How To Staycation At Home And Leave The Rest Of The World Behind

Need a breather without the stress of traveling out of town? Lucky for you, your home can be made into the setting for a perfectly serene staycation!

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Although all of us can undoubtedly use a break to get away from the hustle and bustle, vacations aren’t always within our means. Despite how necessary it may feel from time to time, skipping town altogether can often seem impossible when taking into account strained finances, limited time, and overbooked doggy daycare. When that’s the case, we have a few suggestions to help make your home a true haven.

What’s your vibe?

Picture your ideal getaway. If you could be anywhere in the world with whomever you please, what would the trip look like? Well, let’s recreate it in the comfort of your own home! Are you craving a hygge sanctuary with your significant other, a fireside marathon of movies and board games with the kiddos, or a girls’ night out (or in) with bottles of ’booch and dancing through the night? Just as with anything in life, planning is key. Start to jot down a few ideas, and really home in on what you want to feel during these glorious days. If you’re like me, putting together an itinerary with a handful of “needs” and “wants” for an upcoming vacation is routine. Use this same practice for your stay-at-home weekend. Prep your space, make “me” time your top priority, and treat yourself to some major pampering. Here are several do’s and don’ts to keep in mind as you go.


Fine-tune the details.

Light some candles, cozy up the ambience, minimize clutter, and settle into a fresh abode. If you’re feeling a relaxing couple of days tucked inside, then go ahead and call a cleaning service to perfect the mood! That’s right—a clean space is a calm space. You can’t deny the instantaneous feeling of relief when you walk into a clean home. This time, let’s just make sure you aren’t the one sweating over accomplishing this feat.

Set the mood.

Are you planning on a fun weekend with your galpals? Have a few Spotify playlists ready and healthy munchies on hand. You ladies will need a landing pad if you choose to hit the latest sustainable dinner spot with plant-based apps and kombucha on tap. Your emotional health includes relationships too! Take this time to connect without distraction. If you’re opting for a quieter, self-loving staycation, gather the coziest throws, cushiest rugs, and fluffiest pillows. Sit like a queen with your favorite book in hand or film on the telly.

Incorporate mindful movement.

With nothing but time for yourself during these couple of days, bring meditation and yoga back into focus. Instead of watching the latest Netflix series right before bed, whip out your mat for a decompressing hour spent finding your center. Check out Trevor Hall or Novo Amor for our favorite vibey jams.


Set your alarm.

Wake up quietly and slowly, according to your own circadian rhythms. There’s no need to spend these sacred days rushing to get the morning started. Instead, allow yourself to recuperate after your long week (or month!). When your eyes flutter open, curl into the covers, practice full-body stretches and pranayama breath work, and mosey out of bed when you’re truly ready.

Glue your eyes to your phone (or computer).

Take this as an opportunity to unplug from technology. Remember, we have to disconnect from our external world to reconnect with our internal world. Think about it: You wouldn’t be tied to your phone if you were bumming it on a tropical beach, so why do it now? Give yourself a sweet break from that noise.

Stress about perfection.

Your weekend at home is your time to ditch the undercurrent of perfectionist tendencies that tend to grace the calendar. Release that pressure and practice finding your flow! This may mean being fluid in planning your cozy days ahead and remembering that above all else, you should be unwinding. If something doesn’t go according to your hopes, do not stress. This is your special time, friends. Revel in whatever brings your heart a bit of peace (and play)!

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