Activist And Amma Emily Baldoni

Emily Baldoni wears many hats—mama, wife, actress, entrepreneur—but she doesn’t let her busy schedule stop her from sharing her most powerful message: love is the only thing that truly matters.

Healthy Her Way: Kira Bernhard Of Spoonful Delight

In between school and travel, this week's wellness guru Kira Bernhard finds time to build a warm and welcoming community through social media.

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Life Coach × Yoga Teacher Keri Kugler

Lover of the Universe Keri Kugler shares her go-to self-care practices, favorite apps, and why she would love to explore space.

Elyse Love Of Love And The Sky

Dermatologist and blogger Elyse Love (whose last name suits her perfectly!) talks to us about her inspiration, her mission, and the fab women she'd take to brunch.

Lindsey Fiala

Lindsey Fiala is an intern at HealthyWay. She is a journalism student at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri. In addition to writing for HealthyWay, she is a reporter and photographer for Lindenwood’s news publications. Lindsey is a Pokemon fanatic, goat lover, and avid meditator. She loves playing with her two cats, Rambo and Cricket, and during her time off, loves to go on spontaneous adventures with her friends, family, and boyfriend.