Refresh Your Routine With These Small Changes To Your Space

Sometimes a slight change is all it takes to improve your flow.

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Routines are an organized girl’s best friend. We creatures of habit focus on a scheduled set of tasks that gets us up out of bed and ready to conquer the day. And our daily wind-down rituals help us close out yet another evening and prepare for the morning to come. If this doesn’t sound quite like you or you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, don’t start by overhauling your entire daily schedule. Instead, try some small changes. These are the little tweaks we suggest you make to your space to help you take charge of your days.

1. Perfect the bedroom.

Everything ends and begins in the bedroom, so why not start our discussion nestled between the sheets? Even early birds can struggle with crawling out of bed from time to time. If you find this happening more often than not, try swapping out your light-canceling curtains for breezy sheers. The natural light peeping in and casting rays across the room will certainly help get you moving. When it comes to alarms, you can choose to use your phone, a mod clock, or an old-school clock radio. No matter what you pick, try putting it across the room. Not only will this limit blue light and distraction at night, but it will also force you to get your butt in gear and out of bed to silence the morning ringing.

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2. Power down.

Speaking of phones, it’s time to put an end to the incessant checking and re-checking. We understand that these gadgets have become our lifelines, but we also have to know when to shut this habit down. As you’re getting ready for the day, leave your phone off to the side. Scrolling through the night’s missed notifications will only eat up your precious time. What’s more, why set the tone for the day with a feeling of comparison or catch-up when you can be embodying presence? To help, we recommend creating a designated power station near the front door. When you’re home, use this space to be your phone’s new landing spot. Pick a chic tray to serve as convenient pick-up and drop-off location near your door. When it’s not serving as a charging station, it’s the perfect home for fresh flowers and a sweet soy candle.

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3. Style with intention.

Nothing brightens up the mood like a new bouquet of seasonal flowers or a thriving air plant. It might seem superficial, but the things you choose to keep in your home create the vibes you live with. Treat yourself to the little things that will create a cozy sense of hygge year-round. During your weekly grocery hauls, pick up your favorite blooms to spread throughout your home. There’s nothing like a little greenery to bring vitality to your less-than-lovely days. Light a few candles, string fairy lights around the perimeter of your ceiling, and find your coziest throw.

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4. Create sacred spaces.

To help with at-home movement, create areas for bodyweight workouts and sweet-souled yoga practices. No matter how big or tiny your abode may be, find a corner (or a room!) that offers a zone free of clutter and full of motivating ambience. If need be, place furniture on sliders for stress-free removal. In tighter quarters, you can even opt for two smaller nesting tables versus one larger. This will help you clear the space with greater ease and even offer you a few more options for future feng shui transformations. Having one area dedicated to these daily habits will help set the mood when the time comes to roll out your mat. Depending on preferences, this may be the perfect addition to your morning or evening routine. Take the extra 15 minutes you might spend on your hair and opt for a revitalizing flow instead. If you’d rather ground down before bed, leave your phone at its new station then melt into a few restorative asanas. For moments calling for peaceful meditation or quiet reading, find a cozy nook in your home to snuggle into. For the happiest heart, we recommend sipping some steamy herbal tea to top it off.

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5. Change it up.

The best way to feel different is to actually be different. To that end, change up your flow by changing up your space, literally. True, moving your furniture or painting a wall isn’t exactly a small change, but physically rearranging items is a great way to reframe your mindset. If your couch has lived against the wall for years, try bringing it into the center of the room. If you’re a bit more strapped for space, swap your side tables or move an accent chair to the other side of the room. Thinking even smaller? Switch out your lampshades, layer rugs, or rearrange knick-knacks and coffee table books. Make a few small (or big) changes to help you look at your space differently; you just might be surprised how it has the same effect on your life.

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