Month Of Mindful: 30 Days Of Meditation To Better Your Life

Ready to start meditating more? This guide and our audio meditations will help you relieve tension, be more mindful, and carry positive thoughts with you throughout the day.

Jackfruit Tacos

Looking to try something new? Wrap up your summer with these exotic soft tacos, soon to be a family favorite.


Let good vibes radiate through your new home with these mellow, laid back tunes. Sit back, pour yourself and your friends a glass of wine, and enjoy.

Banana Breakfast Bowl

A high-potassium mix of bananas, blackberries, yogurt, and maple granola. This sweet taste of home is the perfect way to start your morning.

What Is Your Parenting Strength?

Are you a tough and proud mama bear, or do you shower your littles with hugs and kisses? Find out what you do best as a parent.

Generation Mindful

$40 Off Parenting Class

Greek Rainbow Buddha Bowl Recipe

Looking for a Buddha bowl you can brag to your girlfriends about? Try this colorful recipe for a light, nutritious dish.

Flying Solo Packing Checklist

Never forget your charge cord again! This packing checklist has you covered, so you can worry about more important things—like working on your tan!

Rachel Luebke