Mind, Body, And Wallet: The Best Budget Yoga Mats And Sets For Your Practice

Namaste away from overpriced mats thanks to these budget-friendly yoga mat recommendations from yoga instructor and life coach Keri Kugler.

Best Yoga Mats For Everyday Use—No Matter Where Your Practice Takes You

Yoga instructor and life coach Keri Kugler tests three of the most popular yoga mats to determine which mat is versatile and durable enough for daily use.

Keri Kugler

Keri Kugler, life coach, yoga instructor and lover of the Universe. She holds a passion for helping people connect to their divine truth so that they can begin to better understand who they are meant to be in this world. Keri holds a deep belief that we all have something inside of us that is so powerful, just waiting to be discovered. One of Keri’s big goals is to offer people a new way to look at things, new perspectives and new habits. She is committed to keeping things real, to honoring other people's way of doing things and to serving her community. She is dedicated to living her best life and hopes to guide other people to do that right alongside of her.