition. Attach your brush to the Wloomm, dunk it in some water, and activate the motor. It spins your brush, freeing up dirt, oil, and other contaminants. Remove from the water and spin again to air-dry. This is basically an electric screwdriver for your makeup brushes, but for less than $15, it’s worth the money if you’ve got a sizable collection. The included adapters allow it to work with most standard-sized brushes. Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner, $13.99 from Amazon

38. Make your nails look like they’re covered in broken glass.

These foils let you create eye-catching nails in minutes. The mirror-effect surface appears to change color in different lights and angles for a unique look that’s perfect for parties and special events. They come in large sheets, which you can cut and apply to your heart’s content. Apply a base coat and nail polish, then put small segments of the foil on your nail; apply a couple of top coats, and you’re ready to go. Reflective Mirror Nail Set, $6.99 from Amazon

39. Display your tea lights in these elegant Himalayan rock salt candle holders.

Designed for small tea lights, these candle holders are made from real Himalayan rock crystals. They’re great for meditation, although you don’t have to be especially spiritual to appreciate the naturally tranquil look of the orange rock salt. The product description notes that “the ambiance is so soft, you can hear your dreams,” which is a selling point if we’ve ever seen one. Himalayan Natural Salt Rock Candle Holder, $12.99 from Amazon

40. Get your toothpicks from a narwhal.

Okay, we mocked this in the intro, but look at it. It’s a tiny porcelain narwhal that gives you toothpicks. If you love little knick-knacks, this is pretty much irresistible. Granted, it’s completely impractical, and it only holds about 25 toothpicks, but it’s adorable enough to justify its paltry $13 asking price. Load in the toothpicks, shake it to dispense them, and you’ll be the envy of your next party. Narwhal Ceramic Toothpick Dispenser, $12.99 from Amazon  

41. Get rid of dry air with this miniature cowboy hat humidifier.

Sure, it looks adorable, but it’s actually quite useful. Plug it into any USB slot, then drop the tube in a glass of purified water. The humidifier quickly goes to work, creating a relaxing space while limiting dry skin, congestion, and other issues caused by excessively dry air. You can even add a few drops of essential oil for an aromatherapy effect. It’s great for offices, cars, and other small spaces where a larger humidifier isn’t practical but, by golly, a tiny cowboy hat humidifier is. KANGVO Cowboy Cap Mini Portable Air Humidifier, $10.99 from Amazon

42. Experience natural relaxation with this affordable sound machine.

If you’re tired of hearing honking horns and your neighbor’s favorite Limp Bizkit songs, you’ll love this little speaker. With six natural sounds to choose from—rain, brook, ocean, thunder, white noise, and summer night—it lets you drift off, or get productive, by drowning out the background noise. Granted, if you’re outdoors, you’ve probably got plenty of nature to listen to without this sound machine, but it can be battery powered if you need it on the go. A relaxing nap in a hammock while listening to the ocean, perhaps? Big Red Rooster Sound Machine, $19.99 from Amazon

43. Get perfect hair in minutes with this easy-to-use straightening brush.

This straightening brush features a temperature auto-lock, which prevents you from clumsily hitting a button and turning your hair into charcoal. For best results, brush slowly, using a pulling motion for smooth, frizz-free hair. A hair protectant (we’re looking at you, coconut oil) will protect against excessive heating and help you get a natural shine. AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush, $39.40 from Amazon

44. Start gluing everything in your house together.

Need a glue that will work on pretty much anything? Sugru Glue is a moldable silicone adhesive that can stick to most materials, creating a temperature-resistant bond that’s both strong and flexible. It’s also electrically insulating, so if you want to glue up all of your electrical sockets, have at it (note: Please don’t actually do this). This is a great pickup for DIY-ers, as it’s easy to work with and remarkably versatile. It’s available in multiple colors and especially useful for repairing headphones, frayed phone chargers, and other electronics that you can’t bring yourself to throw out. Sugru Moldable Glue, $19.99 from Amazon

45. Finally get the robot assistant of your dreams.

It’s no wonder that the Echo Dot is one of the most wished-for items on Amazon; it’s one of the company’s coolest products, and the certified refurbished model is remarkably affordable. Connect it to speakers via the built-in headphone jack or Bluetooth, then start talking to your friendly household robot. Alexa can control smart lights, play music, take notes, bring up your favorite audiobooks, send and receive messages, tell you the weather, read the news, and plot your eventual destruction in the upcoming robot apocalypse. Really, what can’t it do? Certified Refurbished Echo Dot, $29.99 from Amazon

46. Get an entire bamboo makeup brush set for less than $10.

These handmade cosmetic brushes have premium synthetic fibers, which provide the soft touch you need for an effortless application. The manufacturer claims that the fibers “will not shed as long as you own the brush,” although we imagine there’s some sort of limit to that—if you manage to live to 200, we’re guessing that a few of the bristles might start to loosen. The bamboo material provides attractive aesthetics and keeps these brushes light—and it’s an eco-friendly option. EmaxDesign Bamboo Makeup Brush Set, $9.99 from Amazon

47. Become more successful with this cult classic self-help book.

Normally, we’re not huge fans of self-help books; to paraphrase the great George Carlin, if you’re helping yourself, you don’t need help. With that said, The Obstacle Is the Way is a modern-day classic for good reason. Based in stoic philosophy, it presents a simplified process for tackling your problems and turning minor missteps into character-building successes. Famous fans of the book include Arnold Schwarzenegger and LL Cool J. If you don’t want to be more like Arnold Schwarzenegger and LL Cool J, we don’t want to know you. The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials Into Triumph, $20.50 from Amazon

48. Turn your wallet into MacGyver.

We love multi-tools, but we always lose them. Plus, who wants to carry a big, bulky tool around on the off chance that they’ll need a can opener at some point in the future? The Wallet Ninja, though, packs 18 useful tools into a tiny piece of heat-treated steel. You can literally tuck this thing in your wallet (hence the name), and you’ll find yourself reaching for it on a regular basis. Need to open a box? Wallet Ninja. Need a screwdriver? Wallet Ninja. Cell phone stand? Ruler? Letter opener? You get the idea. Wallet Ninja Pocket Tool, $12.34 from Amazon

49. Laugh until you feel bad about yourself with this extremely offensive card game.

From the makers of the webcomic Cyanide & Happiness, Joking Hazard is an adult party game in which participants build their own comics. It contains 360 single-panel cards, which you can combine to create shock-humor masterpieces. If it’s not already obvious, this is not a game for children. If you haven’t heard of Cyanide & Happiness, we’d suggest going to their site and reading through a few comics to make sure that you dig the creators’ warped sense of humor. That said, this is one of the most hilarious party games on Amazon, and it’s well worth the low price. Joking Hazard Game, $25.00 from Amazon

50. Track your adventures with this unique scratch-off world map.

The idea is simple but inspiring: When you’ve traveled somewhere, scratch it off the map. The scratched-off areas change color, leaving you with a clean visual representation of your worldliness. It includes a scratching tool, along with stickers for marking notable locations. This makes a great gift, and it’s ideal for impressing guests. Do what we did—scratch off all of the countries but don’t actually go anywhere. Landmass Scratch Off World Map Poster, $28.79 from Amazon

51. Cut your meats on the state of New York.

This is a bamboo cutting board in the shape of New York. We’re not exactly sure who thought of this idea—although we’re going to go out on a limb and guess that it’s a proud Empire State resident—but it’s certainly a conversation starter. Granted, it’s not great as a cutting board, since liquids will simply run off the side (probably somewhere near Rockaway Beach), but it’s great for serving appetizers or desserts. We’d recommend loading it up with some New York cheesecake. New York State Bamboo Cutting Board, $19.99 from Amazon

52. Jam out with these comfortable headphones.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on Beats, spend less than $20 for these comfortable, chic headphones. They’re collapsible, so they’re ideal for traveling, and a built-in microphone allows for hands-free calling. A single-cord design prevents tangling, and according to reviewers, the sound quality is pretty decent. Granted, you’re not going to get audiophile-level bass response, but for the price, these are exceptional. Ailihen Lightweight Foldable Headphones, $18.98 from Amazon

53. Hair in the shower drain? Never again.

Okay, so the TubShroom’s packaging includes this phrase: “TubShroom is Guaranteed to Catch Every Single Hair, Every Single Time You Take a Shower.” That sold us. If you agree that pulling globs of wet hair out of the drain is an unacceptably gross act, you might want to check this out. The TubShroom slips into your drain and catches stray hairs in a long, perforated tube. You still have to clean it every so often, but rather than reaching down into the muck, you can just pull up the TubShroom and throw its contents away. How did we ever live without it? TubShroom Drain Protector, $12.99 from Amazon

54. Get rid of bad breath, once and for all.

At some point in the last few years, people started brushing their teeth with charcoal. We tried it and hated it—the briquettes were way too big to fit in our mouths. But this active-charcoal toothpaste doesn’t taste like a bag of Kingsford; made with activated carbon charcoal and herbal extracts, it leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean, and it effectively neutralizes the bacteria that cause bad breath. It tastes slightly bitter but with a hint of mint that won’t leave you feeling like you just frenched a Weber. Seriously, this stuff works—just don’t try to cook with it. Twin Lotus Active Charcoal Toothpaste, $6.00 from Amazon

55. Enjoy a professional-level latte with this affordable milk frother.

This stainless-steel milk frother is remarkably easy to use, and if you’re a fan of lattes, cappuccinos, or other premium drinks with vaguely Italian names, frothing your own milk could save you hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. It’s durable and sleek, and it even comes with a bonus mixing spoon. We’re frothing at the mouth just thinking about it. 1Easylife Stainless Steel Electric Milk Frother, $9.99 from Amazon

56. Practice your knife cuts with complete confidence.

Everybody wants to dice an onion in a matter of seconds, but unless you’re Gordon Ramsay, you probably don’t have the chops to make those types of cuts without losing a few fingers in the process. These cut-resistant gloves should help you build your skills while avoiding injury. They’re ideal for cooking, but don’t stop there—they’re sufficiently protective for woodworking and carpentry. Just be sure to pick up a separate pair for those tasks; nobody likes finding splinters in their French onion soup. NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves, $10.99 from Amazon

57. Exfoliate your skin with this tea tree oil scrub.

With tea tree and five other essential oils, this scrub moisturizes your skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. It’s also ideal for treating minor nail fungus and athlete’s foot since the tea tree oil has natural antifungal properties. The exfoliation effect comes from an infusion of Dead Sea salt, while added Epsom salt provides a luxurious, velvety touch. Majestic Pure Tea Tree Oil Body and Foot Scrub, $14.20 from Amazon

58. Stop slipping in the shower (and massage your feet in the process).

This tub mat features a massage-brush surface designed to improve circulation while gently massaging sore muscles. The product description notes that it’s “not suitable for tender feet,” so keep that in mind if you’ve got especially sensitive skin. That said, this is a great dual-purpose mat that helps to make one of the most dangerous rooms in your home slightly less dangerous. Non Slip Massage Tub Mat, $12.89 from Amazon

59. Remove dirt and sweat with these convenient body wipes.

Ignore the fact that GoodWipes ripped off a Beyoncé line for their slogan (“GoodWipes in my bag, swag,” in case you’re wondering). They’re actually remarkably useful, as they let you easily remove dirt and oils in a matter of seconds when you don’t have access to a shower. Good Wipes unfold to a sizeable 9.5 by 11.5 inches, and they’re completely biodegradable. Tea tree oil, peppermint, and ginseng leave behind a nice, fresh scent. GoodWipes Women’s Deodorizing Body Wipes, $9.99 from Amazon

60. If you’ve ever had an ingrown hair, you know why you need these tweezers.

We’re not sure there’s anything worse than an ingrown hair. Not only are they painful, they’re disgustingly painful. They’re also hard to treat on your own…unless you have a pair of these tweezers on hand. This stainless-steel tool from TweezerGuru terminates in super-sharp points. It’s ideal for the unpleasant task of digging out ingrown hairs, but it’s also great for splinters, eyebrows, and other precision-pulling tasks. If you’re prone to ingrown hairs, these are a medicine-cabinet must-have. Tweezers for Ingrown Hair, $9.90 from Amazon

61. Relieve lumbar pain with this top-selling cushion.

Made with long-lasting foam, the Original McKenzie lumbar roll features a built-in strap that allows it to be easily fastened to office chairs, plane seats, and anywhere else where you need a little bit of extra support. The removable cover is made with 100 percent polyester. Physical therapists frequently recommend this cushion for relieving back pain, and given the large number of 4- and 5-star reviews, we can see why. The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll, $21.95 from Amazon

62. Ditch the lint roller once and for all.

We’ve got a problem with lint rollers: They run out. We usually use the last sheet right before a date, big meeting, or other high-stakes obligation—exactly when we need to look our best. Enter the Conair Fabric Defuzzer. It shaves off lint, fuzz, and pilling in seconds, leaving your clothes looking fantastic. The large shaving head lets it work quickly, and if you don’t want to lug around AA batteries, there’s a rechargeable option available. Conair Fabric Defuzzer, $11.99 from Amazon

63. Organize your work environment with this gorgeous lap desk.

Sure, they call them “laptops,” but if you put your computer on your lap, you’re sacrificing productivity (and the tops of your legs). This chic bamboo desk fits most laptops, and it has slots for your smartphone and tablet. You’ll instantly feel more organized, and because it’s made with bamboo, it’s a lightweight, eco-friendly option. Makes a fantastic gift for your pal with the laptop-burned thighs. Bamboo Lap Desk, $26.97 from Amazon

64. Bathe luxuriously with these bamboo boar-bristle brushes.

If you’re not using a bath brush, you’re not getting the most out of the bath. And we think we’ve found our favorite bath brush. Bath Blossom makes their brushes out of natural bamboo, with a double-sided business end that’s perfect for hard-to-reach places. One side features stiff, short bristles for exfoliation and stimulating the skin; the other has longer, softer bristles to remove dirt, oils, and pollutants. Long story short: This brush has everything you need for a better bath. Bath Blossom Bamboo Body Brush, $15.95 from Amazon

65. Ride confidently through the night with the ultimate bike light.

Riding a bicycle at night without lights is like forgetting your helmet; it’s downright unsafe. Some lights don’t pack the lumens it takes to ensure full visibility, though. This triple-mode bike light from Flipcase is not one of the slackers. It pumps out a full 250 lumens in three attention-grabbing modes: solid, flashing quickly, and flashing slowly. You can also set it to a full-powered or a low-intensity light. And this thing includes a 120-decibel horn. How’s that for staying safe? Flipcase Rechargeable Bicycle Light, $9.99 from Amazon

66. Take control of your sleep cycles with an alarm clock that imitates the sun.

Human beings evolved to follow the sun’s cycles; up with the dawn, to bed with sunset. While our schedules have been hijacked by electric lighting, we can still simulate these natural signals to go to sleep and wake up naturally refreshed—just like our ancestors did. All it takes is the Philips Wake-Up Light. It’s an alarm clock that uses light before it resorts to that unholy beeping to get you to work on time. Half an hour before your chosen waking time, the large, round light on this clock begins to increase slowly in brightness. By the time you should be hopping up to brush your teeth, it’s shining with full yellow light. At nighttime, the light goes in the opposite direction, fading like the setting sun. This may be an electric light, but it’s the next best thing to a natural sleep pattern. Philips Wake-Up Light, $97.95 from Amazon

67. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your summer.

It doesn’t matter how perfect your back-porch setup is—mosquitoes can make the place uninhabitable. Nothing seems to keep these little bloodsuckers at bay, at least not for long. The only option is to bring out the heaviest artillery. In the war against ’skeeters, this device from 711TEK is the finisher. It imitates the signals that mosquitos follow for their meals (which are usually us). Instead of finding a nice, rich artery to tap into, though, the bugs that follow this siren song end up sucked into this machine, where they are slowly dehydrated until they’re not a threat to anyone. War is cruel, but remember: The mosquitoes started it. UV LED Insect Killer, $49.99 from Amazon

68. Get your whole family excited about veggies again (or at all).

It’s hard to get a kid to eat zucchini, to say nothing about a beet. Meanwhile, we parents are watching our waistlines with raw, vegan, and paleo diets—right? That’s why the whole family will benefit from this 5-blade vegetable spiralizer from Veggiespize. Choose your slice, throw in a veggie, and crank the handle for delicious, versatile meals. Make veggie spaghetti. Shoot, make veggie linguini if you want. Spiralize everything from squash to tomatoes. Your kids won’t even know they’re eating healthy, and you won’t get bored with a veggie-based diet. Makes sense to us. Veggiespize 5 Blade Spiralizer, $19.97 from Amazon

69. Find out who you really are, thanks to cutting-edge DNA testing.

Home DNA tests sound like something out of science fiction, but they’re here. That’s due in large part to the work of 23andMe, a premier provider of DNA testing to determine ancestry. All you have to do is spit into a sample tube. Gross, yes, but totally worth it. Mail your saliva to the lab, and a few weeks later you can access online ancestry reports on everything from geographic region to how Neanderthal DNA makes you who you are. Pretty cool. 23andMe DNA Test, $69.00 from Amazon

70. You’re only seven days away from healthy skin with this face mask pack.

Every now and then, you need an intensive treatment to keep your facial skin nourished, hydrated, and blemish-free. The Ariul Natural 7-Days Mask pack fits the bill perfectly. It comes with seven masks and 15 cleansing tissues. Together, they provide a weeklong treatment that can work wonders for your complexion. Each day’s mask features a different blend of natural ingredients to treat your skin systematically. You start with the peeling, sebum-controlling power of green tea. In later days, bamboo water provides a blast of hydration, tea tree cleanses the pores, and avocado provides rich nutrients. Then, finish your week with skin-brightening lemon essence. Ariul Natural Green Tea Sheet Mask Pack, $15.19 from Amazon

71. Pack more clothes for your next vacation.

Packing for vacation is a complex science. How do you fit the most possible clothes into the smallest possible suitcase? It turns out there’s a trick to solving this riddle: compression pouches. Gonex Packing Cubes are rectangular compression pouches designed to fit in suitcases, backpacks, and bags. They squish your clothes down to size with a special compression zipper. Think of it as shrink-wrapping without all the weird machinery. This is a set of three Packing Cubes, sized large, medium, and small. That should be plenty to keep you going on your next trip. Gonex Packing Cubes, $23.99 from Amazon

72. Keep your feet soft and callus-free without spending a fortune at the spa.

Nail salons were onto something when they started offering callus-filing services; once you’ve gone callus-free, there’s no going back. But soft feet can cost a pretty penny when you’re heading to the spa every week. Now, you can get salon-quality skin without regular trips to your pedicurist. Try this Electric Callus remover from Own Harmony: It’s essentially an automatic pumice stone that gently sloughs away rough tissues, leaving your feet smooth, healthy, and beautiful. Electric Callus Remover, $25.97 from Amazon

73. Take the scent of comfort with you wherever you go.

Aromatherapy isn’t stuck in the home anymore. AromaAllure offers a portable diffuser that’s small enough for your car or desk. It’s even water-free to eliminate the chance of spillage. Just put a few drops of your favorite essential oils on the internal absorbent pads. You can even blend oils to create a personalized aromatherapy blend. The diffuser fits in a jacket pocket, and three AAA batteries provide power for on-the-go serenity. Plug it in with a provided USB cable for battery-free power. Don’t just visit your peaceful space; bring it with you. AromaAllure Essential Oil Diffuser, $19.99 from Amazon

74. Here’s a towel that will keep you dry without hogging luggage space.

Traditional towels can be a bit bulky for travel. That’s just poor foresight; after all, what’s a vacation without an ocean or lake—or a swimming pool, at least? Luckily, the folks at Youphoria have a solution. This Quick-Dry Travel Towel is made of high-tech, ultra-absorbent microfiber. It absorbs a surprising volume of moisture, but it doesn’t take forever to dry; wring it out, and you’re basically there. Best, of all, this towel rolls up tight, taking up the smallest space possible in your backpack or suitcase. It’s ideal for travel, which is probably why they call it a “Travel Towel.” Youphoria Outdoors Quick Dry Travel Towel, $9.99-$29.99 from Amazon

75. The sun is no match for these thermal-backed blackout curtains.

Maybe you work the night shift. Maybe you’ve got a killer home theater and you like to enjoy it on a Saturday afternoon. Or maybe you are actually a vampire. We don’t judge. You need these curtains. Their special blackout fabric blocks up to 80 percent of the light the sun blasts through your windows. Meanwhile, a thermal-treated backing keeps heat from getting through to your inner sanctum. These things even help to reduce outside noise. The sun never stood a chance. Moderate Blackout Thermal Backed Curtains, $23.12 from Amazon

76. Throw that hair-frying blowdryer away and still make it to work on time.

Heat treatments aren’t always great for hair, but who cares when you’ve only got 10 minutes to dry off and get out the door in the morning? What we need is a magical towel, one that slurps moisture out of our hair in a fraction of the time it takes to air-dry. Well, we found the thing we need. It’s a DuraComfort microfiber hair towel, and boy, is it ever thirsty. The quick-drying action of this thing even helps to reduce frizz and static, and it won’t fry anything in the process. Get it. Super Absorbent Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Towel, $13.99 from Amazon

77. Don’t just wash your face—pamper your skin.

Soap alone will never keep the delicate skin of your face as healthy as it could be. The trick is to treat your skin, not just clean it. And we can’t think of any better way to fully treat skin than with this four-in-one electric cleansing brush. Pop on the gentle nylon brush head for a deep everyday cleanse. Switch it out with an exfoliating head to remove dry and dead skin cells. If you’re having a sensitive-skin day, try the silicone brush head, the softest of them all. And when calluses rear their ugly heads, a pumice stone attachment makes short work of them. Waterproof Facial Cleansing Brush, $18.99 from Amazon

78. Get your Zs when and where you need them.

It’s hardest to get to sleep when you need rest the most. Maybe you’re on an overnight flight, or maybe you just desperately need a mid-afternoon nap. One thing that’s not helping? All that light streaming in. Jersey Slumber offers a simple but elegant solution with their silk sleep mask; we won’t be caught on a plane or a bus without it. This mask completely blocks out the light while feeling virtually nonexistent on your skin. An adjustable head strap makes this a true one-size-fits-all item. Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask, $8.89 from Amazon