Break A Sweat In Style At Our 7 Favorite Fitness Studios In The U.S.

Bored by the gym? Throw in the towel and work out at these inspiring studios instead.

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Traditional gyms bore me. I just can’t find the motivation to power through a bunch of cardio and hit the machines. But throw me in a structured fitness class at a chic studio and I’m instantly ready to get my heart rate up. I love working out in well-designed environments with high-energy playlists and the guidance of inspiring instructors. The fact that there are a couple dozen other students breaking a sweat with me drives me to keep moving, even when I’m tired and feel like calling it quits. That said, these classes come at a high cost, ranging from $20 to $45 a pop. The good news is that programs like ClassPass and FitReserve give you access to hundreds of boutique fitness studios at more affordable rates with no long-term commitments, meaning you can add variety to the ways you exercise, bouncing from boxing to spin to yoga on different days of the week. Boredom is not an option when it comes to getting in shape. So whether you’re looking for inspiring yoga, intense spinning, or dance cardio, this rundown of our favorite fitness studios and classes in the U.S. will help you break out of your workout rut and turn fitness into an adventure. Here’s where to find ‘em.

For Soul-Inspiring Asanas: Laughing Lotus

New York, Brooklyn, New Orleans, San Francisco

Looking for yoga that fires up your muscles and your spirit? Laughing Lotus is the right spot. These eclectic studios (with Ganesha graffitied on the walls and disco balls dangling from the ceilings) infuse sweaty, challenging yoga classes with down-to-earth spiritual teachings.

While Laughing Lotus vinyasa classes offer plenty to love, its special events are out of this world. Think classes set to live drumming, rooftop yoga parties as the sun sets, and Ayurvedic workshops. Guided by the mantra “Move like you,” this community-focused studio welcomes people of all levels to practice yoga together in a judgement-free zone.

For Ab-Toning Barre Workouts: Pop Physique

California, New York

Pop Physique puts a sexy, edgy spin on ballet-inspired barre classes that help students develop strength, flexibility, and lean muscles.

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Using ultra-light weights and a hot pink exercise ball, you’ll learn how to activate muscles you didn’t even know existed—and you’ll feel the burn for days to come.

For Sweaty Spin Sessions: SoulCycle

New York, D.C., Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Washington, California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut

The candle-lit rooms, loud music, and inspiring instructors at SoulCycle make an hour on a stationary bike feel like a ride in the park.

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But it’s not just the spinning that will get you sweating—you’ll also do push-ups and modified crunches on the bikes and pulse and bounce to the rhythm of the music, making for an immersive, full-body workout.

For Beat-Pumping Hot Yoga: Y7

New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles

Vinyasa gets an urban twist at Y7. This trendy yoga studio sets vinyasa flows to bass-pounding hip hop playlists in dark rooms lit only by flickering candles.

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The instructors will show you a sequence then you flow on your own for a song, allowing you to go at your own pace and explore your range of movement throughout the entire class.

For Hangover-Free Dance Parties: Daybreaker

Dozens of Communities Across the U.S.

Here’s an early morning workout even night owls will love: Daybreaker. You’ll head to a cool location (often a concert venue), zip through a quick yoga class, then dance your heart out in a club-like environment from 7 to 9 a.m.

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Rather than cocktails, healthier offerings like kombucha, juice, and coffee will fuel your dance party. Another great motivator to get up and moving for this? There’s still plenty of time for a post-party brunch.

For Working S*** Out: The Class

New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver

The Class founder Taryn Toomey—who has done athleisure fashion collaborations with lululemon—and her community of dedicated instructors will help you work through emotional baggage during this heart-pounding class.

You’ll shake, dance, pulse, grunt, and scream your way through cathartic cardio movement on your mat.

For Bouncing To Better Health: Bari Studio

New York, New Jersey

When’s the last time you jumped on a trampoline? Bari Studio repurposes the source of your childhood fun into a gravity-defying fitness tool in its supportive and engaging classes.

In addition to getting your adrenaline pumping on the trampoline, you’ll also boost your heart rate with dance cardio and sculpt your muscles with low-impact micro movements in Bari’s Barione classes designed for newcomers. As you gain confidence in your bounce, you can move through an array of other classes that include dance- and cardio-specific options.

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