I Tested Avon Kids’ New Products: Here’s Why You’ll Love Them

They're 100 percent fun and toxin free.

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All I knew about kids’ bath products before I had a child was that littles smell more delicious after a bath than anything a Sugar Rush contestant ever created. But after I became a mom, I became obsessed with reading product labels, because I only wanted to use the safest products on my son’s sensitive skin. That’s why I was so excited to hear that Avon’s calling their brand new line of kids’ bath products “100 percent fun and toxin-free”—it sounds right up my alley! And I was even more excited when Avon asked me to try out their new line with my little munchkin. Here’s what I learned after using Avon Kids during bath time this week.


You’d think kids’ skincare products are naturally toxin-free, right?

Not so much. Most personal care products, even those intended for kids and babies, are loosely regulated by the FDA. A lot of icky ingredients, like formaldehyde, are banned from most skincare products in Europe but are still legal for American companies to include in their products. Yikes! That’s why buying toxin-free products for your kids is so important. There’s no set standard for what makes a skincare product toxin-free, but in general, toxin-free means that a product doesn’t contain ingredients that have been linked to toxic reactions in people, such as phthalates and parabens.

Avon Kids is 100 percent fun and toxin-free.

It’s really disheartening to learn that you can’t trust most brands to make safe skincare products for children, which is why these brand new products from Avon Kids are so refreshing. Before I even tried the products, I looked at the ingredients labels: No harsh soaps. No parabens. And definitely no toxins like formaldehyde. To become a regular bath time staple in our house, though, Avon Kids had to face the ultimate challenge: getting a toddler’s seal of approval. So we put these products to the test during bath time over the last week. Here’s what we thought of three of these toxin-free products.

1. Soapy Slime Body Cleanser

We tried the Soapy Slime Body Cleanser after a particularly messy spaghetti dinner. Kids will love the Soapy Slime Body Cleanser because of its fun texture, but let me tell you, this stuff is the dishwasher liquid of kids’ soaps. The ultra-thick texture of this cleanser gets rid of the kids’ equivalent of baked-on grime—hardened spaghetti noodles and sauce stains—and it does it fast, minimal scrubbing required.

2. Superfoam Body Wash

I was a little skeptical that the Superfoam Body Wash would actually work other foaming washes I’ve used just don’t work as well as regular soaps and body washes. But I was pleasantly surprised by the Superfoam Body Wash! It actually suds up really well, did a great job getting in my kid’s nooks and crannies, and comes in two delicious scents: Apple Burst and Sea Splash.

3. Triple Threat Shampoo, Conditioner & Detangler

My kid has fine hair that tangles easily, so I am always on the hunt for an all-in-one product that promises to clean and detangle his hair. He immediately loved the “very berry” scent (it smells like his berry-flavored medicine, which he’d eat as a treat if he could). I loved that the Triple Threat Shampoo, Conditioner & Detangler actually did leave his hair clean, soft, and with minimal post-bath tangles to comb out. [products ids=’1078340,1078342,1078346,1078345′ type=full]


There are two other products that I didn’t try in the Avon Kids line, but would love to: Bubble Trouble Bubble Bath and Hocus Pocus Lotion Moisturizer. Like the other products in the Avon Kids line, the bubble bath and moisturizer are gently formulated for kids’ sensitive skin and come in yummy scents like Marshmallow Poof, Sea Splash, and Apple Burst. [products ids=’1078351,1078348,1078352′ type=full] So, do I recommend Avon Kids? Absolutely. Your kids will love the scents and textures of these bath time products, but you’ll love that Avon Kids truly is 100 percent fun and toxin-free.


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