Chic Décor You Can DIY With Aromatic Herbs And Kitchen Essentials

Say hello to this year’s perfect decorations, compliments of herbs, apples, recyclables, and more.

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It’s that special time of year again and you have your traditional holiday décor down, but change is in the air. If you’re feeling inspired by the pervasive plant lusting of 2017, why not go for a bohemian chic and sustainably green spin on the usual mix of wreaths, table runners, and centerpieces we know and love? Marrying simplicity with modern aesthetic, lovingly executed bundles of healthy herbs have the potential to transform your home into a magical abode this season.

The Perfect Entry

We’re all too familiar with the importance of first impressions. With a steady stream of guests coming and going over these next few weeks, a modish wreath adorning your front door is sure to set the right tone upon their arrival. Luckily, each of these décor items requires nothing more than quick stops at your local market and florist followed by a little crafting time to perfect your herby holiday hanging.

Go wild with eucalyptus.

With a wild eucalyptus garland, you’ll have a long-lasting addition to greet your guests on their way indoors. You’ll need four different types of eucalyptus: spiral, baby, flat, and seeded. One bunch of each type will be sufficient for your crafting. You also have the option of adding in a few juniper sprigs for a complementary floral touch. For the base, you’ll need to gather

  • A 14-inch metal wire wreath with clamps
  • About 2 feet of 2-inch burlap ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Pruning shears
  • A hammer

While some of these items can be found hiding away around your home, the wire wreath and ribbon can be purchased at a florist’s or craft store. By layering the eucalyptus around the wire wreath, you have complete control over the amount of greenery that will grace your doorway. The best method is starting with the spiral eucalyptus, moving onto the baby, then the flat, and finally the seeded. Each bunch will be broken down into single, smaller pieces and trimmed to uniform lengths before beginning. The eucalyptus will be carefully placed between the clamps and aesthetically staggered however you see fit. Sprig by sprig, you’ll add enough of each layer to create a balanced bushel. When you’re done layering, simply close each clamp, fluff the final product, and voila! The burlap ribbon is perfect for a festive DIY hanger, seamlessly looping inside the metal frame of the wreath and over a hook.

Become a holiday crafting sage.

A second option is to elect sage as your creative muse. All you need here is a Styrofoam wreath, floral pins, the ribbon of your choice (we like using the same burlap), and a big bundle of sage. You’ll take groups of five or six leaves and use the floral pins to secure them to the Styrofoam base. Continue pinning until the wreath is fully covered and bursting with fragrant greenery. The burlap ribbon can be used in the same manner—looped around the top of the wreath for a perfected dangle.

It’s the little things.

For a few subtle herby touches around your home, you can wrap sprigs of rosemary and mint around dollar store candles. Whether you choose to wrap the entire circumference of the candle or simply attach a few luscious sprigs is entirely up to you. Use twine to secure the greens in a nice little bow and your work is complete. If you’re itching to add a more rustic note, wrap a piece of burlap around the candle before layering the herbs. Place these throughout each room for a cozy ambience. An even easier DIY for a little candlelight glow requires nothing more than a handful of tea lights and those leftover apples sitting on your kitchen counter. While this guide suggests you use a drill and paddle bit, a sharp kitchen knife (and appropriate caution while cutting) is the only tool you really need. Carefully cut a hole in the top of each apple. For the tea light to fit properly, the hole will be about 1 ½ inches in circumference and only ¼ inch in depth. The final touch? Plop the candles in. Yes, ladies, it’s really that simple! Your fresh “apple candles” can be used as a festive centerpiece for all to enjoy. Position them in a linear fashion along a deep, plaid table runner for a pop of color, or spherically on a pedestal stand arranged for your dining table. Here, you have a chance to add an herby touch by decorating the stand with the leftover rosemary you picked up for your favorite recipe. Talk about sustainability!

Wrapping It Up

Now that we’ve perfected your home’s seasonal entryway and cozy mood with decorations plant-lovers are sure to melt over, the last step is—of course—garnishing the gifts! For many of your guests, young and old, this final piece will determine how they’ll remember the special occasion. You already know with blissful certainty that your gift is just what your loved one is looking for, so why not kick it up one chic little notch with a few sprigs of juniper and pine nestled on top? Wrap the gifts with brown craft paper, securing it with double-sided tape and twine. Beneath the finishing bow of twine, attach a small bunch of greenery and a handwritten name tag. What’s not to love about personalized touches?

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