Rainy Day Fitspiration: Indoor Workouts That Ensure You’ll Feel The Burn Despite The Downpour

You’ll wish for rain with these awesome indoor workouts.

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Spring is here! The days are slowly getting warmer, which means I can finally exercise outside again. Jk. I live in Florida. Despite being nicknamed the Sunshine State, Florida experiences daily downpours during spring and summer that have a serious knack for starting just as I’m lacing up my sneakers for an outdoor run. Rainy days can be a bummer when you’re trying to work on your fitness, but you don’t have to cancel your workout just because it’s wet out. Before you skip your workout to watch Golden Girls reruns, try one of these indoor workouts, perfect for building up a sweat on rainy days.

Aquatic Fitness Classes

Aquatic fitness classes are so much more than water aerobics (although those are great too). Aquatic fitness classes like water jogging are awesome rainy day exercises because they combine cardio and light strength training. Plus, just because you’re not dripping with sweat doesn’t mean you’re not feeling the burn. According to an article in the Daily Mail, it’s estimated that water jogging can burn up to 11 calories a minute compared to regular jogging, which is less fun and only burns six calories a minute. That’s because working out in water is deceptively easy. The water provides resistance, forcing your body to work harder—building muscle and burning calories at the same time. Plus, many aquatic fitness classes are offered at local YMCAs and aquatic centers, which usually offer childcare for busy moms.

Pole Dancing Classes

Before you say, “But I could never do that!” hear me out. Pole dancing is a great rainy day workout! Why? Well, for starters, pole dancing fitness classes are inside. Plus, you get to wear high heels and fishnets to work out, a la Mariah Carey! Pole dancing fitness classes can also burn major calories (up to 500 an hour!) and in addition to getting your heart rate up, pole classes are great for strength training. You’ll use your own body weight to help you achieve those crazy twists and leave feeling spent and sexy, regardless of what the weather has in store.

Dance it out.

If you don’t have childcare, or just don’t like going out in the rain, you can still get a major cardio workout right in the living room with the help of the Fitness Marshall. Never heard of the Fitness Marshall? Allow me to introduce you. Caleb Marshall, otherwise known as the Fitness Marshall, burst onto the fitness scene in 2014 with his high-energy dance choreography YouTube videos. My personal favorite is his Usher choreography, which automatically takes me back to my glory days as a college freshman. You can still find all of his dance videos on YouTube, or check his tour schedule to dance with the Fitness Marshall in person (which I highly recommend).

Set on working out in the rain? Practice these safety tips:

If you don’t mind getting a little wet, exercising outdoors on rainy days is totally fine—as long as you do it safely. For starters, make sure you wear reflective gear, like this reflective water repellent softshell from illumiNITE. Excess water can cause your shoes to loosen up, increasing your risk of slipping. If you’re exercising outside on a rainy day, make sure your shoes are laced up the right way before heading out of the house. Finally, never run during a thunderstorm. According to Virginia Tech Emergency Management, if you can even hear thunder, you’re at risk of lightening striking in your area. Stay indoors until at least a half hour after the last thunderclap before venturing outside to exercise. If you are exercising outdoors and get caught in a thunderstorm, find shelter as quickly as possible. If you’re unable to find shelter during a thunderstorm, you can still take safety precautions. To stay safe during a storm, find the lowest geographical area away from light poles and tall trees, and stay as low to the ground as you can without lying down until the storm passes.

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