Registered Holistic Nutritionist Meghan Doll

Meghan Doll gives us the deets on what she does day-to-day to create a naturally beautiful life.

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Officially, Meghan “Meg” Doll is a registered holistic nutritionist. Her brand name, Meg the RHN, confirms it. Really though, she is so much more than her occupation. At first glance, holistic nutrition can be an intimidating idea. It seems like something your favorite food bloggers and wellness influencers have down pat, but trying to recreate those very beautiful—often very green—plates of food seems likes something that should be left to the pros. Meg proves that’s not the case. Scrolling through her Instagram, you’ll start to understand that holistic nutrition is not that daunting. Scrambled eggs? Uh, we can do that. “Love Bowls”? Sounds like something we could get into. Of course there’s still a lot of green, but here at HealthyWay we’re definitely down for some veggies and avo toast. Not to mention the food itself is just a portion of Meg’s holistic approach. In case you aren’t familiar, holistic nutrition is a more comprehensive approach to health that looks at the whole, individual person, not just what they’re eating. Meg’s personal bouts with eating disorders inspired her to help other women feel healthy, but they also taught her that actually being healthy goes beyond food. It includes feeling empowered and loved by yourself, which happens by paying attention to how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking. Meg teaches women how to connect with their natural intuition to figure out what they need to live their best life. Her goal isn’t to tell women exactly what to do, but listen to her clients so she can teach them how to listen to themselves—their bodies and their minds. Besides the yummy food, inspirational posts, and self-love selfies that make up Meg’s feed, you’ll probably notice the plethora of small bottles of something. They’re essential oils—rose, grapefruit, frankincense and many, many more. We’ve seen lots of food inspo on the ’gram, but essential oil inspo isn’t quite as common, and you might never meet an essential oil enthusiast as passionate as Meg. Due to her fervor for all things related to essential oils, Meg has created an entire program, Nourished & Free, dedicated to showing women the benefits of essential oils so they can find the same freedom and empowerment she did. With the way she gushes about the benefits of essential oils, you’ll want to make your way to the doTerra website to get shopping ASAP. Above all, Meg believes in women and their power to create a happy, healthy life. As one of her Instagram posts said, “We all have this incredible ability to change the story we are telling ourselves, holding onto, and believing.” Meg’s living proof of that. She changed her story for the better and wants other women to know they can too.   HealthyWay

A Day in the Life

What does your daily routine look like?

As an entrepreneur who works from home, I am able to schedule my day in a way that feels good for me! Since there are several different aspects of my business, no day of the week looks the same, but a typical workday involves: Waking up between 6 and 8 a.m., naturally—without an alarm. Having a big S’well bottle filled with warm water, a pinch of sea salt, and lemon essential oil. Taking my pup for a little walk around our neighborhood. Coming home to have a nourishing breakfast that will fuel me through the morning as I work. I will then break for lunch and work through the rest of the afternoon, breaking again at least once to take my pup for another little walk outside, and then I finally wrap up my work day around 4:30/5 p.m., which is when I’ll move my body in some way that feels good for me that day. I love strength training, so I lift weights in my full home gym three times per week, which is what I’ve found to be a great schedule for me, my mind, and body! However, if I’m not lifting weights, I also love yoga and leisure walking. So depending on the day, I will do one of those types of movement. One of my greatest passions is cooking, so I look forward to making a new meal every night for my boyfriend and I to enjoy together. After dinner, what I do all depends on the day, but I usually take it easy—a warm shower, reading a book, and journaling before I go to bed at 10/10:30 p.m.

What are your favorite ways to practice self-care?

I absolutely love the topic of self-care, so I could talk about this forever as I think the practice of self-care is so much more than simply pedicures, massages, and bubble baths. For me, self-care is listening to what I need in the moment. However, I’ve found that daily movement, staying properly hydrated, eating foods that I enjoy and allow me to feel my best, daily journaling and reading, and communicating my thoughts and feelings with my boyfriend on a daily basis are some of the self-care practices that I would consider to be non-negotiables for me, so I guess I would say they would be my favorites, as well!

How do you stay inspired?

I find that I am most inspired and “in the flow” when I’m journaling daily. If I don’t journal, I feel disconnected from myself, which leads to lack of inspiration. HealthyWay HealthyWay Disclaimer: Just so you know, if you order an item through one of our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.

Loving Lately…

What are the best products you’ve discovered recently?

I wouldn’t be caught anywhere without my Verage skincare! It’s completely transformed the look and feel of my skin, so that’s the first thing to come to mind!

What are your favorite apps?

The app I use most would be Instagram, so that would probably be my favorite, too!

Whose Instagram is on your radar? #squadgoals #gramlove #hashtag

@rochellebilow! She’s an Instagram friend of mine and a soon-to-be guest on my podcast as well! Her food pictures inspire me, her captions move me, and her cute little pup Cedar Boots is adorable!

What are you reading, watching, or listening to?

I am currently reading the book The Path of Practice. HealthyWay HealthyWay

Meghan IRL

What is your bucket list travel destination?

Since travel is on the top of my Joy List, so I have a lot on my list—Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, and Morocco, to name a few…

Would you rather explore space or the ocean? Why?

Ocean, but only if I could be a mermaid at the same time 😉

What’s your coffee order?

I don’t drink coffee—not even decaf! However, my favorite drink is reishi with black pepper and cardamom essential oils.

What piece of advice has impacted you the most?

No one has the power to dictate the way you feel about yourself—only you have that power. My dad told this to me as a young 10-year-old girl. HealthyWay HealthyWay For more food and essential oil inspiration, plus some pics of her adorable dog Penny, check out Meg’s Instagram and website.

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